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Parakeet's Pill Pack
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Nov 3, 2012 @ 11:50am
Apr 26 @ 7:58pm
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Parakeet's Pill Pack

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Morphs turn you into machines and critters from various games. This is the base pack. It contains Half-Life 2 morphs and fun morphs. You can find pills in the "Morphs" tab of the spawnmenu.

Official Server
Professor's Pill Haven --

I am not the owner of this server. Do not contact me if you have issues.

Parakeet - That's me. I made it.
Skylight - Made CSS/MLG pills.
Pdan - Answered my stupid modelling questions.
Xerasin - Answered my stupid lua questions.
Lab.Professor - Official server hosting/management.
Inya - Trailer Videos
Sunset - "Community Manager"
Jake - Doge voice actor.
Inya - Dingus voice actor.
Fubar - Inspiration.

Valve's CS:GO chicken models are packaged with this. Please no ban.
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Gammerdude54 14 hours ago 
is there a way were you can land with the drop ships and heli and if not there should be
POOTIS™ May 2 @ 4:46am 
@paul noone gives a fuck.
DarkMatter 52™ May 2 @ 4:41am 
It keeps on coming up with "Parakeet's Pill Pack is creating script errors check the console for more details"
paul_rose May 1 @ 9:08am 
hey i have an idear for a fun pill Pac-Man like the one off the pixels movie (ive tried to ballence this out the best i can so its not too op) when u spawn u start of small maby the sies of the dorf the more you eat the bigger u get maby the max size of a strider also ther more you eat the more health you get and u can eat bigger things and u als go faster the more damage u take the smaller in sies you go FINAL PIECE u cant eat cars/seats but when you press right click all cars and seats turn uber blue and u can eat them but u only get this for 10-15 seconds and if u get hit buy a car its an insta killals this also has a 2-3 minit cooldown again i tried to make it as balanced as ican but its the best i can think of btw if u do comsider making this try make it 3D like the one in pixels ok cya
★SKKF54274★ May 1 @ 5:38am 
Littleprime266 May 1 @ 1:07am 
Nice mod mate.
ScottyRash Apr 30 @ 4:28pm 
Can you make the left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 pill pack?
[ED]ОТЕЦ Apr 30 @ 11:29am 
luizcustodioloureiro Apr 30 @ 10:50am 
what is jake morph pack
Marsuplexi Apr 30 @ 6:23am 
How do I get the rope for the combine elite?