The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
A Skyrim Mod by M7 (2017).
This Mod is Dedicated to: Avalon the Fox,
(whom is waging war on Cancer) on behalf of
Darren "the Dog" (his friend).
Landowner is a new Castle Mod. The Castle is called IronGate Keep. The Entrance is across from Robber's Gorge. The Castle leads to a small island with a sandy beach (real sand texture from Hawaii), an oasis, and other locales. The Castle is a retextured Dawnguard Castle, both interior/exterior. It contains a Dining room, Kitchen, Mage area upstairs with alchemy/enchanter/staff, private forge/workbench/anvil/grinding stone/tanning rack, etc.; Bedroom with 4 child beds and 2 adult beds, mannequins/weapon racks/book shelves in the Castle, waterfalls, Pool with island, and of course Avalon with his pet Darren. Outside is a Well, Fletcher to make arrows/bolts/bows/crossbows,
targets, stables, tiled flooring, and a non-functioning iron gate (use Map Markers). The gate is non-functioning on purpose. You can acquire a spell book that fulfills other needs, in the Castle (use it for summoning a horse, butler, follower, Mark/Recall locations, Gold, and other items). The Spell uses Alteration Magic skill (+20 magn). A Smelter is outside the Castle.
Skyrim, Updates, Dawnguard & Dragonborn DLC are required.
This mod works with original Skyrim
(Legendary Skyrim may have issues with any mod made with original Skyrim).

Report any Bugs to the Comments section.
M7 2017. Version 1.0 - July 17, 2017.

* Made on Request

7-18-2017: Update:
- Improved exterior of Skyrim part of Castle so it is larger.

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Jul 17 @ 3:11pm
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Skyrim Mod Developer M7
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Skyrim Mod Developer M7
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Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Aug 7 @ 9:16pm 
hmm.... new data -- did Avalon have Cancer?
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Jul 27 @ 6:34pm 
np :) M7 enjoy.
༅★Pierre★༅ Jul 27 @ 4:16pm 
Thank you :)
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Jul 27 @ 3:48pm 
ah my PC memory issue is fixable -- I just had to use Task Manager and End Task on programs that gobbled up memory (Anti-virus was one).
Skyrim Mod Developer M7  [author] Jul 24 @ 8:54pm 
maybe .. my internet connection is slow due to weather.
༅★Pierre★༅ Jul 24 @ 6:07am 
Will it be uploaded to nexusmods ? :)
elizabethjacksonhall Jul 22 @ 7:59pm 
This is a thoughtful tribute, M7. P***** has praised you eloquently.
wiccad_one Jul 22 @ 3:36pm 
So I haven't played in while and then my precious Monster was in the shop for a couple weeks, finally back home and checking to see if all my games are running smooth again. I found this weird 'special' Skyrim, meh, I start downloading for the next 5 hours, cuz my Monster has lost a ton of uber and not happy with the repairs but... oooh shiny! I'ma check this out. (on normal Skyrim cuz I'm not patient at all)
FireflyKnight85 Jul 19 @ 7:31am 
i just found the rest of your awesome mods, so its up to you. Personally i would like 2 towers with a gate in between for ground entrance. The picture from the courtyard with the keep and towers is what i think would be a cool look from the outside, if possible. Happy modding