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Seriously DooMed - Part 2 of 2
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Nov 17, 2012 @ 6:05am
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Seriously DooMed
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*IN CASE THE MOD DOESN'T WORK, DOWNLOAD THIS: http://www.sendspace.com/file/lu34xu - PUT IT IN YOUR "<SS3>/Content/SeriousSam3/" FOLDER, IF IT STILL DOESN'T WORK, DOWNLOAD THIS http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=103400371&searchtext= *

Seriously DooMed is a total conversion mod that attempts to change everything to feel like Doom, it changes nearly everything, from weapons and enemies, to music and (some) textures/skins.

Danker: For beta testing, the HUD and the weapon positions.
Devostator: For the Soul Devourer.
Batandy: For the Hell Knight and Baron of Hell skins.
Solais: For the base Hell Knight and Baron of Hell enemy variants.
CoTeCiO (YouTube): For his DooM soundtrack remixes.

- All weapons and enemies changed to reflect their DOOM counterparts.
- Changes music to DOOM remixed music (credits go to CoTeCiO from YouTube)
- Changes the pre-menu, menu and loading screens' effects.
- Changes the main menu to a Doom-themed one.
- Difficulty has been increased; you don't regenerate health on Tourist, enemies deal full damage on almost every difficulty (except Tourist and Serious) and enemies are faster on Hard, Serious and Mental. +50% to max ammo has also been added to all of them, but +100% to Tourist and Serious.
- Attempts to aim with the Pistol or Assault Rifle will make the player see the world through a hellish vision.
- Weapon positioning is now similar to Doom’s. (thanks to Danker!)
- HUD has been changed, and item pickup messages have been moved to the top left of the screen. (thanks to Danker, again!)

- Hands: Trophies now deal more damage and are launched much farther.
- Mutilator: Shorter range, but deals more damage over time.
- Sledgehammer: Deals 200 damage per hit, kinda like Fists under a Berserk Powerup.
- Pistol: Fires slower, but deals more damage and doesn't need to reload.
- Single Shotgun: Pellet spread is now horizontal only. Also deals more damage, fires slower and doesn't need to reload.
- Double (Super) Shotgun: Fires 20 pellets and deals more damage.
- Assault Rifle: Deals more damage and is perfectly accurate. (kinda to match Doom 3's Machine Gun)
- Minigun: Doesn't need to spin up anymore and is rather innacurate at long ranges.
- Rocket Launcher: Launches more damaging missiles that travel faster, but can kill you easily too if you're uncareful.
- C4: Can be thrown much faster, and deals more splash and direct damage. (kinda like Grenades from Doom 3, if they were remote controlled)
- Laser Gun: Shoots plasma bolts that deal 5-40 damage at a fast rate.
- Devastator: A "minor" BFG. Shoots faster than a regular BFG, but deals less damage and has a smaller splash range, but still powerful enough. (Note: The scope has been removed so the player has more visibility, but you can still zoom in if you want.)
- Sniper: Has been repalced by the Soul Devourer, the second most damaging weapon in the game, each shot deals 1000 damage, but fires slower. (like the Soul Cube)
- Cannon: The iconic, mighty BFG. And...yeah, pretty much that. You shoot, almost everything dies. Can be charged so that the BFG shot travels faster. (note that it doesn't detonate on surfaces, only on enemies.)

- Rocketeer: Now carries around a pistol, like Zombiemen (not a rifle like they do, but they only shot once anyway)
- Gnaar: Stronger, bigger and more dangerous, like Pinkies. You can still melee it easily though.
- Kamikaze: Ever wondered what it would be like if an Imp conjured two explosive fireballs, carried them around in its hands and ran to explode on you? Probably not, but this is it.
- Kleer: Abilities of an Imp + Strength and Speed of a Kleer = Kleemp.
- Hatchling Spider: Bigger, faster and with a more powerful attack, but still weak health. Kinda like Trites from Doom 3, minus the huge screenshaking that occurs when you get hit by them. (Note: they have a melee attack only now)
- Juvenile Spider: Shoots high-velocity missiles at its enemies, which deal more direct damage than splash damage. Think of them as Revenants, if they were spiders, and had no homing projectile capabilities.
- Cloned Shotgunner: Sergeant Zombieman. Not sure if he's weaker or stronger now, since he has more health but deals less overall damage per shot, but nevertheless he's still annoying.
- Cloned Rifleman: Tall, beefy and with a minigun, the Heavy Weapons Dude reborn. Now with extra annoynace!
- Adult Arachnoid: The Spider Mastermind's weaker brother(/sister). Although its attacks are no longer hitscan.
- Werebull: They behave pretty much like Werebulls, only they are based on Doom 3 Pinkies. So, they launch you farther, are faster, deal more damage and have a cybernetic rear.
- Major Biomechanoid: A Baron of Hell that shoots multiple projectiles, mixed wtih an angry Biomechanoid.
- Technopolip: It's smaller and shoots reddish projectiles now. It's a Cacodemon and a Technopolip in one, a Cacocopter or Technodemon, if you will.
- Harpy: The equivelant of Lost Souls, smaller, but much, much faster,
- Juvenile Arachnoid: Remember Arachantrons? Those annoying bastards that would never stop shooting until you were out of sight? Well, they're back, only this time they never stop shooting. (unless you damage them a bit)
- Minor Biomechanoid: If the Major is athe Baron, who else is more fitting to be the Hell Knight than the Minor? Well, except the Khnum.
- Scrapjack: Now shoots fireballs at a random vertical direction for every shot, just like what it was inspired from. (Hint: Mancubus.)
- Cave Demon: It's an imp that learned to jump and hide on columns and likes to annoy people! Although it's two times the size of regular cave demon, and has no fireballs.
- Khnum: The legendary Cyberdemon has been reincarnated. Has around to 5000~ health and very dangerous rockets, but will still die to 4 BFG shots.
- Witch-Bride: No longer deals damage, but the effect that plays when she chokes you is now more...uhm...hellish/reddish/annoying. She also has more health.
- Reptiloid: Another Baron of Hell, but more of the boss version. (I ran out of Doom enemies at this point, so, had to recycle.)
- Ugh-Zan: Shoots only missiles now, and (is supposed to do so) at a rapid rate. Also has more health and regenerates much faster. One BFG shot should be enough to kill him after all 5 poles are on his back.[ - Scrapjack Boss/Monster/"Rahloom"/Whatever: Think of it as a mix between a Giant Scrapjack, a Cyberdemon and a Super Mancubus.
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sgt.penguin™ [SEXY] Nov 3, 2013 @ 11:06am 
i cant load up the survival maps
budlightpizza Aug 24, 2013 @ 1:01pm 
Lord_djmj3391 Jul 25, 2013 @ 11:20am 
awesome now i dont have to get Doom
Tenderizer  [author] Jun 16, 2013 @ 5:56am 
Whoops, didn't notice that, fixing it now.
Mr Torgue Jun 16, 2013 @ 5:51am 
i haven't gotten to play it yet, but... some of your description seems odd. you do know that vertical is up/down, and horizontal is left/right... right? if the shotgun has a vertical spread that means it'll fire in like a | shape instead of a _
Feur Ariund Jun 13, 2013 @ 3:23pm 
Something has to be done with the Kamikazes. It`s fine that they move around but they have too high of health and just slows the game down.
Tenderizer  [author] Jun 7, 2013 @ 2:01am 
If you open the console (~ key, left of 1 on most keyboards), it should give an error message in red on why it can't open the level. However, it should work normally with custom levels regardless if they use resource packs or not (at worst, it should probably play or look weird if they use custom enemies). What level did you try playing?

I was also thinking of remaking the original Doom 1 & 2 campaigns for an update of the mod, but I lacked the knowledge to do it properly back then (still do, kinda). Dunno about remaking community-made wads though, I think I'd have to ask the authors for permission first. :P
marco.nadal.75 Jun 6, 2013 @ 4:50pm 
When I try to combine this mod with custom levels, I get a "THIS LEVEL COULD NOT LOAD" message. Some would not work because they use the resource packs, and I can understand why that would not work with Seriously Doomed, but what about just plain community levels with no dependencies? Shouldn't they work? Would be nice if there were at least one classic Doom custom map, like AV.WAD, that one could use together with this mod. I tried learning SE3.1 and found the tutorials incomprohensible. Took like an hour and 40 steps to make one simple room.
CyborG May 9, 2013 @ 5:29am 
realy good mod, but weapons...
ИВАНЫЧ Mar 25, 2013 @ 6:58pm 
good old doo