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Return of the Falmer
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Nov 12, 2012 @ 8:12am
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"Requires Dawnguard"
Snow Elf Race, with 3 mountable summons (See Pictures)
Custom body textures with Tatoo art.
Call of the Falmer Power will grant you night vision, with invulnerablity & the ability to resurrect any NPC.
Falmer Blooded Ability (See Ingame, no spoilers)
While your character is a Vampire, you will have custom Vampire Wings & Eyes!

This Race will replace the Breton Race, for full dawnguard compatability!
Console commands:
player.setrace bretonrace (So your skills will not screw up!)
showracemenu (Select your Sex & Preset, you may need to save & restart to fix appearence)

Enjoy & Please Rate!
This mod is part of my Elven Races Mod, which is unfinished. this mod will conflict with it.

Appearence may not return after morphing, with Werewolf & Vampire Lord.

player.setrace bretonrace (For non Vampire)
player.setrace bretonracevampire (For Vampire)

Q: Why does it replace the Breton Race?
A: For full game compatability, & to see custom NPCs throughout the game.

Q: Why Does it require Dawnguard?
A: This mod uses Dawnguard reliant content.

Q: Will my Health, Magika & Stamina regenerate faster?
A: No, this has been left untouched, to keep the challenge of the game.

Q: Can I hate & troll on this Mod?
A: You can, but you will be blocked!

You can not Modify or Upload my files.
I put too much work into my mods, for someone to steal my Work.

This is what I do for a living, and I recieve nothing in return.
Please show your appreciation for my hard work and Donate towards future mods.
You can send money through Paypal.
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Send it to: montyx@live.com
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sphinx1173 13 hours ago 
Can you make the wings optional? when trying to target something I have to zoom in all the way so the wings aren't blocking my view. And zooming in and out so much is making me naucious. lol Other than that I really love the mod.
Jackerzod Aug 30 @ 7:18am 
is there any way you can release a version that doesn't replace the bretons?
DBswag Aug 30 @ 6:45am 
I am sorry but I cannot subscribe as thje Bretons are my favourite race.
YoYoduh Aug 25 @ 8:12am 
In case any one is interested in seeing a winged snow elf vampire in Vigilant of Stendar clothes she took off of a vigilant she killed and 2 of her friends I have the pic's on my profile pg.
Frog in the Fog Aug 23 @ 10:10am 
Have you got this mod in Russian?
kyle Aug 18 @ 8:52pm 
Ok so Im having some really anoying problems that you might be interested in. No rush but, you might want to fix them.

1. Snow elfs dont take fall damage
2. No one can see me at all when I sneek. Im personaly not a big fan of sneaking so I dont upgrade it so I know that it has something to do with the mod
3. If I have bounty with a city, I found this out by braking out of the windhelm prison, I can talk to a gaurd. he says "wait I know you" but rather than getting in a conversation, he just says it as a side comment. the same as if he were to say "let me guess, some one stole you sweet roll" and then I dont have to worry about getting arrested again.

I have a feeling some of these were intentional but I feel that it takes the fun and challange from the game, it would be really nice if those were fixed. Oh yeah And I love what you did with the undergarmets ;). dont get me wrong though I love the mod you did a great job
wii7272 Aug 5 @ 12:14pm 
Hello everyone Im not sure if it is me or did this race just become unavailable in the race menu around 2:00 this morning and broke your saves with just this race let me know please I have to start over a another race now after getting to level 64 in three days now funny wooow
wii7272 Aug 5 @ 9:49am 
The Snow Elf female are so very very gorgeous and cute and so love nat tats make them more unknown woo woo
dandwinter Jul 24 @ 8:06pm 
i have one question, why are they naked? i dont mind im just curious
Vali2000LP Jul 21 @ 11:37am 
when i start the game it crush