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FoTS 100pdr Heavy Artillery
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Nov 2, 2012 @ 10:01am
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FoTS RBL 100pdr Armstrong Siege Gun

TWC Thread: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=532517

This Mod Simply makes The RBL 100pdr Armstrong Seacoast Artillery as an Recruitable Unit.
Note: Fixed Artillery.
Range : 1000
Cost : 3000
Building Requirement : Arsenal

Its Like bringing Long Range Naval Support into the Battliefield. Note The Very Limited Campaign Map range - they are not easy to carry through the Land...

I Know, that this configuration isnt the most practical Siege Gun...I made them since there is demand for such monstrosities like this Cannon...Field Parrotts and Armstrongs on Field Carriages are far more mobile and poweful enough...most of the time...
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Psychotic_butterfly Jun 23 @ 6:04pm 
hey does this mod have so when it hits the damage area is larger?
SplatterFace Apr 22 @ 10:09pm 
still no help i guess :(. soo many lost fights. plz if u cant fix it is there a way to remove it? i doubt it but doesnt hurt to ask. i have a campaign ive been playing a long long time and just dont wanna give up on it. everything is where i want it finally. except this gun.
SplatterFace Apr 14 @ 5:48pm 
ps unsuscribing wont help or unchecking mod in mod list if any ai have bought this gun. if any army has it your stuck with using it or restarting campaign.
SplatterFace Apr 14 @ 5:38pm 
cant even remove this mod once u use it if ai is already using the guns on the field. game will not even load. idk how this "mod" was even put out or has a 5 star rating when its really isnt done that well.. sry but its true. major pain in the butt this mod has been for me. it ruin my campaign because i cannot remove it nor can i play with it. if i see one in the enemy ary i have to win by the auto resolve because once it fire in the field the game will crash. so i cant even enjoy half my battles by playing them myself and i cant win the battle where im outmatched by playing it myself if ai has that gun because i will crash once it fires.. guess mod maker doesn care much either because as u can see i posted the last comment here too and have not gotten any responce. AVOID THIS MOD OR YOU WILL REGRET IT.
SplatterFace Apr 10 @ 3:31pm 
crashes everytime it starts to shoot. gets off maybe a round or 2 then game freezes. went into a battle with one n crash 3 times. reloaded game entered same battle removing cannon from squad and no probs. entered another battle with the cannon itself after to be sure. game crashed after 1 or 2 shots off it. i did have reinforcing gatlin guns that time. but i dont see why it would matter. thanks though for the work, still appreciated.
kenny7500_ Mar 17 @ 6:56pm 
fix please
Demon Odie Feb 9 @ 4:50pm 
Any luck with the fix Yogi ?
Demon Odie Jan 28 @ 4:54pm 
thank you Yogi.
The_Yogi  [author] Jan 28 @ 8:47am 
...Sounds like I have to rebuild this mod...
Demon Odie Jan 25 @ 10:51pm 
Love the 100 Prd Arty Mod Yogi, but your mod is broken friend. when you unleash the first round of awesome and they go to re-load the gun's it freeze/crashes the game. I have tried trouble shooting to see if its clashing with other Mods and it is not. I dont think it has anything to do with graphic's as Im running this this game on a GTX Titan with direct x 11 and the game runs smoothly. hope you fix this mod soon, keep up the good work.