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TE - Climb Up Beta 1.351
Game Type: Territory
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Nov 4, 2012 @ 12:11pm
May 8 @ 11:20am
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Some Infos:
Mapname: TE - Climb Up
Version: 1.31 beta
Attackers: Allies
Defenders: Axis
Target: Allies needs to cap the Hill / All Artys
Special Thanks to: |DD|Thor,|DD|Mad-Fred, |DD|GrimReality, Hansstar, [HS]Romano, BoH-Rekrut, Danh, Srindhalaya, Catalavos, Drecks and Roccat for Mouse Support.
and the Forum Community!


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greetz Spähling
Checkt out - Spaehling.de
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amazing map! liked and faved!
Dr Death JM Aug 27 @ 1:14pm 
k thanks
|DD|Spaehling  [author] Aug 26 @ 4:35pm 
Dr Death JM Aug 26 @ 2:28pm 
k can you post direct links to the mods needed or is it all in this d load?
|DD|Spaehling  [author] Aug 25 @ 7:50pm 
@Dr Death JM hey, yeah they should compatible to linux. Hell Soldiers using also Linux and on their Servers i always tested my maps.

@at Rest
Tripwire needs to decide to implement the map into the game, its not my decission. i can only hope more Server Admins, put my maps into their map cycle.

Please Report Problems and Bugs to the offical Tripwire Forum. Inside the Beta-Map Section you find all my maps and can report your Problems there.

Dr Death JM Aug 25 @ 2:10pm 
is the server ini linux compatible, if so ill load this on my server np , realy looks cool
Shadowarr Aug 25 @ 12:23pm 
These planes :OOOOOOOOO
Zephirox Aug 24 @ 10:44am 
This looks interesting... should turn intense around there!! :P
Pvt. N. Parole [3rd MAR] Aug 18 @ 3:06pm 
it dosnt work it crashe my game :I
Aliensoldier Aug 17 @ 7:03am 
This map NEEDS to become official content!