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Construcing New Science - Part 1

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Construcing New Science - Part 1

GLaDOS: So, subject 22213344695, are you ready to start this next test? Well. Coming from cyrogenic storage and immediatley sent into testing? Harsh? Well, science must go on. I guess I'll at least call you by name. Sarah. Oh. No, the door is broken. I'll open the wall up. That button is on a 25 second timer. Press it and walk through. Oh yeah... I was in the middle of making this test. The door wasn't broken. It was flooded, so I went to work rebuilding it. The acid is in the hallway. Don't worry. Under a grate. Right... Mabye I blocked the hallway with glass. Okay. I'll open another wall for you... You know, I have to do a lot of work too. Oh. Another wall. How tragic. Not you. The walls I put here. Its starting to annoy me how many I put here. The test is still possible. Just take the lift, through the hall, drop in, and test.

MAPMAKER: The point of this was to show off what you could do with BEEmod and the puzzle maker combined. Just look, panels opening in and folding out to make new things.
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blob211134 is a furry  [author] Jun 12, 2013 @ 12:24pm 
@Dragon suplex
What does ????????? mean exactly? Why is it so confusing? It is simply an experimental chamber in an experimental series to demonstrate BEEmod's many functions, such as building a self-constructing chamber with triggers and different panel types.
1980 Jun 11, 2013 @ 6:17am