Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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Halo - The Covenant Civilization
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Aug 19 @ 12:41pm
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Halo - The Covenant Civilization

I have set the dependency to not require Brave New World, even though this mod is designed for a game with Brave New World installed. It works without that expansion pack in a very glitchy, unstable state, so proceed into a Gods & Kings game with this mod at your own risk.

Now that that's out of the way, this mod adds in the Covenant Empire led by the Prophet of Truth, from the Halo franchise, into Civilization V as a fully playable Civilization. They are designed for religious conquest and, unlike Vanilla Civs, they are equipped to make crusading a viable and practical option throughout your entire game, thanks to their bonuses to Faith. They are also able to raze Cities faster, to allow the empire to wage war without having to deal with the penalties of occupying the opponent's empire.

Information on the city names and spy names and their origins can be found within the mod's Civilopedia entries. It's something that I've decided to do for all my mods.

====Unique Ability - The Great Journey====
When an enemy unit is killed, gain an amount of Faith equal to that unit's base Combat Strength. Raze Cities at twice the normal speed.

====Unique Unit 1 - Elite Honor Guard====
The Elite Honor Guard replaces the Paratrooper in the game. It cannot paradrop, but it has a much lower Faith cost, and is stronger than its vanilla counterpart.

====Unique Unit 2 - Scarab====
Replaces Giant Death Robot. Requires 2 Uranium resources and only has four Movement unlike its vanilla counterpart, but is also stronger and more agile, carrying an additional 50 base Combat Strength, as well as starting with the Altitude Training promotion.

Bungie, for making an amazing franchise.
Usernamehere, for making the mod.
DartsTheMonkey and MEDIC! for invaluable modding support that helped me to make my first mod.

Music used:

Halo: Combat Evolved OST - Covenant Dance (Dawn of Man audio)
Halo 2: OST - Sacred Icon Suite (Peace Theme)
Halo 2: OST - Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix (War Theme)

====Known bugs====
For some reason, in the Civilopedia entries, there are two Scarab icons under the Covenant's entry. I have no clue why this is and I honestly don't care enough to fix it. Edit: I figured out what the cause of this bug was, but I honestly really don't care. This issue isn't bothering anyone so it can stay for all I care.

I think some of the custom diplomacy responses are either not working properly despite being properly coded, or I just have really bad luck and the default responses are being randomly selected instead of my own.
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Aug 9 @ 7:11am
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gabes2531 Sep 20 @ 9:39am 
Awesome. Can't wait to try it.
Usernamehere  [author] Sep 20 @ 9:28am 
It's in the works, actually. Nowhere close to being finished, but I have an alpha of it at the moment that's being developed.
gabes2531 Sep 20 @ 9:26am 
May I ask for a Flood civ mod?
Usernamehere  [author] Aug 19 @ 12:43pm 
And finished. Version 2 is out, music has been added and some additional bugifxes have been made.
Usernamehere  [author] Aug 19 @ 8:35am 
Thanks for the suggestions but I've pretty much got the plans for the UNSC Civ all laid out, save for the second Unique Unit which I still don't have an idea for. I'll consider a Longsword or Shortsword but in the end I might end up choosing a ground vehicle. The Scorpion maybe.

It's inevitable. I haven't started yet, but I know what I'll do when I start it. A UNSC Civ is coming, I guarantee it. Let me just iron out this mod before I do that, as it's my first mod...

Ask and yee shall receive. I am starting work on Version 2 of this mod right now, and to start things off, I'm going to add music.
Crimson_Raider Aug 18 @ 3:18pm 
For reference on a UNSC faction, the Future Units mod had the Longsword Bomber (Suborbital Bomber) model, and an ODST (Power Armor Infantry) model, so if you're intrested in making a UNSC faction with models, there is an idea. Thanks for the great mod!
danny-vd-berg Aug 18 @ 12:01am 
adding a soundtrack would be awesome. still great tho, have been waiting for a Covenant civ 4ever
gamer24 Aug 17 @ 11:28pm 
Sorry to bother you but are you going to make a UNSC civilization mod as well?
Usernamehere  [author] Aug 14 @ 12:07pm 
I think I will. Thanks for the suggestion.
Sycoperson Aug 14 @ 11:47am 
would you be able to look into being able to get someone to make 3d models for the unique units?