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Trigger Spree
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Oct 29, 2012 @ 5:06pm
Jun 27 @ 2:44pm
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Trigger Spree being redone in UDK
97% Approval Rate in Greenlight Concept Votes!
Trigger Spree is a fast-paced, non-realistic, arcade MP FPS. My goal is to make the game fun, diverse, balanced, and addictive. I want the maps to be enjoyable to play in and explore, while also being unique and beautiful. There will be a wide range of maps, weapons, and characters to play with. Trigger Spree is MP only, so I'm not limited by story/canon.

I plan to integrate Steam workshop and item drops, in turn making this a F2P shooter with item drops (similar to CSgo/TF2). The community will be able to make their own models, which can be voted onto the game and become cosmetic item drops (in the form of a full character model or weapon skin & other stuff I don't want to disclose yet). These plans aren't set in stone, but making it free will greatly help the community and allow the game to thrive.

NOTE: The game is currently a WIP and is not final, any features listed can change
NOTE: Screens are from Cryengine Free SDK, I am restarting it in UE4 (not shown yet)
NOTE: Some trees/plants and snowflakes in screens are Crytek assets (temporary placeholders), they are not my work

  • Fun, fast, precise gameplay

  • Memorable maps, spanning many unique environments (8 planned for launch)

  • Weapons: Ranging across experimental / conventional / alien / futuristic / weird (w secondary functions)

  • A Wide cast of characters including a human-sized-squirrel, robots, aliens, huskies

  • Balanced maps/weapons

  • Tons of customization

  • No regenerating health (at least not in default modes)

  • Unrealistic art direction

  • Static cross-hair (no aim-down-sights, but there are some scoped weapons with zoom)

  • Able to hold any and all weapons you pick up

  • Quick player speed (no sprint button needed)

  • Possible Steam workshop functionality for maps, weapons, etc

  • Metropolis
    A waterfront urban setting. Several multi-story buildings, between the docks and the street. This map has a grassy courtyard between the buildings, and features a good mix of open areas, sniping, and tight corners.

  • Mall
    A medium-sized shopping mall. Contains many different shops, bathrooms, maintenance hallways, and a large 2-story atrium. Great for intense action.

  • Area 57
    Secret facility located in the arctic mountains. There are rumors of alien research going on here.

  • Cemetery †
    A place of worship and death. Get around by going through the main church building, underground tunnels, or hedge-maze.

  • Avenue
    Takes place in the heart of a large city, containing several buildings and a subway. Features a parking garage, bank, and several other ways to cross the map.

  • Laboratory
    Blue Matter Labs is situated in the middle of the desert, surrounded by mountains and giant satellite dishes. This map is a mix of indoor/outdoor action, with large corridors and chambers.

  • Serenity
    A peaceful Japanese area, a snowy garden with a lake with clusters of buildings.

  • Refiner
    Your trusty, default weapon. This is a strong, accurate revolver, perfect for eliminating your enemies, no matter which weapons they possess.

  • Flamethrower
    Unleash a constant stream of fire....burn everything and everyone
    -standard mode: fire stream
    -secondary mode: shoots fireball

  • P77
    A compact, prototype sub-machine gun. Incredibly rapid, but also inaccurate

  • Diamondshot
    A weapon that shoots a new type of diamond-tipped bullet. 1 bullet clip, slow reload, but guaranteed kill.

  • Remote Bomb-copter
    One time use, remote-control weapon. Use it's camera to guide it to the enemies position or hiding spot, then detonate. Be careful, you will be vulnerable when using it.

  • Mega Charger
    An experimental weapon of unknown origin. Capable of charging up for a powerful blast, or rapid fire of weaker pellets
    -standard mode: rapid pellets
    -secondary mode: charge

  • Magic Gauntlets
    An ancient artifact used to conjure magic and spells

  • Acid Jet Nozzle
    A high-powered water-gun that shoots acid.
    -standard mode: stream nozzle
    -secondary mode: puddle nozzle

  • Bubble Gun
    A prototype weapon than can shoot out tons of tiny, explosive bubbles. Use the secondary fire to direct them towards your enemies, or set a trap!
    -standard mode: shoot bubbles
    -secondary mode: fan - blow

  • Beam Cannon
    Shoot a continuous line of energy, or charge up the super laser (requires cooldown)

    (more coming soon)


(coming soon)


Quick reminder, this is currently on Greenlight Concepts, so it cannot be voted onto Steam until I re-submit it to the "Official" Greenlight section. I will do that once I have more progress. Please note anything can change at this point, and I expect and hope the game evolves with the community once it's released.

Thanks for your support, if you are interested in playing the game, please bookmark/favorite this and tell others. Follow this page and join the Trigger Spree group to show your support and be updated.

I look forward to playing with you all.

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TrinityBlade May 31 @ 7:13am 
Looks amazing!  [author] Apr 9 @ 3:06pm 
@ Animal Crackers yea!. been working on rebuilding all the maps in UE4
Animal Crackers Apr 9 @ 11:56am 
Is the game still in development? Really interested in trying it out still.
@Dark Riddler it is in devolopement you cannnot saying anything.
Dark Riddler Feb 14 @ 7:16am 
The human-sized Squirrel got me x)
Now the personal opinion: this looks promising, but for now I think you have some shapes and colors a bit standard, too common, plastic sometimes, some elements could be more fleshed out. I love lush, green, Nature related spaces, and creepy, different worlds, with lots of details and textures, though, so my comment is suspicious and unfair until we have the final work.
Your honest, sweet, description has some good ideas and makes me like you and want to see more from you.
A4DNLBH Feb 14 @ 1:01am 
awsome my friend ^^
Piston Smashed™ Feb 13 @ 10:38am 
lookin good so far
|L!NH|Alien Feb 13 @ 10:38am 
good work :D
EME Dec 12, 2014 @ 4:24pm 
me gustaria un mapa para unturned que sea como este