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The Adventures of Id Chapters 1-6 (Free)
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Nov 4, 2012 @ 2:29pm
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Day and Night System Finished
Dev Team in the Works
-While Chapter 1 will remain with an unhampered RTP I'll outline changes in Chapter 2 and further Chapters to the RTP and content
-Menu's will be vastly reorganized
- Battlers will be custom
-Animations will be custom
-All Weapons, skills, traits, states and items will be 100% Original. While some basic items (E.G Potion) may be similar most will be vastly different
- Sounds and Music
- Title Screen Image
- Many scripted concepts including owning and selling property and randomizing events

Over the last 4 months I've been recently working on a personal project entitled The Adventures of Id. I've always been a firm believer that stories (Good stories) are essential in most forms of modern gaming, having been interested in game design and rpg's since an early age I've set out to make a game about political revolution, demonic forces, world war and colonization. The game is a throwback to classic Role Playing Games of the 90's. This has just been a rough outline and below I'll be explain the game in more in-depth form.
For future reference I intend to release each Chapter separately in beta form for open public testing and then compile them into a final product for sale. Estimated around maybe $ 4.99

Chapter 1

-Story "Id, a young boy of the far western colonies has had his parents kidnapped by the insurgency group The Yellow Spiders. On a quest for vengeance he sets out into the frontier for his parents."

Chapter 1 is a tutorial, small prelude and or demo. This being my first project with RPGMVX ACE I intended this to lay the ground work for the universe and allow me to gain familiarity with the engine before creating a much larger world. Take this game as a very basic project, little story, options or roads for travel. Anyone interested to try it may find it here for download. Still remember though this basically in beta form.

Chapter 2
I've been working on Chapter 2 for about a month now and I'll give you run down on what I have planned and finished.

-Story "It's been a decade since Id's parents kidnapping. After departing for the Industrial Slum of the Old World Id has become an alcoholic. A stranger has brought him word he may find closure for his parents and returns to the New World. He finds the thriving slum of Conquestum in his place of his old home. Infested with gangs, cults and possibility for political revolution Id has many decision to make in his vengeful quest"

I plan on making Chapter 2 huge, based around the city of Conquestum Guilds, trainers, gangs and bounty hunting all allow for large character customization. I've decided instead of simply choosing a class you train yourself in certain skills and jobs to shape your play style. Joining a gang will allow you to have gang members assist you in city combat but you'll need to do some dirty jobs before they consider you one of their own. Guilds allow for questing which teaches you skills related to your guild and trainers will train your skills for cash. But you'll need some cash to train skills, which may lead to grinding or major questing. Story missions will reach a point where they become more or less long raids broking up by training so you can tackle the next one.

Chapters 3-6
These chapters I know little of other then basic store arch. They'll all be either larger or the same as Chapter 2 and will take Id across the entire planet.