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Piece of Cake: Magnitude II (Advanced)

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Piece of Cake: Magnitude II (Advanced)

'Piece of Cake' comes in three shades: easy, advanced and intense. All shades share the same objective but they have different stakes and the difficulty rises exponentially. Which flavor do you prefer?

Constructive criticism and feedback welcome.

The 'Piece of Cake':

- Piece of Cake: Magnitude I (Easy)

- Piece of Cake: Magnitude II (Advanced)

- Piece of Cake: Magnitude III (Intense)

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ami Apr 9 @ 8:40am 
this is logic .and
Medium difficulty
toncica  [author] Jan 9 @ 7:23am 
Map updated. After looking at the puzzle again I admit that the situation at the end was not acceptable. Added measures to prevent the laser cube from flipping over and the laser beam from not hitting the laser catcher. Changed position of the weighted button to ease other timing situation a bit. Even clumsy players have now a high chance of succeeding on the first try. ;)

Also added a walkthrough of the updated map.
toncica  [author] Jan 9 @ 4:42am 
@PixysDad [2]

The other move you mention (landing the cube on the button) should not be problematic, it's a basic move that should be no trouble when you're used to playing advanced maps. Maybe you were choosing a wrong spot which made the timing harder. The portal surface, floor button and pedestal button form a line. My intention was that the player gets behind the pedestal button and uses it as it were a crosshair to shoot the portal when the cube has the right position. Success rate is near 100%.

If you are against such basic maneuvers (for advanced maps) then you should not continue to play my maps. Trust me, it was NOT a stretch to call the other map easy. I try to make logically challenging puzzles where the execution might not be trivial but is doable by basically everyone who is motivated. That means that most of my maps are not recommended to people who have only played the popular and thus easy maps from the workshop.
toncica  [author] Jan 9 @ 4:41am 
@PixysDad, Thanks for the feedback. It has already been said that the last move can be problematic and that I'm not happy about it. I feel for you if this was really that frustrating and I'm sorry about it. Maybe you are exaggerating a bit though? It didn't take me more than two tries on average, but as the author I have an advantage of having done it countless times while building and testing the puzzle.

Generally I advise to use F6 to quicksave (F7 is quickload) before doing a risky move. Experienced players do that all the time without even thinking, me included. That's not an excuse for having a move that only works randomly, and if I had seen a video of you playing it and really spending 50 tries I would already be working on fixing the problem.

I'll think about whether it's possible to make it work better without tearing down the whole puzzle.
PixysDad Jan 8 @ 11:36pm 
To be blunt this puzzle sucks compared to the first one which required only logic and being observant to solve.

It's one thing to figure out that you have to move the companion cube from one button to another to get the lens cube and that the lens cube has to be dropped onto to the final button holder by shooting a portal at EXACTLY the right time. It's quite another thing to get the timing EXACTLY right to accomplish these.

It only took about TEN tries to get the first cube moved from one button to the other and then about FIFTY tries to get the damned lens cube to land in the cube holder pointed in the right direction (it flipped over the first 10 times it landed in the holder and pointed the wrong way).

Definitely thumbs down for the stupid timing requirements and the cube flipping over !

You yourself stated that a puzzle should not require rolling the dice to solve, well this one certainly does !
stormsend Nov 17, 2014 @ 12:10pm 
I amazed myself. This was a hard one for me. What was cool was there were three aha moments where I felt good about accomplishing something. Great map. I haven't played the intense one yet. Maybe I should cool down for a while first. Ha ha. Thanks for a great time.
Clericopter Jun 3, 2014 @ 5:23am 
Personally, I think the elegance of the idea outweighs the execution. I wouldn't recommend changing it.
toncica  [author] Jun 2, 2014 @ 9:40am 
Hm, maybe I should do something about it. Today I'm far less tolerant of randomness than I used to be. Solving a puzzle shouldn't have a part anywhere in it where you're literally rolling dice. Thanks for playing and telling.
quaternary Jun 2, 2014 @ 9:08am 
I loved the final step too, but it did turn out to be pretty frustrating. Eventually i just noclipped clear around the fizzler to fix the position of the box :P
Clericopter Jan 5, 2014 @ 2:44am 
I loved the final step, it's a great plan-coming-together moment. It's just a pity that the physics engine can be a stumbling stone for neat solutions like that.