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Lil' Gideon's Collective Collection
This collective collection collectively collects all of my (Lil' Gideon's) Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative Test Chambers. Portal, bounce, speed, and fly through (CHAMBER AMOUNT HERE) exciting test chambers!
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Mission: Highly Unlikely
Created by Lil' Gideon
In my opinion, this is a pretty easy chamber. It was my first time with the editor, so it's not great....
What About Love?
Created by Lil' Gideon
My second test chamber, in which you reunite with an old friend......
Easy As 3.14159265
Created by Lil' Gideon
My third test chamber. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Which means that Aperture just wasted two thousand dollars hiring a rocket scientist to figure this one out....
The Renewal
Created by Lil' Gideon
After a long hiatus, I'm back to making mediocre test chambers!...
Economizing (or: Portals Only!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave Johnson here. Chariots chariots. The lab boys tell me that we're so low on funds at the moment that we literally cannot afford any testing materials other than the portal device itself, some panels, glass, and a few lights. Also, don't break anything...
The Pixar Puzzle
Created by Lil' Gideon
The Pixar lamp, Luxo Jr., needs a new bulb. Help him out!...
The Mega Turret (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
You probably wouldn't want to knock this thing over...

UPDATE: Added a mini puzzle to it so there's something to do....
Ten Thousand Liters of Raw Sewage
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. We had a little accident in the plumbing department, and, frankly, we now have ten thousand liters of human waste product overflowing in our test chambers. The point is, don't drown. We'll get sued. For legal reasons, we all have to pretend tha...
Teeny Test
Created by Lil' Gideon
Behold, a test chamber as small as the combined intelligence of every Black Mesa employee....
Chuck's House of Pancakes
Created by Lil' Gideon
"Some worlds just watch to want the burn men."
-Chuck Johnson, Cave's Insane Cousin...
The Funnel of Love (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
Travel with your companion to the end of the excursion funnel! UPDATE: Altered so that the test is still possible to complete, even if you leave the Companion Cube behind at a certain point. (Leaving it behind is still kind of heartless, though.)...
Don't Judge a Chamber By Its Cover (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
This test seems easy enough: You take the cube, put it on the button, and go through the exit door. Simple, right? Nope.

UPDATE: Revised to solve a lot of problems you guys were having....
Rightside Down
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. Chariots chariots. The lab boys tell me that some parts of this test were accidentally constructed upside-down. I told them, "Why should that stop us? I'm gonna march down there and make that test subject finish this allegedy impossible test!" ...
Turret O' Rama!
Created by Lil' Gideon
There are turrets. That's basically the gist of it....
Delicious Chamber (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
When we asked the control group to sum up this test chamber in one word, they said "delicious". We really need to get a new control group....
Testing Your Limits
Created by Lil' Gideon
This chamber is more difficult than my previous chambers. It's not ridiculously hard, but it's certainly a challenge....
The Gelatorium
Created by Lil' Gideon
-Do not get covered in any of these three gels.
-Always use caution when performing activities with the gels.
-Under no circumstances should you consume any of the gels....
Beyond the Grate
Created by Lil' Gideon
This test deals with manipulating objects that don't have the luxury of getting direct contact with you.
I guess you could say this test is the grating. Get it? The grating? A play on the term "degrading"? You don't find it funny, do you? Oh, well. Every...
Crazy Science Place (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
Navigate through the twists and turns to solve the puzzle, but don't get lost! To be honest, getting lost is extremely unlikely....
Still Doing Science (20th Test Chamber Special!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
My 20th test chamber is all about the thing that matters most in life: Science. Also, there are turrets, lasers, and other stuff lie that. Actually, it all kind of falls under the category of Science....
Aperture Science Yuletide Simulation Course
Created by Lil' Gideon
As Santa Claus, your mission is to complete this training course, which simulates some of the challenges you'll face when delivering gifts on Christmas eve.
One Cube
Created by Lil' Gideon
One cube can do many things......
Raiders of the Lost Test Chamber
Created by Lil' Gideon
This test chamber was abandoned for being "extremely dangerous".
Unfortunately, you don't know danger when you see it.
Fortunately, you do know adventure when you see it.
Start humming the Indiana Jones theme in 3... 2... 1......
Eye of the Tiger
Created by Lil' Gideon
This chamber is a lot like the song, only without the awesome guitar riff....
Evolution of Science
Created by Lil' Gideon
A normal 1x1 square room slowly transforms into a much more complex test. It's like Darwin's theory of evolution, only Aperture's scientists don't waste their time trying to talk with finches....
Floating Islands
Created by Lil' Gideon
I noticed an odd glitch of sorts in the puzzle creator that allows you to create floating wall sections that aren't attatched to anything. I decided to use this in a puzzle....
Dangerously Unlethal
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. Chariots chariots. The lab boys just informed me that this upcoming test is a result of numerous employee protests that the tests were... let's see here... (paper rustling)... "unsafe". Alright, I don't know where you people got your education,...
Down the Trash Chute (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
Looks like the only place to go is into the garbage chute...
To the Tenth Power (and Beyond)
Created by Lil' Gideon
This test involves combining testing elements in a way that's not used very often. As you can see, this is one of those tests where the title has absolutely nothing to do with the actual puzzle....
Created by Lil' Gideon
Some fairly straightforward tests that take place in (almost) completely symmetrical rooms....
Patent Pending
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave Johnson here. Chariots chariots. In case you're wondering why no employees are at work today, it's because they're all out celebrating Greg's birthday. Luckily, this test should be easy enough for you to complete on your own. Cave Johnson, we're done...
Best Friends Forever (Until Further Notice) [CO-OP]
Created by Lil' Gideon
In my first ever cooperative test chamber, you'll need to trust your testing partner with your life, among other more valuable things. To paraphrase Toy Story, I hope you've got a friend in your partner....
An Inconvenient Test
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave Johnson. Chariots chariots. It's come to my attention that this thing called "global warming" is eventually gonna wipe us all out. Then, I thought, "when everyone's wiped out, who's gonna do the science"? That's why I've taken the liberty of going in...
Path of the Laser (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
Journey through this test chamber with a discouragement beam in tow! You know, this is one of the shortest descriptions I've ever typed. Of course, it's not short anymore, because I'm still typing things. I'm getting off-topic. Just do the test....
Taming of the Boredom
Created by Lil' Gideon
An easy test that I constructed while I was bored. Really bored. Like, bored enough to make a test simply out of boredom. I will say, though, that this test went through quite a few different phases....
Jaywalkers Will Be Shot
Created by Lil' Gideon
CAUTION: CHOKING HAZARD. Small parts. Not intended for children under 3 years old. Some assembly required. Batteries not included....
(I Can't Get No) Cooperation [CO-OP]
Created by Lil' Gideon
My second cooperative chamber, in which you and your partner need to work as a team to solve the test. Which, I suppose, is sort of implied by the word "cooperative"....
Cave's Tales From the Crypt
Created by Lil' Gideon
Zombie Cave Johnson here. The lab zombies just informed me that there's been a significant shortage of BRAAAINS in the facility. Look, people, I didn't "accidentally" cause the Zombie Apocalypse only to have it collapse because of a foolish clinical error...
The Artist's Lament
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. Chariots chariots. The lab boys suggested to me that we make our test chambers more "artistic" so they'll be more popular among our employees. So, I whipped up this baby earlier. Worthy of Plato himself. Wait, I'm being told that Plato was not ...
Blocked (39th Test Chamber Special!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
In celebration of my 39th test chamber, I created a test that's sure to knock your socks off. Assuming you're wearing socks, that is. Also, if you're wondering why this chamber celebrates 39 instead of 40, that was a typographical error. It's supposed to ...
Pick Your Poison
Created by Lil' Gideon
There's a set of three cube types: Standard, Reflection, and Edgeless. You'll need to use them in different ways to solve the test. FUN FACT: I created this test while enduring a mlld cold. If you find any common cold pathogens in there, stay away from th...
Spur of the Momentum (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
An easy to intermediate test chamber involving some good ol' physics, like the classic infinite fall. You may find that you're using physics in ways you hadn't thought of before......
Three's a Crowd [CO-OP]
Created by Lil' Gideon
Here's a belated Valentine's Day cooperative test chamber for you and that special someone! I hope you two lovebots don't mind having a Third Wheel around--er, a Third Cube, I should say....
Built Without Brains (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
Hello? Are we on? This is, uh, Wheatley speaking. Appearantly, I'm supposed to say "chariots" or something... anyway, just wanted to introduce you to this test that Lil' Gideon let me build. All by myself. So I'm clearly intelligent. Not to boast, but it'...
Bridge Burning
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave Johnson here. Chariots chariots. You know, I've recently realized what a great invention Aperture's Hard Light Bridge is. I love it so much, I've mandated that at least one be put in each test chamber, as well as all around the facility. I've also ma...
Created by Lil' Gideon
A collection of rooms that were each too small to warrant their own test. It's kind of like those bags of Hershey's Minatures, with the assortments of different little candies. I like all of them except Mr. Goodbar....
Mandatory Option
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. Just wanted to tell you that I've just madated the company-wide Snail Mail Revival Initiative. Basically, every employee must write and send a letter the old-fashioned way at least once a month from now on. In fact, I was just about to start wo...
Contraption Convolution
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. I've been told by the boys in marketing that I'm not "hip" enough to appeal to the new, young consumers of the twenty-first century. As a result, I've decided to update my long-overdue image. Cave Snoop Dawg Wiggity Whack Johnson, we're done he...
Happy Birthday, Portal 2!
Created by Lil' Gideon
In honor of the 2nd anniversary of Portal 2, I have created this special, somewhat easy test chamber. With real confetti this time....
Mission: Highly Unlikely 2.0 (Updated!)
Created by Lil' Gideon
It's hard to believe that I've made 50 puzzles in the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Inititative. But, it happened, so I guess I'll believe it. Anyway, to commemorate this event, I've made an epic revised version of my very first test chamber, "Mission: Highl...
1.21 Gigawatts
Created by Lil' Gideon
Cave here. Chariots chariots. Just a friendly reminder to check out Aperture's Facebook page. I don't know who runs it, but the stuff posted is hilarious. Just today, I found this embarrassing photo of Greg from the Christmas party--hey, wait a minute, is...
Where Everybody Knows Your Name
Created by Lil' Gideon
(Sirens Wailing) Cave here. Just wanted to let everyone know that the DG-PC Robotic Water Cooler on Level C has finally become self-aware and is demanding $60 before it releases the paper cup hostages. I bet, if we all pitch in, we can get that kind of mo...
Sketches II: Electric Boogaloo
Created by Lil' Gideon
A sequel to my map, "Sketches." Just like its predecessor, it's a compilation of a bunch of puzzles that were too small or too easy to be their own map. And... that's about it. Have fun!...
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Kolgork Jun 6, 2013 @ 8:17pm 
this is going to kill my poor 1M internet connection, but... subscribing to all! xD
Lil' Gideon  [author] May 7, 2013 @ 1:09pm 
@sockpuppetcow: Don't worry. A lot of them are pretty easy. I'd say it'll take 7 years at the most.
sockpuppetcow May 7, 2013 @ 7:59am 
Saw the description for your 50th chamber and thought I should download the first one to get a good idea of what the 50th is based on. Then I thought "Well, why not get the other 48?". So now I have all of them,. Bye bye next 10 years.
Len-kun May 5, 2013 @ 11:15pm 
:D 1/2 of the way through! Loving every one! @Lil 'Gideon Great maps!
Lil' Gideon  [author] May 5, 2013 @ 11:49am 
@ItzMeHai: One more thing... have fun!
Len-kun May 5, 2013 @ 10:22am 
yeah... It's not like I had a life in the first place... T.T Oh well! :D
Lil' Gideon  [author] May 5, 2013 @ 10:19am 
@ItzMeHai: I hope you didn't have any plans for the next 60 years... ;)
Len-kun May 5, 2013 @ 10:18am 
Downloaded them all in one go. There goes my life ! :3
Lil' Gideon  [author] Jan 11, 2013 @ 1:22pm 
@Cursed Deserter: Don't be scared. The're all relatively easy.
Nulled Envoid Jan 11, 2013 @ 1:32am 
I'm so fucking scared to try these...