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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 13, 2012 @ 4:58am
Feb 5 @ 1:19pm
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Thank you!

Quintillion ways of carnage
(Short distance teleport)
Tier 1
  • Flash Step
    Blink costs less focus.
  • Faster Than Darkness
    Slightly damage enemies that you teleport through or into.
    Changes the colour of the Blink effect to black.
Tier 2
  • Vacuum
    Will suck your enemies in the direction of the take-off point.
    Adds a "Shluck!" Sound effect
  • Organ donors
    Teleporting through or into enemies will slightly heal Stickman.
    Changes the colour of the Blink effect to green.
Tier 3
  • Energy distribution
    Will push away enemies from the spot you are teleporting to.
    Adds a "Puck!" Sound effect and a telekinetic wave effect.
  • Sonic boom
    Teleporting will cause a sonic explosion at the take-off point, which will stun and slightly damage enemies.

This changes the formula to 8^7*13*12*11*10/(4*3*2) (because you can have 7 abilities equipped at once).

Moving on. Weapons. We got 10 upgradable weapons. All equipped at once. Same upgrade system. Adding 8^10 to the formula makes it 8^17*13*12*11*10/(4*3*2).

That's 1.610.036.866.784.952.320 possible combinations. You can choose a new weapon/ability combination every 10 seconds for 10 years, and you'll still probably always choose one nobody ever used, or will use!

Release date: First quarter 2014
Pengame is an all hand drawn side scrolling shoot ’em up, with platforming elements. The combat is fast paced, and skill based, involving different types of ranged weapons, combo based melee attacks, an RPG-like skill tree (with various abilities such as bullet time, time reverse and so on...).
Play as #5, alias Stickman to fight through hordes of grotesque, nightmarish enemies, explore beautifully designed, all hand drawn levels in an exercise book of a 16 years old school kid.

There was this 16 years old kid, who hated school. Imagine that. He just kept doodling in his exercise book during class, creating a wonderful world. The doodles were happy and free. But everything changed, when the kid drew the Teacher, the most notoriously evil character any of the doodles have ever seen.

The Teacher corrupted the inhabitants of the book quickly, turning them into mindless minions of hers. Only a couple of them managed to hide, but none had the courage to fight back.

The Kid seeing the corruption drew four warriors to defeat the Teacher and restore order in the book, but they all failed, and got corrupted themselves. There is no other option, the Kid drew #5, a stick figure - this is his turn to try and save the world...

Number Five (#5) or Stickman is our main protagonist. Since he is only made out of simplistic lines and dots he is extremely agile. His abilities are tied with his minimalistic form, meaning he is able to adapt and endure. His predecessors (#1 - #4) were all big, strong drawings with various abilities (Time traveling, super-bullettime, extreme intelligence etc.), but with various weaknesses as well. #5 was created with no powers, but with no weaknesses!

The Kid takes up the role of the Narrator commentating on your actions. Unfortunately #5 isn't really the strong, silent type either, so you may expect him to have an opinion about the Kids choice of words.

• Multiple open, semi-linear levels (including the Borderzone, the Secret Realm, England, Hell and so on)
• All hand drawn graphics, animated frame by frame
• Skill based shoot them up platformer
• Powerful and interesting bosses
• Unique story with unique characters
• Arcade mode - stay alive killing hordes of enemies
• Choose your own skill set (bullet time, time reverse, supernova, blink, chrono rage and more)

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[Esponjitas] Shidomurdok Feb 6 @ 6:31pm 
Cool, I remember this game from some time ago. Good to see it got greenlight! Congratulations and good luck with the Steam release!
SenorGrande Feb 6 @ 2:09am 
Nagyon jól néz ki, ötletes, remélem a megvalósítás is hasonló jól sikerül. Sok sikert srácok!
Fisher can't stealth Feb 5 @ 10:11pm 
Such a cool art style!
TormenT Feb 5 @ 4:51pm 
Greenlit! Salutes! o7
The Magnificent Molar Bear Feb 5 @ 4:49pm 
Yay for the Greenlight, it was about time!
Ogih Feb 5 @ 1:40pm 
Finally. Congrats!!
"KASPER" Feb 3 @ 11:33pm 
good game
Stavrosiye Feb 2 @ 1:13pm 
Looks very interesting voted yes :) good luck with game :)
Showtime Feb 1 @ 10:19am 
Lookx awesome and with a very creative idea... i want to play it!!!