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Lockpick Pro
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Nov 22, 2012 @ 8:30am
Jun 22, 2014 @ 4:22pm
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Lockpick Pro

Mod created by Kenney Vleugels. Uploaded by FreeTheEnslaved.


This mod adds a bar at the top of the screen while picking a lock which shows you the 'sweet spot' of the lock. It also shows the health of the current lockpick.

All credit goes to the original creator of the mod. Thanks for downloading and please vote up! If you have any problems, direct them at Kenney. His profile is to the right. ------->

The official home of this mod is Skyrim Nexus Mods and you can go to the mod page here:

IMPORTANT: If you are here because the mod doesn't work, first try running the game with only Lockpick Pro installed before commenting. This will rule out conflictions with other mods. If the mod still doesn't work, please tell me whether you are using the mod for the first time, or if it was working before.

ALSO, if this version doesn't work, you can download it at Skyrim Nexus and install it manually, which should sort everything out.
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arkhamtheknight 9 hours ago 
Anyway to change size of it as some of it is cut off on my screen?
Mizar 13 hours ago 
Super Mod! Thx man!
UPPERHUNTER nam nam Aug 24 @ 10:06am 
it's for ppl that arent that good at lockpicking
The Spoon Aug 21 @ 4:49pm 
"i unsub bc it iz cheetiing"
you idiot
its meant to be that way
sparkiemichels Aug 18 @ 7:21pm 
Ok, so by what people are saying, this mod is kinda cheaty, which means this mod will be perfect for me, beause I cheat in Skyrim, hell, I open the console and use tgm.
sparkiemichels Aug 18 @ 7:19pm 
@Ranknus, well, you could just put your hand over the bar and there ya go, problem fixed :D
oli4936 Aug 18 @ 11:50am 
*clap clap i tested the mod it was *drumb row AMAZING good job its great
oli4936 Aug 16 @ 2:38pm 
ok lets see how this mod is (im a mod tester)

Ranknus Aug 16 @ 2:37pm 
I unsubscribed, deleted it out of my Skyrim data, and still that bar shows at the top. I got it because I thought it just assisted with lockpicking not cheated. But I need help getting rid of the bar so I can play legit.
Dziunior360 Aug 14 @ 12:58pm 
Nice mod!