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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Jul 27, 2017 @ 11:53pm
Jan 15 @ 2:02pm
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High-level Features:
  • View Dino stats and level-up choices from spyglass, binoculars, longneck rifle, assault rifle, and sniper rifle.
  • Customize your HUD by choosing what stats to reveal for wild and tame dinos seperately.
  • Targeting for all items ignores or, sees through, your current mount.

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Assetts contained in this mod:
  • SEL Spyglass:
    • View custom dino stats from afar.
    • Can see through glass objects.
    • Toggleable "No Look Mode" <alt+a> - Allows use of the spyglass without looking down the tube. (Experimental and still needs work to be fully implemented.)
    • Toggleable "Snapshot Mode" <alt+s> - Allows user to freeze the HUD on the current target.

  • Electronic Binoculars:
    • View Custom Dino stats from afar.
    • Custom zoom feature.
    • Full 360 degree useability while mounted.
    • Audio spying. (Disabled by default, but can be re-enabled through ini file)
    • GPS posistioning.
    • Night vision with automaic day/night sensing. Left click for toggle.
    • Can see through glass objects.
    • Toggleable "No Look Mode" <alt+a> - Allows use of the binoculars without looking through them.
    • Toggleable "Snapshot Mode" <alt+s> - Allows user to freeze the HUD on the current target.

  • Enhanced Electronic Scope:
    • View Custom Dino stats from afar.
    • Custom model and icon to differentiate the scope from vanilla scopes.
    • Night vision activated by the accessory option - "n".
    • Attaches to Longneck Rifle, Assault Rifle, and Sniper Rifle.
    • Available at level 50.

Please see the "GameUserSettings.ini options" discussion for a full list of the .ini options as many are disabled by default.

By popular demand this mod was branched off from another mod that also includes custom tranq options. This mod will better serve those who do not want or require additional tranq options. If however you are looking for both vision and tranqs you can check out my other mod: SELMods.

Mod ID: 1092557691

Please use the below disscussions where appropriate instead of using the comments. It helps me to stay organized on what needs done, is done, or should be considered. Thank you.

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Mouse 12 hours ago 
Not sure how to go about asking this or if I will word this right ... I'm not a mod creator and don't understand anything that y'all do behind the scenes... in talking with the creator of the auction house mod I had mentioned adding something like the wild levels that you supply in your mod and I know a few others show the point system as well... I'm wondering how is that info found and is it something you could explain to myself or get with the other mod creator and let him know about it and how to implement that info into his mod
Stormknight Feb 14 @ 4:23am 
Thank you for all the work you have put into creating and maintaining such an amazing mod.
We've never had any issues with the mod causing crashes (other than that one patch, which you quickly fixed).
Dystilled Feb 12 @ 9:02pm 
Nevermind, it randomly started working properly as I posted the below
Dystilled Feb 12 @ 9:02pm 
When the advanced scope is applied to a rifle it causes it to be constantly zoomed in. Is this intended? if so how do I make it toggleable
Natjur Feb 12 @ 5:18pm 
Anyway I can change the engrams so they have to be crafted on a fabricator instead of yourself?
Dystilled Feb 12 @ 8:19am 
Electronic Binoculars- Requires GPS and Spyglass.

GPS not available til 2 levels later, Thats just bad structuring of unlocks.
†RoroBlacK† Feb 11 @ 5:46pm 
i cannot see the stats fo dinos while mounting a ptero
Selendras  [author] Feb 11 @ 2:04pm 
I do not know what problem you are speaking of. I am able to see all stats just fine from mounted dino.
†RoroBlacK† Feb 8 @ 3:40pm 
great mod, plz fix to watch stat when mounting a dino, only can watch dino type and lv
Selendras  [author] Feb 6 @ 3:16pm 
Fixes and additions are first added to SELMods and then after some time, if appropriate for this mod, they are then moved into SELVision. The new zoomable scope feature and 1st/3rd person fix for the binoculars are slated to be moved in to SELVision with the next update. I am not able to say yet what the estimated date of the update will be, but I do not intend to wait very long... maybe a few weeks...