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Elaborate Enchantments
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Oct 30, 2012 @ 11:59am
Nov 12, 2012 @ 2:33pm
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Elaborate Enchantments

In 1 collection by J3X
The J3X Collection
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Bind Daedras and ghosts to your armors and clothing, sanctify armors, enchant your shields so they burn your enemies upon blocking, shoot ice bolts with any weapon, light enchantment, All enchantments works on other actors than the player. - This mod aims to make Skyrim's otherwise quite bleak enchanting system better by adding additional enchantments.


I am no longer modding Skyrim but still provides tech support in the comment section.

I run a small game studio called Catalope Games, if you enjoy my mods please check it out.
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Elaborate Enchantments 0.4
by J3X

!!! No Dawnguard Required. !!!
It should work with any mod installed, unless they drasticly change some of the locations.
Note that this mod changes the leveled lists, Wrye Bash is recomended to use.

Frost Rune - Gains the ability to place Frost Runes on power attacks for 20 seconds. (Location: Bannermist Tower)
Fire Rune - Gains the ability to place Fire Runes on power attacks for 20 seconds.
Daedric Offering - Send the target's soul to Oblivion and summons a Flame Atronach for 30 seconds. (Location: Cragwallow Slope)
Soul Sacrifice - Sacrifices the target's soul to the Ideal Masters and summons a Ghost from the Soul Cairn for 30 seconds. (Location: Morvunskar)
Bind Battleaxe - Upon slaying transforms into a bound battle axe.

These enchantments are placed upon weapons and will trigger when you slay an enemy.

Ice Spike (Location: Karthspire Camp, carried by a Forsworn)
Firebolt (Location: Silent Moons Camp, carried by a Bandit)
Lighting Bolt (Location: Halted Stream Camp, carried by a Bandit)

Cast a spell when you attack at the cost of a soul gem fragment. Breaks down lesser and petty soulgems without souls to fragments.

Bind Ghost (summons different ghosts everytime. Location: inside Rannveig's Fast)
Bind Yngvild Ghost (Location: Yngvild, near bed)
Bind Flame Atronach (Location: Karthspire Camp, carried by a Forsworn)
Bind Frost Atronach (Location: Silent Moons Camp, carried by a Bandit Paladin)
Bind Storm Atronach (Location: Halted Stream Camp, carried by a Bandit)

A creature is bound to the object, it can be summoned permanently at the cost of a filled soulgem. The soulgem is added again to your inventory when you unequip your enchanted item. The soulgem is lost however if the summon dies in any other way; battle or other summon spell. Counts as a ordinary summon, do not equip multiple summoning enchantments as this will probably drain your soulgems away.

Ward (Location: Silent Moons Camp, carried by a Bandit Paladin)
Greater Ward (Location: Angarvunde)
Flames (Location: Silent Moons Camp, carried by a Bandit)
Arcane Mirror Reflects spells when blocking (Location: Fort Dunstad)
Sacred Mirror When blocking undeads will catch fire upon gazing at the shield. (Location: Fort Dunstad)

Casts a spell when you block with your shield. Drains your magicka.

Guardian Circle: Cast Guardian Circle upon entering bleed out state. Usefull for followers. (Location: Silent Moons Camp, carried by a Bandit Paladin)
Light: Conjures a hovering light that lasts permanently. (Location: Fort Dunstad)

Karthspire Camp is is an open Forsworn encampment located northwest of Old Hroldan.
Halted Stream Camp is an iron mine and cavern overlain with a wooden fort located northwest of Whitewatch Tower.
Silent Moons Camp is a bandit hideout located northwest of Whiterun.
Rannveig's Fast is a Nordic ruin in the mountain range just south of Morthal, situated between Cold Rock Pass and Swindler's Den.
Fort Dunstad is a medium fort occupied by bandits, located south of Dawnstar.
Cragwallow Slope is a small cave southeast of Windhelm.
Morvunskar is a fort located to the southwest of, and overlooking, Windhelm.
Bannermist Tower is a Nordic tower occupied by bandits, located south of Moss Mother Cavern and east of Knifepoint Ridge.
Angarvunde is a medium-sized Nordic tomb at the foot of the mountains directly west of Riften and slightly northwest of Avanchnzel.


Chinese -
Spanish -

- Public release
- New shaders for Daedric and Divine enchantments.
- Added Light, Inscription of the Divines, Sacred Mirror & Arcane Mirror
- Fixed spelling bug
- Fixed instant '100 conjuration' bug (hopefully)
- Added Greater Ward, Frost Rune, Daedric Offering & Soul Sacrifice enhantments
- Fixed 100 illusion bug (probably)
- Added enchantments to the leveled lists. (will conflict with other mods, use Wrye Bash to fix!)
- Added Bind Battleaxe.
- Added Fire Rune enchantments

Sometimes does the ward and flames enchantment not stop casting after you stop blocking, block again to stop it.

Credit to AwkwardPsyche for his Glyphic Enchantment Effect mod which gave me the idea of Daedric Enchantments (
Thanks to MOTOSXORPIO for helping me discover how to detect power attacks.
Thanks to Gethesmain, cmzpowrrangr, Ejak2021 & more people for their ideas.
All credits to J3X for creating this mod.
Drop me a message at jex_ mus [at] hotmail [dot] com if you want anything.
Or contact me at SkyrimNexus as J3X.

Clone, copy, spread, mutate, merge, and do whatever you want just as long you give me credit for my work and your mod is available for free.
If you upload this mod to any other site (don't upload to sites that make money from mods) please make sure that it's updated and link back to this site.
If you want to include this mod in a non-free mod contact me.
You do not need to ask for permission to use any parts of this mod.
If you create a modification to this mod please release it.
If you manage to fix some bug or add a new awesome feature please let it be included in this mod as well.

Other projects
I am currently working on some own games, if you enjoy my mods please check them out! For more projects check out my Personal website[].
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murraybrown26 Jun 12 @ 11:17am 
J3X  [author] Jun 7 @ 9:33am 
Empty lesser soulgems are automatically broken down.
murraybrown26 Jun 6 @ 11:01am 
how do i get more soul gen fragments
J3X  [author] Feb 13 @ 11:42am 
Yes, some of them are not in the gameworld, only in lootlist.

If you want them you could type in "help j3x" into the console then use "placeatme" to place the magical cheat container with every new item.
Jester Feb 12 @ 9:29pm 
I like what you've done here but as OCD as I am to point out (or I'm blind as all hell) not every enchantment on the list has the location where you can find it listed. Where would I find ones like the fire rune or bind battle axe?
J3X  [author] Feb 7 @ 12:46pm 
Thanks, hope you like it!
AnthrAdorable Feb 7 @ 12:27pm 
Thank you so much. I've been on a crusade to just add as much needlessly diverse but balanced stuff to my game as possible. Keeping those fingers crossed on game stability though :P shooting for 101 mods.
J3X  [author] Feb 5 @ 5:18am 
>Note that this mod changes the leveled lists, Wrye Bash is recomended to use.
The items will be sold in shops and dropped by enemies.
This mods adds enchantments to the leveled lists but also adds them on certain locations.
AnthrAdorable Feb 3 @ 10:13am 
I know the mod lables locations for each specific enchantment, so is it safe to assume that these enchantments aren't added to the drop/equip pool? (IE bandits cannot randomly spawn with them/shops will not sell them/chests cannot have them)
J3X  [author] Dec 19, 2016 @ 11:21am 
Oh... That is weird. I might upload it in the future but until that you can get it from these sites also.