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co10 Escape
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Mod Type: Campaign
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer, Coop
Scenario Type: Infantry, Vehicles
Scenario Map: Altis, Stratis, Tanoa, OtherMap
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Jul 29, 2017 @ 6:41am
Jul 30, 2017 @ 5:33am
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co10 Escape

This is the addon version of the mission co10 Escape including missions for 29 different terrains without the need for addons.
co10 Escape is a dynamic coop multiplayer mission with a focus on infantry and light vehicles. It has a high degree of difficulty and was designed for replayability without sacrificing the feel and atmosphere of a handcrafted mission.

Uploads for other mods like CUP, RHS and Apex will follow soon.

This mission pack is optimised for hosting on dedicated servers only! Use locally hosted and in SP on your own responsibility.

The mission
In this mission you and your squad was send out to scout the military presence on an enemy island in preparation for an invasion. But your squad got captured by local loyalists and you are now held in an improvised prison awaiting enemy officers to arrive for questioning. But friendly insurgent managed to hide a backpack with weapons in your improvised prison. Your task is now to overwhelm the guards, escape the prison, find a map of the island, make contact with your HQ, reach the designated evacuation zone and escape the enemy island!

The mission is fully dynamic. Every playthrough will be different. Also the mission is quite hard to beat completly. You will definitly fail at the first try. But the mission is meant to be played more than once (infact our squad plays it serveral times the week).

Note: This is not a fork of the official BI mission "Escape from xyz". The first release of co10 Escape was long before A3.

About the mission
Escape was first devloped by Engima of Östgöta Ops. for ArmA2.
At that time me (NeoArmageddon) and Scruffy ported the mission to different islands and began customizing the mission.
When ArmA3 was released, Vormulac and HyperZ made the effort to port the mission over to ArmA3. From that point on Scruffy and me improved and fixed the mission to the current state.
Most of the scripts are replaced and were updated to A3 standards (but there is still some more room for improvements).

The the official version of this release is 1.8.1

Mods and terrains

This version does not need any additional addons/mods.
Missions for the following terrains are included:
Official: Altis, Stratis, Tanoa, Malden 2035
CUP TP: Chernarus, Chernarus (Summer), Sahrani (+United), Takistan, Porto, Everon, Malden, Kolgujev, Nogova
Icebreakr: Panthera, Winthera, Lingor, Dingor, Abramia, Isla Duala
Other: Bornholm, Thirsk (+ Winter), Esseker, Australia, Isola Di Capraia, Celle2, Podagorsk, Al Rayak

About the workshop version

This is the first workshop release of co10 Escape. As we can't maintain over 194 seperate workshop objects we packed similar missions (same required mods, different terrains) in a single package as a multiplayer campaign. This way we can provide a huge set of different missions in a single workshop file. The drawback is that Arma treats the mission pack as an AddOn and every player on your server needs to subscribe to this WS object in order to be able to play on your server. I recommend this only for squads and groups of players that wants the comfort of a WS objects for syncing their mods. If you want classic, addonless mission files for your dedicated server checkout the regular release on the BI forums (link)[].

Installation and usage

Subscribe to this locally and on your dedicated server, start the server and select one of the many Escape mission.
Note that locally hosted and SP games are NOT supported. Because of the scope of this mission it is only optimized towards dedicated server use.

A word about mission parameters: The first option in the parameter list (in the game lobby), controls if the mission should save your params, load params already saved or should just use the list as in any other mission. So if you change the params and want to store them for sessions to come, select "Use settings below and save" together with the other params as you like. If you restart the mission you don't need to touch the params anymore unless you want to change them again, as the opton "Load previously saved settings" is the default option. When parameters were stored, you won't see them in lobby yet, as Arma only restores them after starting the mission.


You may modify this mission aslong as you keep all credits, clearly mark the mission as modified and keep all releases under these, same terms.


Please note that the comment section in steam is not meant to provide elaborate feedback or support. If you have feedback, bug reports, ideas or need help, please use the official BI forum thread (link)[] or open a proper discussion here in Steam. As most problems and bugs concern all users and should be posted public, we won't accept private messages for support and bug reports.


Original Mission (Arma2) by Engima of Östgöta Ops.
Mission ported to Arma3 by Vormulac and HyperZ.
Continue devlopment by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy.
Island ports and unit configs by Scruffy.
Additional scripting and fixing by abelian, dystopian1, FrozenLiquidity, DPM

Additional ports and configs by
SurvivorOfZeds (IFA3+LEN)
Nils5940 (IFA3)
CRCError1970 (Malden and Kolgujev)
supercereal4 (Malden 2035)

Armed-Tactics (Maikeks, Darcy, Memphis Belle, Aurelia, Freshman, Lunatic, Joshi)
The Flying Monkeys In Space,
Roy and many more.

The official co10 Escape mission for Arma3 is currently developed and maintained by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy.
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NeoArmageddon  [author] Feb 17 @ 12:21am 
Better use the BI forums thread for bug reports and feedback.
Glow Feb 16 @ 2:51pm 
Thanks, next time I'll keep remember about that. I want to try with dedicated server setup.
If I get anything more to raport, will try to catch you over Armaholic.
NeoArmageddon  [author] Feb 16 @ 7:30am 
"Drone become NATO and Terminal stay CSAT and I couldn't open a terminal."
Put the terminal in your inventory (Vest or backback), not the GPS slot.You need to hack the terminal seperately (the action is named differently). Duplicated action is a known bug. But entries are exactly the same function wise.
Glow Feb 15 @ 4:34pm 
Steam version.

CUP Terrains-Complete 1.3.0
Blastcore Edited (standalone version)
Bullet in the Chamber v1.2

Map: Sahrani. We secure the area of 300m radius around grid 138037. Then one attack came, Kayman and fire team. Once we cleared, the next same spawn was in the way. Cleared again, we spend some time running around and waiting, then we give up.

When I played solo on Kolgujev map, I had a spawns going crazy. I'm not sure is it normal on easy level, that was insane. On this map there is a fence wall, so they all stop there.

Sahrani,Takistan: I couldn't even hack properly a CSAT drone. In my menu I had doubled option: Hack enemy drone. In one game I pick first one, in other game second one - same effect. Drone become NATO and Terminal stay CSAT and I couldn't open a terminal.

Small annoying things but your's scenarios are the best I played, definitely my Top 5.
NeoArmageddon  [author] Feb 15 @ 10:21am 
Would help, if you tell me on which terrain, which version, which mods and where the evac was exactly. Else I can't do much.
Glow Feb 15 @ 9:32am 
No evac heli... after long, long game... so disappointed. It's cool set of escape scenarios just not working properly. So bad, I hope that you work some more over this scenarios.
Bionicman303 [GER] Feb 12 @ 12:53pm 

thx, will check that! And I should have read the manual btw :-) it says "Note that locally hosted and SP games are NOT supported. Because of the scope of this mission it is only optimized towards dedicated server use." :-)
Reichsbierminister Feb 12 @ 9:30am 
Is it possible to add a parameter to disable tanks and ifvs?
DooShan Feb 12 @ 7:51am 
For the record, the version we are using with @main is the latest development build of co10_Escape_CUP_SLA_VS_USMC.Malden.pbo (or Tanoa) from, not the version from this Workshop. Usually the first/second round is OK and then it starts to degrade. Restart of dedicated server and clients solves it for some time.
main Feb 12 @ 1:31am 
Elitehunter34> Yes using another computer to run dedicated server. As I said it never happened before, been playing this mission since the beginning for years and it only started last year. Since then we are not able to get through the mission because FPS drops for everyone after some time. And for example we only kill 10 soldier and one jeep with 3 players so I don't think there is too much stuff going on. Not sure what to do here which is a shame, we have stopped playing A3 because of that.