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Nov 3, 2012 @ 6:58pm
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ttt_mc_skyIslands is a medium/large Gmod Trouble in Terrorist town map.

The goal of the map from the very start was to make it look as similar to minecraft as possible. We have seen several Garry's mod maps attempting to copy the style of miencraft but most of not all fail miserably in one way or another.

Because of this, Todarac and I set out to create a Gmod map worthy of the title Minecraft-like.

Contact Stinger:

Contact Todarac

Features of the map include:
A giant tower.
An Enchantment table which explodes when shot.
A Windmill.
A Jukebox with CD's
A Tavern
Minecraft-like Particle Effects for torches and other misc objects
Brewing stations and cauldrens
A Fortress
Animated and openable Minecraft Chests
Building layouts made for TTT gameplay
Dynamic Foundtain Waterfall
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Oct 5 @ 5:56pm
Needs a cleanup + FPS Fix.
[CG] Serfma
< >
BI☣HΛZARD Nov 24 @ 3:19pm 
All this map does is cause severe lag and sometimes a complete freeze/crash of my Garry's Mod game.
EriCraft Nov 22 @ 12:57pm 
Nice Map :3
I can imagine having a DeathMatch or Survival match on this...
☻MLG Meeminem☻ Oct 3 @ 2:39pm 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Comrade Stinger  [author] Oct 2 @ 6:33am 
@$hrek the 0grelord
yes, yes it does.
☻MLG Meeminem☻ Oct 1 @ 3:20pm 
Does this work in sandbox mode?
Marco Yolo Sep 7 @ 10:49am 
so many blocks you just fall though this map sucks
sGtDeathhunter Aug 24 @ 2:52pm 
@Comrade Stinger
theres a bug under the way between the mill and the house on the left of it, you can go "under" the map there
AnimatedPanda Aug 6 @ 1:17pm 
I don't see in the purpose of making every fence or flower, stuff like that a model. func_details would help alot better then trying to load 100's of fence and flower models.
Comrade Stinger  [author] Aug 6 @ 4:04am 
the map is unfortunetly as optimized as we could get it without removing things, (entire islands) or adding fog ;-;