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Drako2k's SFX Pack
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Nov 6, 2012 @ 2:59pm
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This is a Special Effects pack originally created by a user named Drako2k. The only thing I did was convert it to Gmod 13's lua format so that it can function properly. Effects included in this pack: energy ball, fire, glow, smoke, smoke trail, sparks, starfield (not pictured), steam (not pictured), and telsa.

Community Help Needed! Apparently there are some users experiencing errors with this pack, but I am unable to replicate the issues reported on my end. If you encounter an error, please tell me what gamemode you are running, what addons you have installed (lua-based ones, like Wiremod or a Stool) and if you are in Single or Multiplayer at the time the incident occured. The more data I can collect, the sooner I can pin point and correct the issue.

Note: A collection of presets that Drako2k made for the pack could not be included due to the nature of the Workshop Addon System. Drop a comment or pm me if you would like for me to send them to you.

Special Thanks: Draco2k for the original code and Dr. Matt for helping me sort through a few lua errors I encountered while recoding the pack.
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crosstheacorn33 Mar 19 @ 12:05pm 
I'm having problems with the "energy Ball" tool. I was on single player on gmod13_hotel when it said that there was an error. I went to gmod_flatgrass to see if it had the same problem, and it did.
Here's the console code:
[Drako2k's SFX Pack] lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/energyball.lua:87: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'spawnflags' (a nil value)
1. LeftClick - lua/weapons/gmod_tool/stools/energyball.lua:87
2. unknown - gamemodes/sandbox/entities/weapons/gmod_tool/shared.lua:254
Hm...I dunno what's wrong with it.
SCPLeader Mar 3 @ 3:55pm 
[TS♥] Cougarmint  [author] Mar 3 @ 3:00pm 
<nod> If you get any more details, be sure to let me know. The more the bbetter.
SCPLeader Mar 3 @ 1:50pm 
OK well thanks for the help. You did your best to help me out. <3
[TS♥] Cougarmint  [author] Mar 2 @ 6:07pm 
A Hook error. It means that for some reason, the hooks that call the tool aren't being accessed right or something. I'm not sure how to fix that. I've encountered that error myself several times in various situations; I don't know exactly what causes it though.
SCPLeader Mar 2 @ 5:17pm 
Here it is: [Drako2k's SFX Pack] lua/autorun/server/effectremovehook.lua:6: bad key to string index (number expected, got string)
1. error - [C]:-1
2. __index - lua/includes/extensions/string.lua:274
3. v - lua/autorun/server/effectremovehook.lua:6
4. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
[TS♥] Cougarmint  [author] Feb 28 @ 4:57pm 
I will do my best <3
SCPLeader Feb 28 @ 4:46pm 
I will post it tomorrow or later and i hope you can help me out
[TS♥] Cougarmint  [author] Feb 28 @ 12:38pm 
hm... What's the exact error?
SCPLeader Feb 28 @ 10:19am 
I downloaded this along with the turret tool, and whenever i delete a turret i spawned it causes a lua error. This is only happening in single player for me.