Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World

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Hybrid Kaijū 怪獣
This is a collection of crossover athletes from MMA/Wrestling/Boxing etc. Otherwise, it is for those that use the MMA style in wrestling (Taz, Goldberg, etc.). Each fighter should have MMA attire. They style they will have will generally be a Pro style; however, over time I may add in more MMA elements or even MMA versions of each.
Items (4)
Bill Goldberg
Created by Deranged-Stu
1.1 Skin tone and logic tweaks.

1.0 Complete logic, moveset, and appearances.

Brock Lesnar
Created by Deranged-Stu
1.1 Updated skin and CPU logic with fewer suplexes and more F5s. Other tweaks as well.

1.0 Complete with 4 appearances, custom CPU logic, movesets, and parameters.

Bobby Lashley
Created by Deranged-Stu
1.1 Logic tweaks.

Version 1.0. Complete moveset, appearances, logic, etc....
Dave Batista
Created by Deranged-Stu
1.0 Dave Batista 2013-2014. Also included is MMA appearance. Complete with four separate appearances and complete logic, paramenters, and moveset.

- Deranged-Stu...