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Flame Atronach Armor
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Nov 12, 2012 @ 9:11pm
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Flame Atronach Armor

This mod allows to craft a set of the armor flame atronachs wear.
This set is consist of a cuirass, a pair of long gloves, toes wear and a mask.
Crafting can be made with two materials. Iron atronach armors are less efficient but needs no perk to craft.
Daedric atronach armors need daedric smithing but give some powers:
Cuirass gives fire resistance 25% and burning cuirass gives also a harmless flaming effect ( but NPC tell the player it’s dangerous)
Toes give waterwalking and burning toes burn the ground.
Mask gives 50 points of magicka and regenerate magicka faster.
Gloves fortify destruction and unarmed combat.

Despite this set gives powers, enchanting is still possible.
Daedric crafting requires ebony ingots, fire salts and daedra heart. Iron crafting require iron and fire salts.

console command IDs (XX is the rang of the mod in your list. type Help "flame atronach cuirass" 4 to know it:
- Iron:
Cuirass - XX0048BE
Gloves - XX0048C1
Toes - XX0048C4
Mask - XX0048BB
- Daedric:
Cuirass - XX0063BE
Burning Cuirass - XX0048AF
Gloves - XX0048B1
Toes - XX0063C0
Burning Toes - XX0063C0
Mask - XX0048B0

The armor is based on vanilla flame atronach, so feel free to use any of this models, as long you give proper credits.

Female body used is DIMONIZED UNP skinny female body by Dimon99 ( )

Male body is Robert male import from NV by Sundragon

Tools used: Blender, Nifscope and the CK.
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Maddog -HH- Sep 20 @ 10:08am 
got dremora armor?
King ARTHUR Sep 3 @ 4:24pm 
Spirgin armour man
brandon Aug 22 @ 1:39am 
male version?
Raven Aug 5 @ 10:02am 
@TANKbutt one fire? dont you mean on fire?
TANKbutt Jun 8 @ 8:37am 
tbelfield7 May 21 @ 1:04pm 
um for somevreason i'm doing the console commands and its not working
how can I get rid of the waterwalking effect after unsubbing to this mod?
grumpy the werepanther Jan 1 @ 3:30pm 
YES,I 'wood' love sprigin armor on the workshop
lukas_janssen Nov 8, 2014 @ 10:40am 
nice ;D
lordzues40 Nov 6, 2014 @ 1:48am 
i dont suppose you can do the same thing with the sprigin? i have seen a couple out there but they are nothing like this. if you could do one with the sprigin like this that would be awesome.