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Fighting Entropy
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Oct 29, 2012 @ 10:44am
Oct 30, 2012 @ 12:08pm
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"Sorry about the mess. I've really let the place go since you killed me."
After a long time of decay, GlaDOS is now awake and has begun to restore every part of Aperture to its former glory. Testing is still important though, and you need to do your part - for science.

'Fighting Entropy' is a single player map in the reconstructing theme. Don't get worried if it takes longer than normal to download - it's a big map.

Feedback is appreciated! Either comment below or here[forums.thinkingwithportals.com].

Thanks to:
RogerL and Sprowl for playtesting

Brainstone - TWP poster
greyKarel - TWP monitors
Omnicoder - chamber sign maker


-fixed possible exploits
-added frames to cube buttons
-other minor fixes
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Chelliste Nov 26, 2014 @ 7:17am 
Epic. It took me several sessions and a total of about 2 hours to complete. Often these alternate-editor maps are all about appearance and the puzzles are an afterthought and too easy as a result. This one was an enjoyable exception.
Freeman|TR Sep 21, 2014 @ 6:40am 
Ah great maps! Enjoyed while solving the puzzles, especially cuz some are related! Very smart. But the reasons for the low ratings might be that, in the BTS section, it's kinda hard to find the way out. People today are less patient, being not able to find the way can let them easily give up. Another reason might be the puzzle isn't easy. Again due to people's impatience, they won't rate a map they cannot finish. I'm not saying you should not make hard puzzles. Actually I hope to see more puzzles that require thinking.
Both the BTS and the reconstruction section are built aesthetically. It can even be described as a mini mod! Really awesome work.
BTW, I opened the door in the air at the very last puzzle. Is it intended?
schovan May 27, 2014 @ 8:48am 
Awesome map, one of the best I have ever played, good job man!
IL_Giudice Jan 21, 2014 @ 3:45pm 
Awesome. Was just stuck in the first part for a while: i missed the white panel at the top, where the cube drops, was too dark. So frustrating. But the second test was amazing, one of the best ever.
SvS Jan 7, 2014 @ 8:06am 
einfach grossartig
nikonf5 Sep 15, 2013 @ 11:23am 
Extragamer May 21, 2013 @ 5:33am 
Почему то я думал что эта карта будет маленькой,но как же я ошибся!
Огромная просто таки карта,неплохой дизайн,хорошие головомки,несколько интересных моментов.Да,эта карта хороша и стоит поиграть в неё всем!
Thank.Good big map.
mikemoody Mar 20, 2013 @ 5:36pm 
Dang that is one one of the better ones I've played in a long time. Plenty of game play and not so easy puzzles, just the way I like em. Thanks "soptipp1" ... The ending was Great...
Thanks for the hard work......
«[ČĻĻ]» pino Mar 3, 2013 @ 10:41am 
Danke! Bischen leicht aber trotzdem gut.
SKIR! | JESUS Feb 19, 2013 @ 10:30pm 
too easy