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Ease up the amount of mods to load by an collection made by inspiration of many
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Nov 4, 2012 @ 10:58am
Sep 23, 2013 @ 6:40pm
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Are you like me and want to have all the awesome mods you find, but do not want a mile of a load list? then try this mod out, I made This mod For me and my Friends to ease up the amount of mods to load.

NOW 34 Mods in 1 :D

The Mod is Compatible With Vanilla, Dawnguard, Heartfires and DragonBorn. The Mod Is Cleaned With TES5Edit.
I made this collection by inspiration of many mods, some mods are mine, some by inspiration of other mods, and some is directly merged in to ease up my load order.

Some of this is My own work and ideas but I will give A Special thank to the modders who has mods giving me Ideas and inspiration to make this mod:

*Nugget*, *Batman*, *Park Avenue*, *KennyBall*, *Jinamgo*, *H2n4 Flu*, *AltoidSyn*, *Chingu*, *[ITF] Eastan*, *Cipscis*, *ustinOther*, *Evil4Zerggin*, *Frame*, *Zirrrus Schmirrrus*, *Domcoppinger*, *Jayschwa*, Relic*, *Okiir*, *Aertyr*, *manny_gt*, *Countercruel*, *ReVan1199*, *The Northern Ranger*, *ShinGouki*, *Dex*

If you use this mod, be sure to go to the mod authors above to see their new work and endorse and vote for them to support their work.
And If you want to update some of the mods that is merged in this one, go to the mod author`s site and download their newest update

Thanks to Bethesda for making this Epic Game and to share the Creation Kit to us :)
Again, A Big Thanks for the Modders out there Giving me the inspiration to add some of their work in to this mod.
As mentioned I made This mod For me and my Friends to ease up the amount of mods to load, The Credit goes to the modders who gave me the inspiration to use their ideas in this mod.

If you like this Collection give a thumb up and visit the modders giving the inspiration for this mod and vote for their mods :)

This mod will change as me and my friends want to add some changes to it.
Please come with suggestions and ideas that I may add on to this mod :)

Load my mod as high in the loadorder as possible or first in order if you have other mods altering potionbottles, Weight & prices. Otherwise can this mod overwrite those other mods who altering the same things

What this mod NOW does:
=== Added 04/11-2012 ===
* Higher value/prices on Hunting, Pelts, meat, food, etc.
* Reweighted potion bottles.
* Conjure creatures is summoned for 3 min if they don't get killed.
* Weightless Craftable Tools (axe & Pickaxe)
* FireWood weight down to 2.5kg.
* Lighter Dragon bones/scales (5kg/3kg)

=== Added 10/11-2012 ===
* Changed the recipe to steel Ingot to 2 Ironore + 1 Charcoal = 1 Steel ingot.
* Changed the time to Magelight/Candlelight to last for 5 min.
* Cheaper Telekinesis & Transmute.

=== Added 25/12-2012 ===
* Train 25 times pr levelUP, multiplied the Cost multipiler to train by 0.5
* Carry Weight + 20 pr Stamina LevelUP.
* Vendors restock in 24 Hours (ingame)
* Longer Woodchopping, Chopp to you cancel by any movekey or do 300 logs.
* Reduced Distance To NPC Greetings.
* Added more space between player and Barbas as in the mod back of Barbas
* More arrows stick longer in Bodies.

=== Added 26/12-2012 ===
* Doubled the strenght of Smithing potions and sat the duritation for 3 min and high sale/buy price
* Doubled the strenght of Enchanting Potions and sat the duritation for 10 min and high sale/buy price

=== Added 29/12-2012 ===
* You can now Place 10 balls of Magelight at the same time.

=== Added 04/02-2013 ===
* Added 25-50% chance to get pearls from Clams,
Large Clams can give 2 pearls or 3 small pearls or clammeat,
Thin Clams can give a small pearl or clammeat
Normal Clams can give a pearl or clammeat
And some Clams will be empty, F¤#¤ Crabs >:p

=== Added 06/02-2013 ===
* Dragons spawn to the world Somewhat more often than before,

=== Added 07/02-2013 ===
* Raised the cost to rent a room to 50

=== Added 21/02-2013 ===
* Can put Five enchantments on the same item. Must have Master Enchanter Perk.
* moved and renamed Extra effekt to lev 60 and made a perk Expert Enchanter.
* You can have 5 atronachs or reanimated zombies. Must have Army Of Souls Perk

=== Merged with mods 03/06-2013 ===
* Walk
* player starterchest in riverwood
* skyforge map marker
* trees in rorikstead
* moveit
* less time to shout
* flexible perktrees
* Open Face guardhelmet

=== Added 04/06-2013
Made Konahrik as it should be:
Combines all the effects of all the Dragon-Priest masks and When health is low, has a chance to heal wearer and damage nearby enemies.


Known Issues/Conflicts:

Some has reported "balled" skulls on the guards, hehe. I do not know what causes that but my guess is it missing some meshes. those of you who has that issue please download ShinGouki`s mod "open face guardhelmet"


If it occur an Conflict with another mod, load this one first in order. Do not use other mods who do the same or similar as the things in this mod.

!!! If you use those mods below, load those AFTER this mod in the loadorder :
Realistic Skooma
Destructive bottles

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KennyBall  [author] Apr 15 @ 12:34pm 
@ halo4722 : that is my biggest wish, and if I had the knowlegde to do that i would worked more with this mod... but I do not know how to make a mcm menu.
halo4722 Apr 14 @ 5:20pm 
could you make it so that you can change so things via mcm
Coltrane71 Apr 1 @ 5:23pm 
Cool Mod
arik_saito Apr 1 @ 4:41pm 
Well doesnt help that ffking is a gay hence the identical rainbow pair sex symbols.
The Legend of Death Mar 30 @ 7:24am 
What mods are in this i couldnt find them?
HSweethoney66 Mar 19 @ 7:34am 
Anyone with self respect sound care about grammar. However this is a forum site, and if you feel the need to complain about anothers grammar you really shouldnt make yourself look like an idiot either. FFKing1140 before bringing attention to a kind person sharing a helpful MOD for anyones use, over one miss worded sentence in your opinion. Remember all sentences start with a "Capital" letter and " i " is Always Capped. And Giggling with Clamdigger, " Like really" you trying to sound totally stupid, or think your cool? Which ever your grammar Sucks! Now More Importantly Thank You Very Much for this sweet Mods!! Good Job :-)
harry Mar 12 @ 10:32am 
☻ hi im steve dont copy bob copy me
/ \

Clamdigger Feb 20 @ 7:24pm 
FFKing1140, when you start sentences with "Like really," you dont have any right bitching about others.
tolek1138 Feb 20 @ 11:08am 
This is a very handy mod. Thank you for this, and your description is fine. :P
{ð☭} Walrus Jan 31 @ 7:03am 
Batman gave him and me as well lots and lots of inspiration.