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[ULX] Sui Scoreboard v2 w/ UTime (SANDBOX ONLY!)
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Oct 28, 2012 @ 12:06pm
Jul 23, 2013 @ 3:08pm
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Sui Scoreboard v2 packaged with UTime.

You need ULX Admin Mod and ULIB to be able to set colors/teams!

Now has checks for ULib

The scoreboard will still function even without ULib, the Team column will just not load.

If you would like to have team names and colors, please install ULX admin mod, and ULib from


Check the screenshots for how to set teams

[GME] TweaK

If you would like a standalone version check out:


Disclaimer: This addon is being maintained by me with the original authors permission
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*Hunter* Aug 13 @ 7:50pm 
How do you open the menu thing to set the menu please tell!
Cycle Aug 7 @ 1:13am 
Excellent work! This is really handy... I remember on this old gm12 build server, everyone would try to get ratings. Great memories, and now I got it on my server. Thank you.
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] Jul 18 @ 6:02pm 
Dont advertise other versions of tools in the comments
[JCC]MrJanCraft I Am God Jun 23 @ 1:14am 
Yeah i see it but what must i press to open the Window to edit it is it a command or what
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] Jun 22 @ 2:58pm 
It's in the screen shots.....
[JCC]MrJanCraft I Am God Jun 22 @ 3:23am 
can someone tell me how to EDIT the teams i have Ulib and ULX installed please help i found nothing in the options tab and the comman IS NOT IN THE FUCKING DESXRIPTION please tell it me
Mister Goldstein Jun 21 @ 8:49am 
Great scoreboard, always have been using this but please add Armor and Prop count to the scoreboard, I think everyone would find that handy.

Great work and thanks!
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] Jun 13 @ 8:53am 
In a few days i will start working on the options panel. Im starting to get back into the gmod/lua scene. I will make a github repo for this, that way any coders/people could contribute. :)
Nightwalker May 23 @ 2:05pm 
Lol :P
[PsyM] General Wrex  [author] May 23 @ 1:28pm 
yeah, my server host went out of business, and it was 2 free servers! ( the owner said free for life, i guess he meant the life of the hoster!)