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Pocket Empire Builder v1.49
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Pocket Empire Builder v1.49

This version of the Pocket Empire Builder v1.49 is no longer in development.
The new version called "Empire Builder v2.X" is now public and can be found here:

Click on the CHANGE NOTES tab at the top of this page to see what's new.

The mod description space is limited in the Steam Workshop, so for a more up-to-date ReadMe, you can go to the Pocket Empire Builder on Skyrim Nexus. There is also a Readme inside of the .bsa file that you can extract using a bsa extracter or browser. It's located in a folder called PocketEmpireReadMe in the 'Data' file folder.

MOD REQUIREMENTS: SKSE is now Required. All Pocket Empire Builder updates after v1.17 REQUIRE SKSE in order to function properly. The Pocket Empire Builder will work with Dawnguard & with Hearthfire, although they are not required. SKSE can be downloaded from:

The Pocket Empire Builder is a personal in-game construction kit that you can use to build your own camp, village, town, city or Empire. It is a rebuild of the Pocket Campsite mod and has been restructured to run faster and to be easier to manage so that new content can be published quickly.

• PLAYER HOUSES: A collection of player houses that you can place and use anywhere. These include standard game houses like Breezehome, Proudspire, and the Greymane house. It also includes pre-built farmhouses and some unconventional houses, like shipwrecks and towers.


• CRAFTING: All crafting furniture

• MAP MARKERS: Many deployable Banner Map Markers for your encampments or just to mark a location for later.

• CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS to build your own fortresses.

• LANDSCAPING ITEMS for decorating your homes, adding trees and undergrowth around your houses exterior, starting a herb garden, or terraforming an entire mountain.

• TRAPS are not yet fully functional. I put them in to be used as decoration until I get them to function properly as a trap. These include: Dwemer Ballista, Dwemer Spear Trap, and a Bear Trap.
Update: Bear Trap is now fully functional

How Do You Get It?
When you subscribe, you will be given choices on how to recieve the Pocket Empire Builder: Get It Now, Purchase From A Vendor, and Craft It At the Forge.

• Get It Now will add it to your inventory and will appear near the top of the Apparrel section.

• Purchase From A Vendor will make it available from Lucan Valerius in the Riverwood Trader.

• Craft It At the Forge - You can craft it youself at the Blacksmith's Forge, if you can obtain the necessary items.

How To Use It
Simply equip the Pocket Empire Builder token from your inventory Apparrel section. A menu will give you the items to choose from. After you click on an item, and it appears before you, you will be be presented with an Adjustment Menu to adjust the positioning of the item.

You also have the option of repositioning an item by using the 'Packup/Adjust Spell' found in the 'settings' menu. Simply equip the spell and cast it on whatever you want to move or packup and a dialogue will appear giving you the choices.

Deploying the Pre-Built Homes
Most of the player houses use load doors to enter. After placing the house, you will need to go into each door from the outside and exit through the same door one time each. You only have to do it once for each door, after that you can go in one side and out the other and will end up in the right place. If you don't do it this way, then you will end up in a vast empty twighlight space that's used to store the interiors of these buildings.

Each player house that uses load doors can only have one deployment in the world at a time. You can pack it away and deploy it later in a different location, but if you try to deploy 2 of the same building at the same time, it will simply move the building from where it was to your current location. NOTE: This only applies to player houses that use load doors to enter. For houses that have doors that open and let you walk inside, you can have as many as you'd like.

Weapon Racks and Plaques
Found in the 'Furnishings' menu. You can deploy from multiple racks after the 1st one is setup. To place them, navigate to the Furnishings menu and click on 'Weapon Racks'. Select the type you want and one will be summoned in front of you. Move it to the spot you want using the controls. To place more, cast the 'Adjust Spell' on it. When the Adjust menu comes up, select 'Add Racks'. Choose the rack type to add, then the number of racks to add (1 to 5). The direction can be changed by selecting the 'Reverse Build Direction'.

There are several mannequins to choose from and may be deployed either on a pedestal or on the floor. The mannequins will change poses ever time you activate them.

Settings Menu
• Set and Rem Banners - These will let you deploy or pickup the banner map markers. The banner map markers" are deployable banners that will appear on the map. Use them to mark your camps or towns or just to mark a place for later. You can use fast travel on the map to get to the banners. There are 5 each of Imperial, Stormcloak, Dragonborn Red, Dragonborn Blue, and Bandit* Camp markers. There are also 25 Generic Player Camp markers**. When you place a marker, a banner is erected proclaiming your allegeance.

•Packup/Adjust Spell - When you want to adjust an item's position or just pack up camp, you now go to the Pocket Empire Builder's [settings] menu and select 'packup/adjust spell'. It will automatically equip in your left hand. When you cast it at a deployed item, a menu will open giving you the choices 'Packup Item' and 'Adjust Item Position'. The Adjust Item Position works just like the one that you use when you first deploy an item.

• Scale Items - Lets you choose the physical size of an item before it's deployed. Most items are scalable, but some are not (see the giant bear trap in the pics). Can be set from 0.1x up to 5x.

• Toggle Adjustment After Placement - Determines whether or not to launch the 'Adjustment' menu when an item is placed.

Toggle Harvest/Adjust for PEB Flora - When ON, it lets you go into 'Packup/Adjustment' mode when you click on one of the placed plants after it's been harvested. It only works on the harvestable plants in the Pocket Empire Builder mod, not on the vanilla game plants.

• Remember Last Menu Page - When this option is enabled, everytime you open the PEB menu, it will open on the previously opened menu page. The page tracking can be reset at any time by holding the left "shift" key while selecting the Pocket Empire Builder. For easiest use of the reset feature, the PEB token should to be hotkeyed. It will also work if you select it from the inventory and quickly press and hold the left shift key as you exit the inventory. When it's reset you'll get a notification of success and the menu will open at the usual main menu home page. You can also return to the main menu home page by holding the left-shift key on your keyboard and click 'exit' on any page. Keep holding the left-shift until the menu opens on the home page.

If you like this mod and find it useful, please consider a donation of any amount. Donations are accepted using PayPal from my donation page on Skyrim Nexus:

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