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CSS Weapons on M9K Base
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Nov 17, 2012 @ 9:38am
Nov 7, 2015 @ 9:13pm
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CSS Weapons on M9K Base

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This addon was not designed for TTT. DarkRP works with minor changes to settings, such as default clips, weapon stripping. See the description for info on how to adjust these settings to fit your needs.
Included in this addon:
Ammo boxes which can explode if damaged.

Selective Fire: Some weapons can now change between full automatic and semi automatic.
Hold Use (default E) and hit Reload to select auto or semi-auto.

Silencing (only available on select weapons): Hold Use (default E) and hit Alt Fire (default right click).

Optional Empty Weapon Stripping: Weapons with no ammo left will be dropped. Use the console command M9KWeaponStrip. Weapon stripping is disabled by default, and shame on me for not doing it earlier.

Optional Gas Effects when firing your weapon. Use the console command M9KGasEffect. If you are using an older computer or lag severely when firing, disable the effect.
To disable gas effects for all users on your server, use the console command M9KClientGasDisable 1. You can re-enable gas effects for clients by using the console command M9KClientGasDisable 0.

Optional Dynamic Recoil: Recoil now will push your aiming direction. You will notice your aim being pushed upward after each shot. Don't like it? Use the console command M9KdynamicRecoil.

Optional Bullet Penetration: Disable the penetration and ricochet, as well as their effects. Use the console command M9KDisablePenetration.

Optional Ammo Box Detonation: You can decide whether my ammo boxes go kaboom or not. Use the console command M9KAmmoDetonation..

Unique Weapon Slots: Use the console command M9KUniqueSlots if you would like to enable/disable unique slot numbers (and fast weapon switching) for each weapon. (And let me know if I missed one!)

Customizable Damage Multiplier: Use the console command M9KDamageMultiplier to scale up (or down!) M9K bullet damage.

Customizable Default Clips: Use the console command M9KDefaultClip to select how many default clips weapons will spawn with.

To equip silencers on the USP and M4, hold USE and press ALT Fire (right click).

SG 550[]
MAC 10[]
FN P90[]
Dual Elites[]
Desert Eagle[]
Glock 18[]
M3 Super 90[]
SG 552[]
G3 SG1[]
Smoke Grenade[]
Frag Grenade[]

Thanks to White, Generic Default, Worshipper, and Clavus.

Special thanks to Darkaaja for helping me find and correct a bug that had been bothering us for months.
I don't think I will be making any more weapons. However, the weapon base is now public, so you can make them yourselves! Visit this link to download the base, and follow the instructions to start making your own weapons.
Any problems?
If you're having any problems, you should take a look at my troubleshooting page here:
Check out my Administration Addon for easy configuration!
Murderthon 9000 Administration
Download .GMA files for PC and Servers here at
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Deathsmooth Sep 16 @ 5:34pm 
okay thanks

INCONCEIVABLE!  [author] Sep 16 @ 3:20pm 
they use the default textures included in gmod, unless you own css and have the game mounted. You don't own css, so you get default fallback textures.
Deathsmooth Sep 16 @ 12:02pm 
why do all the weapns except the m16 and the ak47 have potato textures? and why do none of them have killicons? (besides a checkerbox)
Chancellor Conwell Aug 7 @ 1:18am 
@Lonk, Do you have CS:S installed?
邪恶和黑暗 Jul 13 @ 6:31pm 
Wrench Jun 25 @ 5:05am 
Why textures looks horrible ?
OrdinOrdinary Jun 18 @ 10:49pm 
Greatest addon of all time.
INCONCEIVABLE!  [author] May 7 @ 6:08am 
sounds like you have a conflicting addon. And if youre using a css content pack, that might cause it too
EsquishyJordan™ May 6 @ 3:13pm 
I found 2 bugs.

The HL2 grenade is now a CSS grenade, and does not works, because the CSS HE grenade has the same name than the HL2 one

When unsuscribing the addon, or deleting it from the addons folder, the weapon categories are still there, the original CS:S weapons category has only 3 weapons, the HE grenade, the smoke grenade and the Dual Elites.

PD: I love your add-ons ;)
A Random Person May 6 @ 6:57am 
Could you please add idle animations to the weapons. I don't like it when there is no idle animation. Also can you please add the flashbang. That woud be awesome thanks.