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Defective Map! (Exchange) stand by for rebuild...
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Nov 25, 2012 @ 7:27am
Jan 27, 2013 @ 10:58am
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Defective Map! (Exchange) stand by for rebuild...

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20.12.2012 removed Port-Bump Glitch, that killed second half of the fun - thanks to <Ebbzylon>
22.12.2012 eliminated shortcut, that killed first half of fun - thx 2 <Ebbzylon> again
30.12.2012 eliminated shortcut, found by my bright brained nephew :)
27.01.2013 added visual and physical helping tool - thanks to <buff00n>

Spoiler! Walk-through by KennKong .
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Reiman  [author] Feb 28, 2013 @ 1:42pm 
@hflare: I apologize! Check out my epiphany
Reiman  [author] Feb 27, 2013 @ 3:07pm 
Sadly I haven't time at the moment, but I think I'll rebuild it someday and try to revive the ID.
Thank you.
Geneosis Feb 27, 2013 @ 8:40am 
Hi there, same crash problem when I tried to play the map... It's possible to hack the worksop map ID if you rebuild a copy of the original map, but sometimes it wont work.
Reiman  [author] Feb 16, 2013 @ 2:37am 
Well, I thought, the backup is in the steam cloud, but there it's corrupted as well, so...
I didn't find out yet, how to repair this file and looking into it and comparing with others it doesn't seem broken, so the best will be to recreate it and try to name it with the old SteamID. I'll let you know here, if it worked. Thank you so far.
buff00n Feb 14, 2013 @ 5:02pm 
Oh no!

The actual editor files are located in (Steam home)/steamapps/common/portal2/portal2/puzzles . Each .p2c file appears to be accompanied by a .jpg thumbnail, so you should be able to identify which one it is. Maybe you have a backup, or some way to revert files to a previous version?

Other than that I don't have any clue. You're best bet is probably checking the forums to see if anyone else has had the same problem.
Reiman  [author] Feb 14, 2013 @ 12:42pm 
I'm going to COL* now! My file has been corrupted and isn't even able to be loaded into the editor anymore. Any suggestions, what I can do now? It was one of my most popular maps - now it's gone -_-,

*Cry out Loud
buff00n Feb 13, 2013 @ 6:31pm 
I've tried a number of times to take another look at this, but every time I try to start it up it crashes Portal. It dumps me to the menu screen, but with no menu. I have to use the console to exit. I'm not sure what to make of that. Maybe you could try uploading again?
Reiman  [author] Jan 27, 2013 @ 11:04am 
buff00n: thanks for the constructive comment!
I implemented the visual, as it might be as misleading as it will be a help, since it 'clicks' in the players brain :)
Didn't know at first, what the grate for, then it 'clicked' in my brain, so I found it to be no bad idea as an assist tool. Hope, it's what you were thinking of.

Added "Game of Cubes" and "The Shaft" to the queue.
buff00n Jan 26, 2013 @ 5:28pm 
I like this one a lot.

I got about as far as you can possibly get without realizing that you need the cube to turn on the blue funnel. Then I reset and did it correctly.

I ended up using the funnel to take the cube off and the back on the button remotely, the latter of which took a number of tries. If that's the correct solution then you could probably make it easier with a grate behind the button, and maybe marking out which part of the back wall lines up with it.

A while ago I create a puzzle that takes one of the techniques used in this one to the extreme:
The Shaft .

Reiman  [author] Jan 25, 2013 @ 9:59am 
I just went through that map again and think, what has to be changed is less the light in that passage, more the brightness of your monitor. The destination circles of the faithplates are so bright green and the walls in the passage upstairs so shiny, that it's not really pitch black, just a little dark but not fully. On the other hand, that's just a way if you got totally lost. So the darkness shall tell you a little story. If there was a sign, that would tell you: "hey there, I'm Cave Johnson and you did something wrong, please start over", I would add that and a spotlight, to show you, where to go. Sadly that editor has not this many capabilities and I not so much time to start with Hammer. I hope, you understand. Thanks for the constructive comment anyway!