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Bioshock 2 Characters
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Nov 23, 2012 @ 4:32pm
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Princess Goddammit Sep 17 @ 1:41pm 
Why on Earth would you upload a broken pack of models ? The models themselves are quite nice but the rigging on the legs is awful...they bend the wrong way. Back during G-mod 10 there was another pack with nearly the same models but correctly rigged. I reccomend not subscribing to this addon unless you simply MUST have the models, like me.
Dan Sowaru Aug 27 @ 6:26am 
This would be so awesome if the Sisters had faceposing...
Xenomorphdrone6 Jul 5 @ 4:33pm 
Are these npc character models or rag dolls?
Darkest of shadows [-ICE-] Jun 23 @ 12:02pm 
and yes we need bid daddy NPCs.
Darkest of shadows [-ICE-] Jun 23 @ 12:01pm 
Why cant he add a roise,rumbler,and all the elite big daddys. I want to play around with all the big daddys.
rodrikes Jun 16 @ 11:12am 
In this order: BioShock 1. BioShock Infinite (You hear songbird when Fitzpatrick dies). Then BioShock 2 (the end of Rapture).
Jsshinoda (Whiteclaw) May 28 @ 9:00pm 
Bioshock 1, then 2, then infinite. The reason why is Bioshock 1 happens first, it's how rapture started then went to hell. Bioshock two is living the life through the survivors of Bioshock and they even have an Easter Egg where they talk about the protagonist of 1 about how he grew up and raised four kids. Bioshock Two is basically the rest that happens after One is finished. Bioshock Infinite takes place afterwards as there is a downloadable content to where you can return to rapture and see everything of the chaotic distopia it was.
Jerrynn Mar 24 @ 2:27pm 
are these NPCs?
LunarLover Mar 22 @ 1:39am 
Everyone it is Infinite, 1, then 2, , Because In audio logs buring BS 2 you can hear people talking about Jack and Ryans death and Infinite is about 50 years before in 1912 while the other two are in the 60's.
Jesse 'Lucky' V92 Mar 17 @ 9:40pm 
Holy shit, these comments are full of cancerous idiots.