Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Zworld-Afterlife© Content
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Nov 23, 2012 @ 3:00am
Sep 27 @ 5:28am
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Zworld-Afterlife© Content

In 1 collection by Nordahl [ZworldDev™]
Zworld Map Collection
23 items
/!\ This is not a Gamemode, but Zworld-Afterlife© servers content. (sounds+models+materials)
/!\ Do not re-upload the old versions without my permission. (Work for a version Demo In Progress, but priority for the original project.)

1) I do not answer at questions that are already answered in the description.
2) I do not give interest about the haters. I work for free and also for the project can live.

Wiki & tutorial Zworld[]

-To Do List[]

This is not a gamemode anymore. (since October 2013)
-Why? I had several problems with some peoples in the community trying to broke and/or steal two years of my work or for cheating. Sorry (My choice to remove singleplayer is definitive so question about it will not be answered, don't waste your time about asking it.)
If you learned now about the singleplayer, it's needless to complain today.

As I announced everywhere I am. More information and stuffs can be found here Forum[] (steam group, forum, website, workshop)

/!\ Be indulgent Zworld is my first project. It is not finished and it represents only 10% of my objectives.

Our servers list:
Servers List[]

-To Do List[]

Group Steam
-Zworld Community[]
-Wiki & tutorial Zmod[]

Zworld Afterlife Original Soundtrack by Nordahl

Best Survivor ranking[]

Zworld Afterlife is Scripted & Created by Nordahl.
Music of Zworld Afterlife is Played & Created by Nordahl.
Zombies Voice and someone effect sound is Created by Nordahl.
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Samantha Carter
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Hey,Guys i find a tunnel to the other server/city i can't use it ,write u not subscribed to the database ,what a i need to do ?
Eski1970 Aug 28 @ 7:22am 
what guns this concent uses? i want to know
TheSandClan1997 May 19 @ 5:01pm 
this is why chesko moved his mods off steam cause of all the the death threats he got cause He posted some one elses mod on steam skyrim workshop for once in poeple life READ THE DESC BEFORE YOU START COMPLAING ABOUT SOME ONE STEELINGS SOME ONE ELSES STUFF
Ezekiel Proctor Mar 27 @ 8:10pm 
when i first saw this i thought it was just content for a server that had the same picture as ZMod but then i noticed it was a multiplayer version of zmod due to people stealing the content of the gamemode, which is understandable but im glad to see it continue instead of taking it down
Nordahl [ZworldDev™]  [author] Feb 11 @ 2:12pm 
I made a new music for Zworld-Afterlife. Called Hurry up! Quiet for a nap every day. ^^
Nordahl [ZworldDev™]  [author] Feb 4 @ 9:43pm 
I composed and recorded my own musics for my project. This is the theme of the quiet night.
The background image is one of my drawings you can find them on my Facebook page.
All content is made by me. Product of a hard work. Thank you to support. ^^

Author - Creator: David.M.P(Nordahl)
Nordahl [ZworldDev™]  [author] Jan 8 @ 7:20pm 
New Germaniaball: Thank you.

Sgt.UltraDoge: Thank you. OPX is not my admin but an renter.
I do not know what you have against those who support the project. But you are wrong.
I checked and your friend is banned for attempt to cheat by using bad command:
76561198070402416 System:"User tryed to use a bad command lua_openscript" (Often used for aimbot and wallhack)
This is automatized and a simple admin or owner can not do that manually. Now thank for time you take but it's not OPX but the SYSTEM I made.
To avoid that you come to avenge your friend cheater and liar on my servers. I apply the maximum penalty.
Cheaters is like a highly outdated food. Nobody wants it.
Do not tell me why I'm hard. 3 years old and I hear the same song. It's boring in the end.
On my server or another is the same. There is no VAC here to protect us. So get out of my servers with your cheats. With all the respect I owe you.
Must believe that we must remember the rules here.
Teufels Attentäter Junkie Jan 7 @ 10:36am 
Admin disrespect is bannable.
Herr.LowBob Jan 7 @ 10:34am 
wow cool gamemode BUT OPX hes a admin abuser he banned my friend for nohting RooK he banned him for disrespect...can u pls do somting abaut it..

P.S cool gamemode
Teufels Attentäter Junkie Jan 6 @ 7:20am 
I remember back in the old days when "Zmod" was a thing,boy was it fun back in 2013,Now it's multiplayer only due to some people tryna steal it,A shame,Atleast there is PVE servers for us PVP n00bs who just want to survive in general and not get playerrekt

Thank you,Nordhal for great gmod memories of true Zombie Survival.