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WARHAMMER 40K models
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Nov 13, 2012 @ 4:46am
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It contains some of WARHAMMER 40 000 Dawn of War models.These are all ragdolls.Even tanks.I uploaded it just because I didnt see it nowhere. So enjoy!I didnt make it , Uploaded by damn .

P.S. pictures dont say nothing it's just posing.
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Nocktowl Jul 23 @ 3:51pm 
someone needs to get on making some IG playermodels
datbronydood Jul 22 @ 5:41am 
i agree with hunter killer. plz make them SNpc's!
mekaiju Jul 20 @ 2:25pm 
Any one else accidently get killed by the necron warrior while trying to catch up to its warp speed karate attacks? ive been killed by it before, with goremod on o.o
Hunter Killer Jul 3 @ 8:57am 
this would so cool if they were SNPCs
palookamusician34 Jun 27 @ 11:40pm 
Keep firing till the guns GLOW!
Charles B. Punchington Jun 19 @ 3:47pm 
I remember there was an addon for gmod shortcut of these... did you just take those to make this addon?
Criquet Jun 10 @ 7:38am 
Could you fix the ragdolls ? I try to use the necron warrior, but impossible. He doesn't want to meet me and flies away ! Can you fix every of those models please ? It would be perfect ! And can you add some more models (like Necrons, I would like to make beautiful screenshots with them !) Thx !
[TGT] The Green Champion Apr 27 @ 3:20am 
some of theese utterly suck when i try to use them they begin to orbit they spaz out so much in whole sure make this but you should REALLY work on the tau and space marine ragdolls they where the spazziest
asgolds88 Mar 2 @ 11:42am 
For every one of us who falls TEN MORE SHAL TAKE HIS PLACE!
AwesomeSuperSonic Jan 9 @ 2:18pm 
What about SFM