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Team Fortress 2

Frosties last adventure
Class: Scout
Item Slot: Weapon
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Nov 5, 2012 @ 3:40pm
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, Defeating an imaginary Snowman is quite the feat!

Note: The stats here are just an idea of how it would work and in no way are the final stats

Slows enemy on hit with ball
Dealing Slowdown 10% slow down to 30% long range(doesn't stun)

Faster ball regen

ball smashes on hit with all surfaces(like the wrap assasin)

ball extinguishes scout(like spysicle) and friendlies when launched(Smaller AoE jarate like effect)

when enemy is killed with this weapon they turn to ice

when a scout weilding this weapon is killed he turns to ice

Smissmas(Xmas) weapons for the scout

NOTE: This is an idea i had and is no way related to stealing ideas of other people
and I have not seen the snow baller by FaithSDK as it was most likely hidden from the public when I started making the idea
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