Total War: SHOGUN 2

Total War: SHOGUN 2

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FoTS 100pdr Heavy Artillery
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Nov 2, 2012 @ 10:01am
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FoTS 100pdr Heavy Artillery

FoTS RBL 100pdr Armstrong Siege Gun

TWC Thread:

This Mod Simply makes The RBL 100pdr Armstrong Seacoast Artillery as an Recruitable Unit.
Note: Fixed Artillery.
Range : 1000
Cost : 3000
Building Requirement : Arsenal

Its Like bringing Long Range Naval Support into the Battliefield. Note The Very Limited Campaign Map range - they are not easy to carry through the Land...

I Know, that this configuration isnt the most practical Siege Gun...I made them since there is demand for such monstrosities like this Cannon...Field Parrotts and Armstrongs on Field Carriages are far more mobile and poweful enough...most of the time...
Check My Other Mods by Clicking the Link above The Mod's Title: The Yogi's Worskhop.
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hbowman877 Oct 26 @ 4:26pm 
Used to not crash my computer, then I got a new computer. Now this mod no longer works for me. I have a good computer and card (5820k, X99, 980 ti), wish i could fix this because it is my favorite mod. My guess is that the game is unstable and crashes when too many particles are rendered, because it only seems to happen when I am looking at the smoke clouds. oh and this is the only mod i use.
iTim Oct 16 @ 12:46pm 
Used to work great, crashes now any time you use it in battle, best to avoid.
Kirko297 Aug 2 @ 2:26am 
Very nice mod. I hope it gets fixed because it does also crash my game everytime I fire few shots in battles.
maciek3138 Jul 2 @ 5:41am 
One more time: How do you recruit it in the campaign mode? If it's non-recruitable then please say so, because so far it has never appeared after reaching the Arsenal
Deutschland Für Immer Jun 9 @ 5:16pm 
I have to say, these cannons have not crashed my game, but I have a powerful computer, so maybe that is why. This mod is absoluley awesome. It's like you are firing a shell from the naval barrage, which I think you are. The explosion is incredible, and it destroys walls and buildings with one hit. On top of that, it sets whatever it hits on fire, though it may take one or two.
Dr Evil Jun 6 @ 2:28pm 
This crashes your game.
Charlie Brown May 27 @ 10:07pm 
this is the best mod ever, I just install this and activate this one only, OP win campaign and battles
Fanatic May 15 @ 3:03am 
Not news but this is crashing my game. They seem to fire 1 or 2 barrages and then it crashes in any mode.
Imperial Brony May 6 @ 4:27pm 
how do you recuit the unit in the campaing?
Militaristic September May 6 @ 11:46am 
*Plays O' Fortuna as I field nothing but these cannons for siege defense.* Better bring your ear plugs.