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Nov 4, 2012 @ 1:24am
Nov 7, 2012 @ 12:52pm
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PLAYER MODELS NOW WORK PROPERLY AND ARE VISIBLE. (I will change back to the custom model once Gm13 fixes that issue)

Custom sounds and music used from: Tomb Raider 2 - Eidos Interactive (Nathan McCree)
Custom textures based on CGtextures.com resource and edited by me.

The newest Trouble In Terrorist Town map from the creator of Lost Temple and Urban Ruins.

Catacombs takes place in the underground labyrinth beneath Paris known as the Catacombs of Paris. The map is a confusing system of dark passageways full of the remains of thousands of people from centuries of deaths in Paris.

Find the matching keys and locked doors to unlock new passages, secrets, and even a traitor tester.

The map includes an optional objective for both Traitors and Innocents to recover the legendary dagger from the darkest depths of the Catacombs

Catacombs also uses a new system of traitor traps that deals in increasing chances of random, deadly, events for a credit cost.

Are you ready to brave the dangers that lurk deep within the Catacombs of Paris?


Note: Keys will not spawn unless played in TTT Gamemode
In Depth Map Guide

Map objectives/mechanics:

Traitor events

Traps in this map function a bit differently from conventional traps. Each "trap" or "event" button requires 1 credit to activate unless otherwise specified. By activating it you do NOT start the event instantly, you only increase the odds that it will occur when a non-traitor walks into it's activation area. (The percentage increase is indicated on the traitor button). All traps CAN occur without any interference from a traitor, they all start with a very SMALL chance that they will activate on a non-traitor. Some events are multiple use and others single use. Multiple use are usually less likely to occur, but if triggered, will remain active and can happen again. Single use have a higher chance of occurring but once triggered, will remain INACTIVE the remainder of the round. ALL events will almost always result in the death of the victim if it occurs.

Keys and Doors

Scattered throughout the map are different types of keys. Each key has one corresponding door in the map that it can unlock. In order to unlock a door you must find it's matching key (Gold keyhole needs gold key, silver keyhole needs silver key, etc.) and bring it to the keyhole. Once pressed against the keyhole it will insert itself and turn to open the door. Each key randomly spawns throughout the map, so you'll have to search every game. KEYS CAN BE SLIGHTLY HARD TO SEE WHEN PICKED UP FROM A CERTAIN ANGLE, look for it's shadow on the ground to know if you still are carrying it.

Traitor Checker

The "traitor checker" is found behind the doors opened with the IRON key. Once unlocked you must bring one freshly stripped skeleton (Freshly stripped skeletons acquired by throwing players/corpses into the grinder, they have a bloody appearance that distinguishes them from other skeletons) to the resting place (square pit) and throw it in. DO NOT place inside resting place when a player is in it, as it WILL kill them. Once fully inside the pit will close up and a green glow will emerge signalling the rituals completion. This will open the door to the checker. To test yourself, you MUST kneel (crouch) before the cross and HOLD E on the cross for 10 full seconds. Once the
10 seconds are up, a bell will ring and the verdict is displayed above the chamber for 8 seconds before automatically resetting. Traitors CAN DECIEVE the checker by spending 3 credits before THEIR use of it resulting in it showing them as innocent. This works only for ONE test and another consecutive test will provide the real result unless they spend another 3 credits.


These objectives are optional, but can provide innocents AND traitors with something to do. The first task you must accomplish is the opening of the portal to the floating islands. This is done by finding the COPPER key (appears as bluish green) and using it to open it's corresponding door. Behind the door are TWO resting places where a freshly stripped skeleton must be placed in each. Once the two are sealed, the portal doors will open. Go inside of the portal and find the dagger. You must then bring the dagger back through the portal.

If you want to win as a TRAITOR, then you must bring the dagger in between the two large doors (one where the portal is and the other where the traitor checker is) and activate the traitor button to reveal the dagger's shrine. Once opened, place the dagger in it's holder to win.

If you want to win as an INNOCENT, then you must simply bring the dagger to the open crate in the back of the parked truck, located at the surface, the door leading to it opens once the dagger is reached. There will be a rope ladder you must climb up first and then upon putting dagger in the crate, you will win.


Thanks for downloading!

Feedback always appreciated.
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DL_Drill.NB Dec 8 @ 6:15am 
Still an awesome movie and map.
Citizen_001  [author] Dec 7 @ 7:46pm 
This was made long before the movie was ever announced.
DL_Drill.NB Dec 7 @ 9:40am 
As Above, So Below inspired i'm pretty sure. It has the same sounds, same style, same everything, but i love it!
Devilswarchild Oct 15 @ 4:36pm 
need to fix the looks of the keys please cause they are missing textures all together so we cant tell where they go
DefiantDeer13th {Czech} Sep 27 @ 12:37am 
Glowstick SWEP mod + this map =EPIC!
Axios! Aug 28 @ 8:24am 
does it have a bunch of skulls and bones in the walls?
Axios! Aug 28 @ 8:24am 
i am look amazing
blairwitch66 Aug 17 @ 8:31am 
Who's going to see As Above, So Below?
BarrelDive Jul 20 @ 8:35am 
I got scared shitless when I was exploring and a ghost past along my screen.