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Quantum Dynamics
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This chamber is relatively small compared to my earlier ones but I believe this chamber is going to be a challenge for most players. I would rate this chamber as hard but you be the judge.

Please rate and leave feedback so that I may build you an even better test chamber in the future.

Be sure to seek out your friend, the companion cube.
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Andi  [author] Aug 11 @ 9:55am 
Thank you very much, I'm GLaD you liked it.
GBMusicMaster Aug 11 @ 8:37am 
DONE!!! I visited this puzzle on at least three separate occasions, but I finally figured it out. Brilliantly built, but slam-your-head-against-the-wall frustrating for me in a couple of spots. I like that your chambers rely on wits and not ninja skills--I feel like I've accomplished something when I solve them. Great job, Andi. Thumbs up!
Andi  [author] Apr 14 @ 9:10am 
I'm GLaD you liked it. Thanks.
stormsend Apr 12 @ 4:04pm 
Wonderful map. Beautiful design and a strong puzzle behind it. I enjoyed each step as I progressed closer to the exit. My constant friend, F6 was with me. The flip panel got me for a while and then the angled panel got me. I figured em out eventually. Shooting the final portals was a breeze. Don't know why anyone would have trouble with that unless they got tunnel vision. Happens to me all the time. Thank you and keep making them. I'm running out.
Andi  [author] Mar 13 @ 3:24pm 
I'm GLaD you liked it. Thanks for playing.
Nube52 Mar 12 @ 7:09pm 
Done! I could not travel to exit room as I thouhgt in two trips 1 for cube 1 for me so we did it toghether I let go of the magnetic hold shot my portals in mid air and we (me and my reflection cube) ended up in exit room together withl portals sloppily placed but good enough to activate exit It was a letting go - frreeing - miracle expierience.
Nube52 Mar 12 @ 10:05am 
Yes I'm using light bridge I was just elevating it to fast I slowed down balance all good now. I had a think on this map and now that I know layout of exit room I think I can send relector cube via ceiling panel and 45 panel to it alone (last time I travelled with it) and then send myself through placing two shots on the way, but it will be tricky finess stuff Amazing map it gets my creative juices going regarding making variations and spinoffs of the concepts in future. Thanks fro making.
Andi  [author] Mar 12 @ 9:22am 
You said you had a problem balancing the cube on the 'platform' You are using the light bridge to balance the cube on right? I haven't had any problem with balance the cube on the bridge. I have no doubt you will be able to solve this chamber.
Nube52 Mar 11 @ 11:06pm 
Ok I'm 3/4 there the Map is brilliant me a little less so, I figured out the ceiling panel and getting the reflector cube into the exit room I've even got the exit door open but I'm not in the exit room as had to leave to place two portal shots for laser from outside the room left and right of 45 degree panel but I'm not sure how to get back to room. I am worried I have to start over and place two shots wille flying through the air and juggling a cube and that's way beyond my dexrterity.
Nube52 Mar 11 @ 8:44pm 
Andi so far the layout is amazing and the puzzle intriguing but it's also very frustrating I have hard time balancing refelctor cube out to the laser over jump platform because I have to put it down to shoot position then it falls off (are you laughing) ; it would be nice to just park it on light bridge and collect it later but mesh screen prevents that yet I'm sure mesh is required part of puzzle. Meanwhile pesestal button behind door with square sinage I can find no corresponding square to see what it does. I will keep trying but this is proving to be a 9/10 for difficulty so far.