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Cybertron (Secunda Replacer)
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Nov 11, 2012 @ 12:29am
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Cybertron has some how been transported to Nirn's solar system , maby they are looking for more recources to build more Transformers or add onto Cybertron.

I'm taking suggestions for more moon replacer ideas


This is a moon replacer mod that replaces Secunda (the small moon) with the Cybertron world from Transformers. I do not own this picture or any trademark of hasbro or transformers

Thanks too....
Cybertron picture by *JJasso on Deviantart here is the link

Also thanks to Hasbro for creating Transfomers
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FlabberGastter Jul 29 @ 5:46am 
can you do a reall mod for transformers
Indiaamy Jul 8 @ 9:47pm 
is it compatible with ( cybertron mass moon replacer) * which replaces large moon *
scornbreather Jul 2 @ 10:05pm 
does this only change the moon?
SSGCOFFEY Jul 2 @ 12:18am 
you should make another moon replacer that is just a giant generic looking smiley face. why because admit you would use out of pure spite. and it would fricken awesome too.
MEGATRON Jun 27 @ 12:18pm 
armors, somebody should make a mod for transformers armors.not huge just normal player size armors.the inner megatron is calling.

joshlhudd93 Jun 6 @ 1:34am 
you should make a moon mod that has the sharingan from naruto in it that would be epic moon
drone34 Mar 9 @ 3:21pm 
you should add some lighting to the back of it like a glare
ஜ [The Last Survivor] ஜ Feb 21 @ 2:45pm 
For this in my eyes is a very nice mod I like mods like this very much
Good work my friend and keep it up :)
xxaodxx2003 Aug 8, 2013 @ 10:05pm 
Awesome mod, but I have to agree with kyleciulla that you should consider making a mod that allows players to be transported to Cybertron. Or maybe even integrating some sort of quest chain involving the "sudden appearance" of the planet... I know, for the more hardcore gamers this will take away from the orinigal game, but it's nice to occasionnaly get away from the norm and explore some other possibilities, lol. (I personally get bored after beating the usual dribble the first dozen times... X )...). Besides the obvious, very impressive!
Dr.Zippy :D Jul 13, 2013 @ 3:44am 
@kyleciulla That would be a dream come true! :D