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Moonpath to Elsweyr
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------------------READ FIRST----------------------
Due to 1.7 you need to save and load once , ingame to trigger the quest and fialogue
Experience the jungles and deserts of Elsweyr, meet the inhabitants, experience unique quests. Battle new and unique enemies, raptors, sload,hyena's,imga and more. Any race is welcome to join the caravan!

The mod contains about 13 different area's to explore in a variety of styles and sizes.
Including lush jungles, dark tropical forests, deep desert, a personal hideout and much more.


How to get there:
Travel to dead mans drink inn in Falkreath.And enter the barn through the door near the entrance of the inn

There you will find two khajiit who are ready to leave skyrim, talk to verina and eventually you can join their caravan. After that the questmarker will change to the carriage and you click on that to start your journey.


There are several quests:

"By the light of the moon" : Journey the moonpath to Elsweyr with a Khajiit caravan. (starts with Verina at the moonpath marker in SKyrim)
"sweet taste of Elsweyr" : Meet the inhabitants of Tenmar Forest (starts with Yura in the Hideout)
"incursion" : Defeat the Thalmor incursion into Tenmar Forest, and travel to exotic locations such as the desert (starts with Mervar in the waterways)
"Rebuilding the past" : Explore the topal sea. (starts with Khulan starts inWaning moon Cabin)
"Dinnerguest" : Meet the Sload. (starts with Erid'or in the waterways)
"Desert stule" Get your own SIligonder armor.(starts in Desert Oasis)

All quests are voice acted with over 160 lines of recordings.

The mod is not for low level characters (15+) its meant as a adventure after finishing the main quest. But its playable with some effort by mid level characters too.



there's a technical support thread here: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?showtopic=657271

File credits
Author: Muppetpuppet

Creative writing and quest editing: laserwerewolf

Skullcat: suffix
Aleyt: Ulvarmarison
yura: Ulvarmarison
Ameir: Ulvarmarison
Dervar: elementxstyle
mervar: Elementxstyle
Khulan Chishiokage
Sload: elementxstyle
Ka'mel: elementxstyle
Pahmar Guard: elementxstyle
Jo'ran: Fnorkus (http://www.youtube.com/user/TehFnork♥♥♥♥)
Agronian botanist: Fnorkus
Jellikir: Fnorkus
Topal Sea Base NPCs: elementxstyle
Additional Voices: Matthew Isenhour and friends
Ambient jungle sounds: jimmytrousers
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Aug 26 @ 4:13pm
I have no idea what to do now
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dwankan 3 hours ago 
Can you add subtitles? The Khajit in the mod are unintelligible. I love this mod, by the way.
Gamer1980Man Aug 27 @ 12:48pm 
@muppetpuppet got it that big guy wasnt there befor or the dude in the boat now I have 2 missions going on thanx alot.
Gamer1980Man Aug 27 @ 12:37pm 
@muppetpuppet nope Im 34 and love video games. And thanx I will Check it out in a bit when I get time. I looked every place thow and the marker still just shows him.
muppetpuppet  [author] Aug 27 @ 11:30am 
@themadhatter In the desert you should find the oasis behind the forge, finish the quest, and pick it up from the blacksmith at the forge after.
@gamer1980man, Hey you aren't 16, what are you doing in a pc game?? (;) , If i remember correctly you should go to the cathedral (its accesible on the stairs ifyou walk beyond the trading post). in the cathedral you should find one of them tiger khajiit, talk to her, she'll send you to the sload, talk to the sload (don't kill him). then go back to eridor, he'll make a something for you to spot the infected zahilisk, then kill that zahilisk, go to the sload again, and talk some more

The Mad Hatter 360 Aug 27 @ 4:59am 
And how would I get that sick armor with the red patch the khajit is wearing?
The Mad Hatter 360 Aug 27 @ 4:55am 
Armor doesn't show up for me.
Gamer1980Man Aug 26 @ 4:10pm 
Im stuck at the Dinner Quest I have no clue were to go casue just points me back to the Erid'or any help anyone thanx.
Just A Normal Person Aug 26 @ 3:31pm 
yes, i finally get to play this myself! my friend got this on his pc, and i played it for about an hour, when i got back from holiday i downloaded it, and now i can finally play it :D
muppetpuppet  [author] Aug 26 @ 7:27am 
@christhedork, sadly there's no more development going on, nor will there be. there's a community developed update on the nexus. but that's it. the non talking bug was introduced by skyrim 1.8 patch, that required the modder to upload a file that the steam workshop fails to upload.. ;( but it's easily fixed by saving and loading once..

so yeh.. have a go
ChrisTHEDORKK Aug 26 @ 4:19am 
Will watch this until it becomes more developed. Good work. :)