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Stormcloak Robes
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Nov 24, 2012 @ 1:01pm
Dec 23, 2012 @ 9:48am
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Ever wished you could immolate fools while flying your Stormcloak gang colours? Secede in style with these spankin' new sky blue Stormcloak-themed robes - with some leather and fur thrown in for good measure.

This is my second mod and a follow-up to my Imperial Legion Robes mod.


This mod adds six garments to the game (all of them new items that do not replace anything):

- The Stormcloak Volunteer Robes and Stormcloak Volunteer Hood, which are based on the Novice Robes and hood from the main game and have identical stats to those, plus a 30% bonus to stamina regen on the robes, which will help with both the hitting and the running.

- The Stormcloak Sage Robes, which come in five exciting flavours; one for each school of magic. Their stats are the same as 'Expert Robes of [Magic School]', with the above discussed 30% Stamina regen bonus. There is also an unenchanted version called Rebel Robes.

- The Stormcloak Ivory Boots and Stormcloak Ivory Bracers, which are merely cloth versions of the Stormcloak Officer Boots and Bracers for those who use the 'Mage Armor' perk.

- The Stormcloak Seeker Shawl, which is the equivalent of the 'Imperial Battlemage Hood' from my Imperial Legion Robes mod. It is intended to be worn with armor and gives a 40% bonus to magicka regeneration. There is also an unenchanted version called 'Rebel Shawl.'

The items can all be bought from Oengul War-Anvil, Caste Blacksmith of Windhelm, and from the Quartermasters in the various Stormcloak camps around Skyrim. Note however that the SAGE ROBES AND THE SEEKER SHAWL CANNOT BE OBTAINED UNTIL YOUR CHARACTER REACHES LEVEL 24, exactly like the Expert Robes in the main game.

The Robes are retextures of the Novice and Expert Robes from the vanilla game. There are no meshes included in this mod, so it should work with any body- or clothing replacer.

Unlike my Imperial Legion Robes, these textures are mostly "hand-drawn", only some details like the belt pouches are purely recoloured. The look of the Volunteer Robes was (obviously) inspired by the Stormcloak Armor and the look of the Sage Robes was inspired by the Stormcloak Officer Armor. They use custom normal maps that look pretty good, at least on high settings. I feel very content with the results, especially with the female Sage Robes, but obviously I still have a lot to learn.


Starting with version 1.1 of the mod, there is a version of of the Volunteer Robes with unique stats and a unique texture. I hid it in a lore-appropriate place. Here are the clues:

- They belonged to a Stormcloak who was killed sometime before the beginning of the game.
- They are hidden in an end table in her room in her family home.

If you know your Skyrim characters, you'll know who the Stormcloak in question is. If not, do some detective work!


Bugfix 1.11 - December 23, 2012
- Fixed a bug where I had accidentally moved a floor section in the house that is the target of the treasure hunt.

Version 1.1 - December 2, 2012
- Added the treasure hunt (see above.)
- Added an unenchanted version of the Seeker Shawl, called 'Rebel Shawl' for sale from Oengul (I forgot to add it to the Quartermasters, sorry.)
- Updated the normal maps on the Sage Robes. The fur should look a bit more 3D now. As an unfortuante side effect, the female ground model looks a bit funky, but it looks great when worn.


Q: Will you make an Imperial Legion version of this?
A: I already did: Imperial Legion Robes

Q: Will any Stormcloaks spawn wearing the robes?
A: No. There are no Stormcloak mage NPCs in the game, and I did not want to risk making the mod incompatible with something else. However, there has been great demand for a feature like this, so I will have a thinker about whether there might be a good way I can integrate these robes into the game.

Q: Why does this exist even though the Stormcloaks hate magic?
A: That is not true. There is a general spirit of distrust towards magic in across the Imperial provinces after the Oblivion Crisis and the Great War. Even so, The Stormcloaks, and especially Ulfric do recognize the usefulness of magic. If the fact that a mage player will be accepted as a Stormcloak officer is not enough evidence for you, consider the fact that Ulfric keeps a court wizard in the Palace of Kings. I hope we don't need to take this discussion further since it is tangentially related at best to the mod itself.

Q: Will you make an unenchanted version of Recruit Robes and Hood?
A: No. The main reson for this is that there are no unenchanted versions of the Novice Robe and Hood in the main game. It is very important to me to make my mods feel like part of the original experience rather than some kind of side experience. To put it even more diffusely, my aim is to add depth to the game - not breadth. The second reason is I really want to encourage people to switch to the Sage Robes once they unlock them at level 24. Also for those of you who missed it above: There is an unenchanted version of the Stormcloak Sage Robes called 'Rebel Robes.'

Q: Will you make the robes craftable?
A: No, for similar reasons as above. Robes are not craftable in the main game, so robes are not craftable here. It seems Bethesda balanced the game so that "pure" mages should not have to focus on crafting, thus allowing them to lean more heavily into enchanting. I think that is reasonable.


Russian[modgames.net] - A Russian language translation can now be acquired from Russian site http://modgames.net/load/249-1-0-14710


- Brodual and JayFriezah for their videos, which you can see above (among the screenshots.)
- Aspard for his Russian translation of the mod.


I welcome all suggestions/criticisms/grateful grunts. I am still learning the ins and outs of modding so I would love to hear what you guys think. I will try to reply to all comments.

If you like it I'd also be very happy if you rated the mod, especially if you are to shy to comment.

Talos guide you,
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Dalamite Dec 18 @ 11:41am 
I'm 100% sure that the unique set is in the Rift, correct?
Th3 Cr33p3r Dec 4 @ 4:20am 
i love it!!! though i don't like how the 'ahm' SPACIAL 'ahm' robe has yellow arms, if you could please replace it with another color it would be great, also, i would love to see a stormcloak ranger armor, incase there's already one, please send me a link to it! anyway, great mod and i hope to see more from you in the future! :D
Dirty_Jackal Nov 21 @ 6:43pm 
i dont know if any one already asked or if you got one but do you have sumthing for the Legion? been playing stormcloaks with this on nicely done
van.cook Nov 18 @ 8:27pm 
This looks really nice with the stormcloak cloak from "Cloaks of Skyrim". Maybe there's a mod that adds unarmored fur gauntlets/boots? And kudos to you for making the leather under the cloth look like the Stormcloak leather.
The Dudebrony Oct 30 @ 1:13pm 
Do you have to have the DLC's? because mine never loaded, i tried Onegal and a few quartermasters. i cant find the robes
[0GS-HD]Admiralℭrow Oct 29 @ 5:14pm 
Do people reconise you as a Stormcloak with the Armor? *I will test it sooner or later, but;* Such as walking into Solitude for "the first time" and everyone goes whoop on your ass?
Austinania Oct 8 @ 7:45pm 
@Shawn ECE might be it, Enhanced Character Edit I believe it's called.
Shadowing93 Sep 19 @ 8:08am 
There actually is a variation of the main mage hood that is unenchanted. It can be purchased at radiant ramens, and is commonly worn by thieves encountered on random paths. Also, while college robes aren't available unenchanted, this is likely because they create so many enchanted robes that they have streamlined the process. Likewise, all OTHER robes can be found in an unenchanted variation.

Likewise, I propose that an unenchanted variation of the regular robes be available.
Dezanos Aug 28 @ 12:13pm 
cant find it
Daimoniki Aug 2 @ 7:03pm 
thanks fro ruining it