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Bowser Ragdolls Pack
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Nov 12, 2012 @ 6:08am
Oct 15, 2013 @ 7:50am
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Bowser from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
just a Ragdoll

Note: my first ragdoll that i have done completely with Face-Poser,Fingers, and Eyes

  • Bowser (have 5 sizes, regular, galaxy, giant, godzilla, and tiny)
  • Bowser's Shells (have regular, big, giant, godzilla, and tiny)


  • Face-Posing
  • Finger-Posing
  • Eye-Posing
  • Eyes Skins Changeable

  • Mario and Sonic at The Olympic Winter Games
  • My Mind

Special Thanks to Apoc Hedgie and RTB for teaches me reasons.

Next Update:
Not Now, There will be a Newer of Bowser model, which better than this.

Looking for Other Mario Models?
Source Filmmaker:
The Models is Port by Me (Ratchet Mario a.k.a Thelombax51)
Models is by Nintendo, and They're used without Permission

This Workshop File doesn't usage for profit or somethings
No copyright infringement intended.
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5magmacubes Dec 20 @ 9:25am 
Ratchet Mario  [author] Dec 20 @ 9:03am 
Well, Wii U model is (kinda) possible, but we just don't know how to decrypt a rom anyway. Someone was able to it, he usually keeps a tool in private. So, don't be too excited to get them yet. Unless if somebody was sharing a game files from decrypted rom (from him?). I'm not really say for sure to porting models from Wii U games, but at latest someone did it (on Workshop for now)
As for 3DS, Smash Bros. 3DS models is up to Workshop, there's only who know to extrect them from a file, he still can not get all characters though, he just said that it's need a-bit "tricks" on file.
5magmacubes Dec 20 @ 8:37am 
well if it's possible to port the smash bros wii u model(has a trophy of him in his shell (albiet alternate colors, but you could just replace it with the default)) that could be used
Ratchet Mario  [author] Dec 20 @ 8:15am 
I can't say for sure, editing body parts of model should be taking a-lot of times. Beside, we don't seen him in his shell on almost various games (at the latest we seen in New Super Mario Bros. U right?) But I can separate his shell off like you seen in this pack.
5magmacubes Dec 20 @ 7:57am 
just a suggestion, but when the better model comes, could if possible you do one of bowser actually in his shell?
luigiking123 Nov 15 @ 7:11am 
can you please add a bowser and bowser jr playermodels
Sweet Genius Oct 18 @ 7:19am 
Damn I've watched some tutorials, and it looks like I need Gmod for it to actually work.
Ratchet Mario  [author] Oct 18 @ 6:48am 
@Sweet Genius
yup, its from Mario Galaxy. which is HD textures than old one, i'm edited a polygons to HD for some parts. also, come up with original bones and rigs.
Sweet Genius Oct 18 @ 6:39am 
Oh thanks alot! This will definitely help with my upcoming animations....but good luck with the new Bowser, it looks very detailed.
Ratchet Mario  [author] Oct 17 @ 7:37pm 
@Sweet Genius
there is a tool to extracted addon workshop file called "Gmad" like that.

btw, thanks for remind me...i usually busy with others than to giving SFM version out :P