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Flame Atronach Armor
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Nov 12, 2012 @ 9:11pm
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This mod allows to craft a set of the armor flame atronachs wear.
This set is consist of a cuirass, a pair of long gloves, toes wear and a mask.
Crafting can be made with two materials. Iron atronach armors are less efficient but needs no perk to craft.
Daedric atronach armors need daedric smithing but give some powers:
Cuirass gives fire resistance 25% and burning cuirass gives also a harmless flaming effect ( but NPC tell the player it’s dangerous)
Toes give waterwalking and burning toes burn the ground.
Mask gives 50 points of magicka and regenerate magicka faster.
Gloves fortify destruction and unarmed combat.

Despite this set gives powers, enchanting is still possible.
Daedric crafting requires ebony ingots, fire salts and daedra heart. Iron crafting require iron and fire salts.

console command IDs (XX is the rang of the mod in your list. type Help "flame atronach cuirass" 4 to know it:
- Iron:
Cuirass - XX0048BE
Gloves - XX0048C1
Toes - XX0048C4
Mask - XX0048BB
- Daedric:
Cuirass - XX0063BE
Burning Cuirass - XX0048AF
Gloves - XX0048B1
Toes - XX0063C0
Burning Toes - XX0063C0
Mask - XX0048B0

The armor is based on vanilla flame atronach, so feel free to use any of this models, as long you give proper credits.

Female body used is DIMONIZED UNP skinny female body by Dimon99 (http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/6709 )

Male body is Robert male import from NV by Sundragon

Tools used: Blender, Nifscope and the CK.
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Sdicks25 Jul 15 @ 6:00am 
wait so its only for femails?

Sexest much
rebel-o-conner  [author] Jun 18 @ 10:10am 
@Law abiding engineer: there's a lot of armor to craft in Skyrim, even without mod.

for other people: i stopped modding, so no more support for my mods, sorry.
Law Abiding Engineer Jun 10 @ 7:52pm 
Im confused on this. I just crafted this kind of armor, without unlocking any of the smithing perks, and I have not used this mod. Was there an actualy armor chestplate that was possible to make in the game itself? Im really confused since I do not have any mods that add armor. Sorry for the weird question lol
DrunkWizardGames May 25 @ 10:05am 
make spriggan armor
Nocheluz May 24 @ 1:24am 
This one is gorgeous too! When I pull Skyrim back out I'm definitely going to try this one and the other for my girl Khorezun :o)
[BBP] Mr Headshot 999 Apr 27 @ 11:50am 
[NUBS] tenderermold364 Apr 8 @ 7:15am 
Same thing with loganwestberry, please fix nudity whilst looking underwater
Raging ozo Mar 15 @ 8:20am 
this mod is amazing have you thought about making a spriggan armor
Blue Phoenix Mar 14 @ 8:38pm 
cool mod
bubbahws Mar 10 @ 5:51pm 
dude you should make frost atronach armor and weapons for guys or ash spawn armor to compliment the ash spawn weapon mod :D