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The Dragonborn's Legend (Dawnguard Edition)
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Nov 26, 2012 @ 11:22pm
Jan 26 @ 4:49pm
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Dawnguard now required!

Alduin has been (or not) slain at your hand, this brought trouble in the dragon kingdom for the seven last of Alduin's lead henchmen are wreaking havoc in Skyrim leaving their mark on each hold. Now you are here to save them all before they are left as only ember and Du Enook Dovah, but please before you start using my mod PLEASE for the love of god make sure you are level 50 and above otherwise Alduins army will devour you

Also why not check out my new release Monsters Reborn!

This mod includes
-New two-handed Dragonslaying Sword
-A F*** ton of Dragons
-New guards for Dragonsreach
-Dragon hideouts
-Dragonslayer followers
-New Craftable Misc. Items
-A shout allowing you to Breathe Fire and Frost
If you come across any form of problem please tell me and I will try and fix it, also right now only two Dragon Hideouts are available and the shout isn't legitly gained right now so if you want it now type psb into the console

A new update my sexy friends
-Two new shouts
-Every race has a dragonslayer race to go with it
-A story based cavern near riverwood, go and find it
-Craftable Heatscale helmet in the Daedric section
-Defgaign's Swamps has been found near the abandoned shack
-A new challenging breed of dragon called Scrombot dragons have been found at bleak falls barrow (and will soon be scattered around Skyrim)
-Dragonslayer camps are being added in to the game
-Dragonslayer follower shiek is at his camp near Kragnish's Lair
-Dragonbone dust is now a craftable item at any smelter
-Dragonslayer Shortsword is now craftable at any forge
-Baut Priests are going to be added one by one to the game
-New Conjuration spell to summon your own dragon
-Dragons nest near Ysgramors tomb
-Drakes are now in Skyrim
-Dreadborn manor is ready to live in and has its own house carl
-Conjuration spell inside the manor

Update 2 December
-Fixed minor bugs
-Dreadborn manor is now updated with a dragon guarding your new home
-Embergrash Si Noosh is finished and can now be cleared of enemies

Update 3 December
-A Dwemer ruin has appeared and something strange is happening inside, why not go and find out the secrets to this place?
-Fixed minor glitches in the ruins and the first area is now fully explorable with enemies

Update 4 December
-Second part of the Drake Nurturing Centre is now explorable so head down there and look for a locked door

Update 1/1/13
To all people who complain that this mod is unfair should know that I RECCOMEND YOU TO AT LEAST BE LVL 50 OR HIGHER BEFORE PLAYING WITH THIS MOD INSTALLED!

Update 14/1/13
This isn't an update, but I want to hear from you sexy people who play Skyrim, what do you want included in the mod, if I like the idea and its possible for me to do I will give you what you want. Btw I lied this is an update hope you enjoy
-Drake Testing Facility is finally finished
-Dragon Encounters now at high levels may be one of the new dragons, sometimes even a little drake

Update 21/1/13
I have done all I can with this mod anyone with the modding skills can finish what I couldn't, but lately I have been busy on a bigger mod which needs my attention so thank you to all my Dragonborn's Legend followers this mod couldn't of made it to the front page of the workshop for a week without you guys and I hope you all help me out with the mod i'm working on to do the same :)

Update 21/1/14
Holy crap an update on the exact date I gave up last year!?
-Two new dragons are now littered throughout Skyrim
-A F*** ton of dragons is now a BIGGER F*** TON!

Update 27/1/14
-Urulak Dragons are now killable (accidentally made them invincible :/ )

~Yours truly The Author of the Mod

To all my subscribers I am going to continue the mods, only because you guys inspire me to keep on doing the best I can on this mod so don't worry I will finish this mod also shout out to the Run for your lives mod, for it really helps people out when finding out most non-essential NPC's are dead, but with that mod they will run inside
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chaotic_mayhem Jun 4 @ 12:37am 
someone really went overkill with the fire and the dragon and OMFG WHY SO MUCH LAG
necro_wulf666 May 20 @ 4:14am 
too easy and too much lag.. not worth my time.. plus it overhauls all dragons.. so if you were to use an armor mod like.. say a mod that you can loot different dragonscales of a certain type from vanilla dragons.. you cant because this mod overhauls every dragon in the game.. including alduin.. crap mod
ArakalFlamescale Apr 7 @ 9:07am 
Fav-ing this till I reach level 50
copley28 Mar 3 @ 1:50am 
ok, its official.... whoever made this mod is sadistic.... so much lag! ..... so much Fire!
so many dragons that rending them is useless... they are too fast and land on flanks.

archery is negated, mounted combat is negated, and going in like a boss on a legendary isnt helpful
RWEIDIG Feb 22 @ 9:12pm 
dragons wont die
Wortnik Feb 17 @ 10:29am 
For a proper laugh start this one using "Random Alternate Start" so you can explore other parts before heading to Whiterun to initiate the questline. Only managed to get into Whiterun at lvl 27 but that was before recent updates, all dragons have to be killed or Balgruf will enter combat mode and not initiate the mission to start the Greybeards questline. Falkreath is generally clear which helps in stocking/creating poisons etc to mess up dem dragons! Good luck!
lucasrogers699 Feb 17 @ 8:55am 
could there possibly be a way to have less dragons. i traveled to whiterun and spent three hours killing dragons. then when i traveled to riverwood to my surprise there was a ton more dragons. but its a great mod i like it just less dragons please
The Captain Feb 11 @ 7:01am 
Wish there was a way to postpone the arrival of these dragons until after a certain point, but aside from that it's a really great mod. Tons of stuff to do, thanks for all the work!
qdestinyx Jan 26 @ 4:34pm 
OMG! That's a hellish alot of dragons, they are killing everyone for my quest and the "baut" dragon along with others are just reviving even after kill. I like the mod but must disable for now, having a new graphics card runs it smooth with no crash. Just need that "fix" from certain dragons reviving. Thanks
guitardude Jan 23 @ 5:39pm 
thanks, dude. Awesome mod