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The sit anywhere script!
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Nov 13, 2012 @ 3:41pm
Jul 11 @ 4:11pm
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This script allows you to sit on nearly every flat edge! Just press alt (or the key you have walk bound to) + e (or the key you have use bound to) on the place you want to sit. Great for RP servers for that touch of sorta realism!

If you are unsure what your walk is bound to go into the options and under 'Miscellaneous Movement' in the keyboard tab and you should see an option to assign a key to 'Walk (Move Slowly)'.

(Due to how this script works its best to choose a location far from the edge or have some sort of backrest to achieve the best angle)

I added some ConVars
sitting_ent_mode (3) - Changes the rules relating to entities
0 - Cannot sit on any entity
1 - Cannot sit on any player owned Entities(Will act like 3 without prop protection)
2 - Can only sit on your own entities or world entities or entities that are not owned(Will act like 3 without prop protection)
3 - Any entity
sitting_can_sit_on_players (1) - Allow sitting on other players that are sitting down
sitting_can_sit_on_player_ent (1) -- Allows sitting on the players itself
sitting_can_damage_players_sitting (0) -- Makes players be able to get hurt in seats!
sitting_allow_weapons_in_seat (0) - Allows weapons in sit anywhere vehicles
sitting_admin_only (0) - Makes sitting admin only

If you CANNOT sit, the problem is most likely YOURS. Please type 'bind alt +walk' in console and try to sit on a ledge again, if you cannot then it is my problem otherwise IT IS YOURS.
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Feb 8 @ 3:45pm
Crashing with parenting loop
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Cheef Baconator 6 hours ago 
Is there any vehicle class that this script works as? It's not under prop_vehicle_prisoner_pod like chairs are
Dio The Argonia[N] Jul 16 @ 5:15am 
it's not quite working, when i "sit" on the edge, i still appear standing, could you give me any advice?
Evil Gabe Jul 13 @ 4:32pm 
i warn dont install gmod addons from workshop latest update to gmod broke the unmount/uninstallation system of addons so do unsubscribe from any addons you want to unsinstall and then goto steam\steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons and remove them this is how you do until the system is fixed
LumberJack Jul 13 @ 12:40am 
Good as
Gone to BronyCon Jul 11 @ 4:39pm 
Does anyone know if the Garry's Mod Summer Hotfix update today (July 11) fix the crashing?
Nero Kamerun Jul 10 @ 11:00am 
i love this addon because everywhere where you sit you can shoot from either BUT there is a problem when you shoot with custom weapons like M9K because then your keep spinning when shooting could you fix it or make it compatible for M9K?
O.T. Jul 9 @ 5:26am 
There is another issue with Gmod seats aswell: https://github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod-issues/issues/1258
●A$AP Morphine● Jul 9 @ 12:57am 
Yeah, the update didn't fix it for me, either. When whatever you are sitting on gets removed, so do you. I've already downloaded/installed the update with multiple map restarts.
-Jaccob™ Jul 8 @ 7:41pm 
The update did not fix this. ITs a problem with garrys mod, its acting like your a entity when you sit on something and when the parent prop is removed it removes you too which ends up making you error.
O.T. Jul 8 @ 5:47pm 
Look at this:
Update: Jul 8 @ 8:22pm - Fixed crash when parent prop is removed

20 mins after my post it's fixed. Wow.