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Project Stealth
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Nov 6, 2012 @ 2:58pm
Feb 11 @ 3:08pm
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Project Stealth is now on Kickstarter!
12 new screenshots on our new site and a sneakpeek of Unreal Engine 4
Intense 2 vs 2 stealth-action multiplayer
Project Stealth features asymmetrical, hardcore gameplay where predicting your opponents movements, misdirection, deception and your knowledge of the environment is key to succeeding in your mission. The defending team (Mercs) plays from a first person shooter viewpoint while the infiltrating team (Spies) plays in a third person view to increase situational awareness.

Gameplay goals
The goal for the Spies is to acquire data by completing several objectives, for example hacking several terminals, placing bombs or stealing disks and extracting them to a safe location. The Mercs' purpose is to prevent that by killing the Spies or by delaying them until the time runs out.

Detailed gameplay
There are two teams with two players each: one team is characterized by guns with a lot of payload, heavy armored and relatively slow elite soldiers (Mercs, from Mercenaries). The other team consists of high-tech, agile, athletic and fast Spies with nonlethal weapons. Both teams have access to a variety of gadgets to help them in their mission.

The Mercs have mines, grenades, remote controlled security cameras, a gasmask and three vision modes (normal, electricity detector and movement detector). Their gameplay is comparable with a regular shooter with gadgets.

The Spies have flashbangs, smoke grenades, a camo suit, noise emitters and their own three vision modes (normal, night vision and thermal vision). Spies have a third person view and will play like action games with athletic characters.

Other information
Technology: Unreal Engine 4
Release date: TBA

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Jun 1 @ 10:49pm
Is project stealth a copy of the spies vs mercs in splinter cell blacklist
< >
Jim97 Jul 6 @ 5:34pm 
Wow this looks excellent i was a huge fan ofpandora tomorrow and chaos theory's multiplayer and i would 100% buy this if it was released
kevinxmaa Jun 2 @ 10:01pm 
I'm pulling for you guys!
frvge  [author] Jun 1 @ 8:41am 
Thanks all!
@Teeth, we are focusing on 2vs2. I don't think we'll make a 3vs3 mode, but never say never.
>>--Teeth---> May 31 @ 4:48pm 
I would like to see options for 3v3 or 4v4 game modes
RpiesSPIES May 29 @ 3:12pm 
Hey, frvge, I plan on contributing towards your kickstart in the near future, once I can get a suitable sum. I've been waiting in anticipation of this game for quite a few years now and cannot wait for its final release/beta. I hope many others will help you guys out in your goal to bring back to life the best multiplayer experience that has ever existed ^^
PsychadelicPhilosopher May 29 @ 1:44pm 
Ta'veren May 24 @ 1:56pm 
I've been waiting for/watching this game for quite some time!
frvge  [author] Apr 16 @ 2:14pm 
Hi florian, I don't we've talked about game modes yet ;-) Stay tuned!
Darknessadf Apr 16 @ 6:32am 
Look good but with one type of match I'm afraid of getting bored quickly
Nadia Mar 22 @ 9:56am 
I want this so bad.