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Gothel, The Necromancer Follower
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Nov 9, 2012 @ 7:42pm
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Race: Nord
Gender: Female
Level: 1-80 (Levels With Player)
Combat Type: Necromancer
Armor: Vampire Robes, Vampire Boots.
Weapons: Elven Dagger Of Binding.
Found In: Silver Blood Inn, Markarth
Marriageable: Yes.
Mortality: Essential.
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mmonzures88 Jul 22 @ 9:35am 
Hey so I have been using her for a few levels now (through bleakfalls barrow) and ive noticed a few things that really bug me. If she was a vampire why does she have fire magic? Also she only has sparks and flames and tends to use them more then her weapons that you give her, also with the mod I have for followers it lets you check their spells. It says she has bound sword but will she ever actually use it? Does she have any perks? We are only level 8 so maybe her perks will come in later? Not saying I dont like her, I do alot just some of her things dont make sense.
G20 Jun 12 @ 1:47pm 
Hi, I added both your mods to a collection a while ago, like febuary or something, totally forgot to give you link,
please accept my compliments.
Undine  [author] Jun 9 @ 12:13am 
Thank you very much Genocide! Thats sweet of you to say! Im happy you like them. I hope you have a good week! :)
Genocide Jun 5 @ 4:39am 
Hey jess, just want to thank you for all your hard work that you've put into all your followers. They help my immersion when i play the game and makes my day better in general when im able to relax. I sincerly appreciate it, and hope you are well.
Undine  [author] May 17 @ 10:58pm 
No sorry
chilldcheese May 15 @ 7:35am 
can you make her be able to bite you?
Undine  [author] Mar 20 @ 6:21pm 
Cool! I hope you like her!
WishSeeker Mar 20 @ 3:40am 
havent done follower mods generally but might give this one a shot
Teratus Jan 10 @ 8:58pm 
Yeah it is really odd

somehow she's become a perminant part of the game lol
it's no biggie though :)
Undine  [author] Jan 10 @ 6:47pm 
Wow that's weird. I dont know why that is.