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Piece of Cake: Magnitude III (Intense)

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Piece of Cake: Magnitude III (Intense)

'Piece of Cake' comes in three shades: easy, advanced and intense. All shades share the same objective but they have different stakes and the difficulty rises exponentially. Which flavor do you prefer?

Constructive criticism and feedback welcome.

The 'Piece of Cake':

- Piece of Cake: Magnitude I (Easy)

- Piece of Cake: Magnitude II (Advanced)

- Piece of Cake: Magnitude III (Intense)

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toncica  [author] Aug 5 @ 9:09am 
@dire.fcs, thanks for completing the trilogy. :)

@Woodbeam, you were correct about the light strips at the other place. Since the light strips at the entrance are so far apart I wouldn't have guessed that it would be seen as a hint for a runway. Anyway, they are back now because it's apparently helpful. Thanks for the feedback.
dire.fcs Aug 5 @ 6:20am 
Excellent map; to get the reflector is very very ingenious; once we get the reflector the rest comes naturally; nice trilogy sequel of difficulty.
Woodbeam Aug 4 @ 7:09pm 
Oh! I see, having the light strips indicate that was never your intention. Interesting. Are the light strips in the area with the funnel there for a particular purpose? That's what I meant when I said the other place where you have to do the same thing was left the way it was. In both areas you have to use the funnel to create a speed gel lane, so I took the light strips as indicating that.

I did indeed play a less recent version. I think the latest revision of that area is significantly better. If the glass wall is going to stay there, that's a good way of having it work while being intuitive. Nice.
toncica  [author] Aug 3 @ 5:53pm 
No, my intention wasn't to make things more ambiguous. Just tried something different which I thought would be equally helpful. Funny thing is, you took that as a hint that gel has to be spread there, while I only intended to give a hint about cube placement, light strips under the cube dropper and light strips where the reflective cube has to be placed at the end. Apparently I gave out more information than I wanted to but that's cool.

Slightly confused that you mention the "further ones" (white surfaces at the exit area). They are gone now and replaced by an angled panel in line with the target surface. Maybe it wasn't the latest update that you played.
Woodbeam Aug 3 @ 5:18pm 
[2] I noticed that in your cosmetic changes you replaced the light strips near the entrance indicating where you have to create a speed gel lane with ribbed textured nonportalable surfaces. They still stand out, but they're more ambiguous than the light strips, and it makes me kinda sad since those light strips helped me out a lot. I wouldn't claim to be a Portal genius, so some non-explicit handholding is nice sometimes :) Also, the other place where you have to do the same thing was left the way it was, which strikes me as odd if your intention was to make things more ambiguous.

Thanks again.
Woodbeam Aug 3 @ 5:18pm 
[1] Making flinging mandatory both times those surfaces are used was a great choice, a definite improvement in my opinion.

I'm fine with flinging in general. The surfaces closer to the exit are indeed vital to the final step, but the further ones aren't, and though they're used more than once they're used for the same purpose both times, so I wouldn't say they're multi-purpose. I wasn't able to find a way that lowering or removing the glass wall would break the puzzle, is there one?
toncica  [author] Aug 1 @ 2:02pm 
[2] Maybe that doesn't change your feeling but I think it's an improvement. Your comment was certainly food for thought and a welcome opportunity to spend some time editing the map to rearrange some light strips and stuff. Thanks :)
toncica  [author] Aug 1 @ 2:01pm 
[1]I have looked at the map again and spent quite some time thinking about it. Of course I have made cosmetic changes all over the map while I was at it. To be honest I don't understand the strong opinion against a simple flinging maneuver, calling it obtuse. Are you against flinging in general or should it only be used in maps with baby difficulty? The portalable surfaces on the floor are vital for the final step, the player also needs an option to get to the area with the laser catcher. Therefore the floor has multiple purposes. I'm not comfortable with lowering or removing the glass wall (complex puzzles are fragile). It is also intended to use flinging to get out of the pit but until now the player could use the funnel for that. Now the funnel is no longer an option and flinging is mandatory. So the only puzzle relevant change is to increase the importance of the floor surface, hopefully making it feel less 'obtuse' in the end.
Woodbeam Jul 31 @ 8:41pm 
Comment part 2: This step clearly isn't one of the map's centerpieces, it's more of a transitional element, which makes its difficulty strange. Also, the reason I perceive for its difficulty is obtuseness in the level design rather than logical complexity. That's not something that's desirable in a puzzle in general, I think (though what is obtuse and what isn't is an infinitely hairy subject). Regardless, it feels like it was added just to have some kind of challenge there, not because it's interesting in itself or adds something to the overall puzzle. It's weird to see something like it in a map that's so brilliant, honestly. If it can't be connected to other elements of the puzzle or made more interesting in itself, I think it would be beneficial for it to be toned down.

Thanks for your reply, I love your maps.
Woodbeam Jul 31 @ 8:41pm 
Comment part 1: That's exactly it, yes. By "not only does it not require any real logic" I didn't mean that it requires no logic at all (and as you say, there's no such thing as "false logic"), it's that the logic involved is extremely simple.