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The Hawk's Nest
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Nov 15, 2012 @ 12:48pm
Feb 17, 2013 @ 3:49pm
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- A Mini DLC like Mod : Discover the secrets of the forest of VINEWOOD !

This mod is on the last top 5 mods of the week in MMOXreview, watch the video from 1.38


- This mod adds a random quest : "Kill the Bandit leader in Vinewood"
given by Jarls and Inn keepers, with a related entry in your journal.
This quest can be finished as many times you wants, one of the Boss will respawn.

- A new forest / 3 New Map marked places and 7 new Navmeshed and optimized
wilderness zones to explore + 1 interior cell. the forest contains ALL types of
collectable ingredients, preys, animals, andmore ...

- The mod include a Random Event Activator on the main road just under the tower
(see below for details )

- A little history you can discover in two journals :
Avenge an old druid - Defeat the Bandit War Chief Mugdul and his pack
of Brutes to obtain the key to the house.

- A New totally open Tower Playerhouse. All windows can be closed / opened
with awesome views on the land of Skyrim and a waterfall. there is everything
you need and the place is very detailed. includes an underground refuge with
two bedrooms.

- A New Khajit Merchant / Follower. He buys everything 24h a day and sells goodies,
he fights like a ranger, levels with you and mainly use his bow.
he won't aggro before you do, and you can give him any wep / armor,
but he prefers light stuff and archery.

- The Mixwater Mill zone has been also a bit modified with a smelter close to your house.

- This Mod is a part of Eastmarch Hold Location and fully integrated ingame,
it works with sidequests, bounties and dragons.

-------------------------------------------HOW TO DO------------------------------------------

- There s a way to climb up to Vinewood, hidden by nature, just near the roadsign
on the main road near the "Mixwater mill" and the bridge near.
( watch screenies for the exact location )

--------------------------------------RANDOM EVENTS-------------------------------------------

- The mod include a Random Event Activator on the main road just under the tower,
including Civil War events and ALL types of Encounter events :

Random Events List / happening once a day :

-Leveled Bandit attacking on sight. ( Random race. )
-A Khajit Skooma dealer. you can buy him Skooma / kill him or hand fight him.
-Lonely leveled robber. ( he will threaten you asking for gold )
-2 Alik'r soldiers investigating with a redguard woman.
-2 Stendarr Vigilants patroling.
-Stendarr Vigilant fighting a vampire or an atronach.
-A Thalmor patrol of 3 soldiers.
-Adventurers (revealing map marked places to investigate if you manage
to convince them to tell you what they are doing in the area )
-Walking soldiers stormcloaks / imperials.
-Walking soldiers stormcloaks / imperials with prisoners.
-Ecountering patrols stormcloaks / imperials.( exchanging few dialogs )
-Lonely soldier stormcloak / imperial. ( only by night. )


- Compatible with Dawnguard / Hearthfire / Dragonborn / but none is requested.

- IF YOU ARE USING DAWNGUARD : Some random "vampiric events" are added
to the random event list, as some vampire attacks directly towards your house.

- Yes it is Voiced and it Works in all languages.

- Check theAviary.esp file in your browser.

- Incompatibility with the "Argonian Mixwater Mill mod" : CTD.


THE HAWK'S NEST (et bientot tous mes mods le seront) est disponible entièrement
en Françaissur le site de la Confrérie des Traducteurs :

LIEN : confrerie-des-traducteurs[www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr]

Merci à la Confrérie, et tout particulièrement à ALIENS.

PLease leave a comment and I hope you will enjoy this mod !
Please rate it and fav it !


Thanks to all my suscribers.
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Dread Baron Nov 17 @ 11:20am 
For some reason, I found Mugdul's corpse near the exit of Whiterun. I took his key and read the journal but nothing happened.
athenap333 Oct 28 @ 8:38am 
Really looking forward trying out your Mod although may be a while just started a new character since there is a mod I wish to try but it is best to use it with a character who has not yet bought or acquired Breezehome. hankyou for making such interesting Mods it keeps me busy which is a good thing cos I rarely see outside my home.
lanvaren446 Oct 20 @ 10:30am 
Anyone else have lag issues when heading up to the hideout?
Namessar Oct 17 @ 7:58am 
theaviary.esp Active
Warning: This file contains 3 deleted NavMesh record(s) that TES5Edit cannot repair automatically and it may cause problems with your game. NavMesh deletions should be reported to the mod author.
Fuzzinutt Sep 20 @ 12:42am 
CTD here as well whenever I go close to the area. No other mods to conflict.
Bethany Aug 25 @ 7:50pm 
CTD no matter where I fast travel to.
MadFrenchie  [author] Aug 19 @ 9:43am 
mod conflict .... simply.
WeRaInC Aug 18 @ 2:16am 
CTD when going anywhere near vinewood.
aroundthefur79 Aug 15 @ 11:04pm 
I really wanna check this out running about 20 other mods mostly performance mods an such but I have heard alot of people CTD. Is there anyway to find out if this mod conflicts with any other steam mods ? besides the "argonian mixwater"
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