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Zilm: a game of reflex
Platforms: PC
Nov 14, 2012 @ 9:15pm
Jul 22, 2013 @ 2:50pm

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Release date: Mid December
Zilm: a game of reflex is a game inspired by minimalist architecture, dreams, and the inner ability in all of us to think clearly and logically. Every level made was to bring out creativity to the fullest while implementing unique game mechanics and features. The intent was not to just be about reflex and speed, but to have a special atmosphere influenced by minimalism and ambient music. This way the player feels more immersed in the game and their mind can briefly escape from the real world. Only ones with the greatest of reflexes and quickest minds will prevail.


  • 4 single player game modes: Classic, Survival, Infection, and Defense.
  • Two-player game mode: Survival
  • 36 different orbs/objects/distraction types
  • Gameplay that challenges your how quickly you think and react in unique ways
  • Levels increase in difficulty as the player progresses, with each level being unique
  • Interactive and ambient electronic soundtrack. Create your own soundtrack as you play
  • Distractions may randomly appear, such as bombs, frost, and fog
  • Influenced by Minimalism art and architecture
  • Create-a-level feature allows the creation of custom levels
  • Hardcore mode feature gives the player the most intense challenge imaginable
  • Classic mode - Destroy orbs while avoiding enemy orbs. Orbs may fade in and out, change colors/orientation, disappear, trick the player, and much more
  • Survival mode - Control an orb and try to survive against red and chaotic orbs, flames, and even saw orbs that follow you
  • Infection mode – Survival for as long as possible by tryin to prevent the spread of infection by collecting the cure.
  • Defense mode - Defend your base by destroying enemy orbs in different waves. Earn points to spend on barriers and base health.

Critic Reviews

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The game may look simple, but sometimes simple looking games turn out to be some of the best and most entertaining games out there. And honestly, don't let it fool you, it can be one of the most terribly addicting and frustrating games out for mobile gaming.

The design is very interesting. As stated above, the look is simple: a couple of blobs/colored balls -- or to be gamingly correct, “orbs”, against a backdrop that varies depending on the game mode that is selected. The object of the game is to destroy colored orbs (objectives change each level), avoiding traps and obstacles along the way. In the game’s tagline, it clearly states that it is a game of reflex, and this is no joke. Tricks like reversal, which change the effects of the orbs from good to bad and vice versa really make you think. Also, while you play a level, a quick moving orb (of a certain color) sweeps across the screen and is worth a lot of points, which could essentially save you during the game. Miss it, and your opportunity to achieve a high score or even pass to the next level may have just trickled away. Other modes available: Survival, Infected, Defense. They all have their own sets of rules which put a very interesting twist on the game.

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Jul 21, 2014 @ 7:48am
its funny ??
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JJ Mar 19 @ 3:10am 
烦死嬲 Mar 14 @ 12:55am 
nice game~!
gfw2012 Mar 13 @ 8:02pm 
@Skaldic Games Oh, it is a Desura key, and it is marked as a KISS Ltd game now, problem is on KISS side, you should contact Desura to pull it and publish by yourself.
Skaldic Games  [author] Mar 13 @ 7:30pm 
@gfw2012 Yea, I have NEVER been in contact with them, and never gave them permission to sell this game. KISS Ltd has also been stealing our rights to this game as well. Not sure if those two companies are connected or not.
gfw2012 Mar 13 @ 7:26pm 
@Skaldic Games really? They are exosyphen studios.
Skaldic Games  [author] Mar 13 @ 6:15pm 
@devotee WTF ? I never heard of this company but they should NOT be selling it. They are stealing my game and selling it without my permission. I have it for free at
devotee Mar 13 @ 5:23pm 
Bought the game on DailyIndieGame and voted YES! Good luck!!
TheGameSimon Oct 23, 2014 @ 4:15am 
Van de Selvas Sep 14, 2014 @ 2:27am 
Будет достаточно интересно попробовать себя в роли клетки. Да и тема игры достаточна интересна для меня.