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Real Companions - v1.7
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Nov 24, 2012 @ 3:03pm
Dec 24, 2012 @ 11:08pm
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Real Companions - v1.7

**************************** DISCONTINUED ****************************

**************************** DISCONTINUED ****************************

**************************** DISCONTINUED ****************************

**************************** DISCONTINUED ****************************

This mod is NOT compatible with the 1.9.X.X.X update of Skyrim. Changes made by this update conflict with this mod.

It has been REPLACED by newer versions. Check out my workshiop for details.

This mod updates all the characters, fixes broken scripts for the Skyforge, Nord Hero weapons, and updates each member of The Companions so their abilities and fighting styles match their characters. Download this mod and you will discover that The Companions are now a guild worth joining!

-------------------------------- LORE FRIENDLY --------------------------------

Once the player becomes a Companion in the vanilla game, they get a free Skyforge weapon and can purchase a complete set of Wolf Armor if they have the money.


Providing Wolf Armor to all the Companions is NOT a violation of Lore and it is actually MORE Lore Friendly to give the Companions a uniform attire, as also seen in the Dark Brotherhood, College of Winterhold, and the Thieves Guild.

Note: Draugr armor IS Heavy Armor, so Aela has been wearing inferior Heavy Armor this entire time, and did not have the skills to use it effectively while sneaking. NOW she has superior armor and the skills to use it.

------------------------------------ GAMEPLAY ------------------------------------

Companions are now set to provide aid to friends and allies, including the player should they become members of The Companions. Everyone in Jorrvaskr now share friendships and alliances with one another. If the player chooses to marry a member of The Companions, many of them will how attend the wedding on both sides of the isle.

All members of The Companions now wear Wolf Armor and have been updated to specialize in the use of Heavy Armor.

Skjor also now wears a full set of Wolf Armor so if the player wants to wait, they can earn a complete set of Wolf Armor after completing the quest "The Silver Hand."

------------------------------------ WEAPONS ------------------------------------

- Added a Skyforge Warhammer that can be improved at a grindstone to the Skyforge list of weapons.
- Updated the game to include smithing options for the Skyforge Dagger so it can be improved at a grindstone.

- After completing the main Companions story arc, the player was supposed to be able to bring Draugr weapons to the Skyforge and improve them. This was the true power of the Skyforge; to make steel weapons on par with Daedric weapons. Unfortunately, game designers did NOT name the script correctly and never fixed the error, thus players could never improve any Nord Hero weapons at a grindstone. I repaired broken script!
- All Nord Hero weapons made at the Skyforge can now be improved upon, thus giving the player the ability to smith Daedric level weapons without spending all the perks on Smithing, but only at the Skyforge.

- Discovered a broken script for taking Draugr Arrows with DPS 10 and making them into Nord Hero Arrows with a DPS of 24! Fixed it! You can now taken 20 Draugr Arrows and one steel ingot and create 20 Nord Hero Arrows. You will find this smithing option in the "MISC" category under smithing option, but ONLY at the Skyforge.

----------------------------------- CHARACTERS -----------------------------------

Aela the Huntress
- She wears Draugr Heavy Armor but has no Heavy Armor skills. I updated her skills to focus on Heavy Armor.
- She will level with the player from Level 8 to 65.
- Has an 80 point offset to Stamina to match her beginning level & status as a heavy armor archer.
- Replaced her default iron arrows with steel arrows.
- Has the perks Overdraw 80pt, Critical Shot 90pt, Ranger, Power Shot, & Muffled Movement.
- Note: Aela will start the game wearing Wolf Armor but she will switch back to Draugr armor when lounging around Jorrvaskr. Once the player becomes Harbinger & can choose Companions as followers, Aela will dawn her Wolf Armor & follow you. She might not do this right away. This can be resolved by "Fast Traveling" to the Whiterun stables or by trading the armor away from her & giving it back.

- Updated skills to focus on Two-Handed, Archery, Heavy Armor, Smithing, Sneak & Speech.
- Will now level with the character from Level 8 to 65.
- Has an 80 point offset split evenly between Health & Stamina to match his beginning level.
- Has the perks Juggernaut 80pt, Cushioned, Muffled Movement, Barbarian 80pt, Deep Wounds 90pt.
- Height set to 1.05 making him approximately six inches taller than Vilkas.
- Note: Farkas will start the game wearing Wolf Armor but he will still switch back to Nord steel armor after completing the mission "Proving Honor." Farkas is himself a Blacksmith & this steel armor is (apparently) of his own making, thus he choose to wear it instead of the Wolf Armor when haning around Jorrvaskr. Once the player becomes Harbinger & can choose Companions as followers, Farkas will dawn his Wolf Armor & follow you. He might not dawn it right away but this can be resolved by "Fast Traveling" to Whiterun stables or trading the armor away from him & giving it back.

- Updated him so that Vlikas is a true master of Two-Handed weapons, with additonal skills focusing on One-Handed, Archery, Block, Heavy Armor.
- Now wears a Skyforge Steel Battle-Axe
- Will now level with the character from Level 8 to 65.
- Has an 80 point offset split evenly between Health & Stamina to match his beginning level.
- Has the perks Barbarian 80pt, Warmaster, Sweep, Limb Splitter 90pt, Muffled Movement

- Will now level with the character from Level 5 to 40.
- Updated class to provide greater emphasis on One-Handed to match training ability & he can now sneak.
- Changed combat style to the Foresworn Berserker so he can dual wield, matching his dialogue with Torvar!
- Has a 50 point offset to Health to match his beginning level.
- Increased base speed to 120, so Athis can keep up more easily with the player.
- Has the perks Fighting Stance, Armsman 80pt, Dual Furry 30pt, Bladesman 30pt, & Muffled Movement.

Njada Stonearm
- Will now level with the character from Level 5 to 40.
- Updated her class so she actually DOES focus on Block instead of pickpocket, & added Heavy Armor skills.
- Has a 50 point offset to Stamina to match her beginning level.
- Has the perks Shield Wall 80pt, Deflect Arrows, Elemental Protection, Disarming Bash, Muffled Movement. She will use Disarming Bash on her opponent & then attack with sword to finish them off.
- Changed Combat Style to Human Tank, Shield, to compliment training ability.

- Will now level with the character from Level 4 to 40.
- Has a 40 point offset split evenly between health & stamina.
- Increased base speed to 120 so Ria can keep up with the player more easily.
- As the newest / least experienced Companion, I set Ria to essential, so she cannot die.
- Changed Combat Style to Guard Orc One-Handed for high skills in Sneak, Heavy Armor, & One-Handed.
- Has the perks Shield Wall, Armsman, Bladesman 30pt, Juggernaut, & Muffled Movement.

- Will now level with the character from Level 5 to 40.
- Has a 50 point offset split 30/20 between health & stamina.
- Has the perks Barbarian, Champion's Stance, Devastating Blow, Great Critical Charge, & Muffled Movement
- Changed class to Combat Warrior Two-Handed & changed his combat style to Human Boss Two-Handed, to make his combat ability match the conversation he had with Athis.
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rko381  [author] Feb 4 @ 2:57pm 
Good news! The new version of Real Companions has been uploaded! This new version is broken into segments, which lets everyone customize it to fit their own style of game play.

Check out my Steam Workshop to download the new version(s).
Оллe Сйоeстроeм Jan 24 @ 2:18am 
So if this is real Companions, are they false Companions if you do not get this? LOL
alasseprince Jan 20 @ 10:33am 
and maybe an video from how you marry farkas for example
alasseprince Jan 19 @ 7:08am 
#Spectre why can't you use it anymore ?
Spectre Jan 2 @ 1:29am 
This was one of my favorite steam mods, such a shame I cant use it anymore
Shadow Jaw Dec 19, 2014 @ 1:36am 
Aela and Farkas loses their War Paints everytime I install this mod
People like grapes Dec 15, 2014 @ 9:25pm 
Could somebody update this to work with current Skyrim?
CPTJackieDaniels Dec 14, 2014 @ 12:34pm 
Not complaining, but with this mod Farkas shows up naked.
Majerus Nov 30, 2014 @ 7:44pm 
I'm so sorry I have to unsub, but since you have not updated it to remain current with Skyrim patches, I feel I have no choice.
I will keep it favorited, as I truly enjoyed it while it was compatible.
TheDemonKing Nov 10, 2014 @ 4:38pm 
Can you remove this? Because now that its VOID due to the update it has become nothing but a teaser. So please either update it or delete it -_-