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[BETA] Maxim Machine Gun
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Oct 28, 2012 @ 10:14am
Nov 2, 2012 @ 7:59am
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Maxim Machine Gun with Crew in Model 1886 Pattern Nihon Teikoku Rikugun Uniform.

...an attempt to add an entirely new rigidmodel into S2TW

Credit to kungfuserge who made the model

...Yes I know the model is a little too big...

Just a Demonstrator...Its Custom Battle -Only...

TWC Thread: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=554379

This mod was originally made at June...Thats Pre-CA Modding Summit, Pre-Workshop Times...For The Experiment, I use the easiest user-made artillery rigidmodel i can import, but striking and Novel enough for a Demonstrator...so I use This Maxim Model.

Yep...looking at the size of it, its more of a QF 1 "Pom-Pom" than Regular Maxim Guns.

And No, This mod doesn't include moving, shooting, Mark V Tanks. Play TGW Mod for Napoleon Total War if you want to try.
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chubbyninja89 Aug 26 @ 10:39am 
Well it's like i've said some mods work just fine, but others don't.
The_Yogi  [author] Aug 26 @ 7:08am 
By the way, Do my Mods that doesn't add units works?

Also, what kind of other Modders mod that work, and does not work on yours?

Just Curious.
The_Yogi  [author] Aug 26 @ 7:04am 
Sorry buddy, maybe you're one of those that simply doesn't work with some mods...

chubbyninja89 Aug 25 @ 8:40am 
Well it'll run normally with no mods. Though there are the ocasinal crashes from Steam that happen. But by now that's almost to be expected from time to time.

And i've played other peoples mods and some of them work every time while other ones don't.
The_Yogi  [author] Aug 25 @ 8:07am 
No, I mean clean, no mod at all. We're gonna take it step-by-step.

1. No mod at all. Clean. Neither this mod, my other mod, or any other mod.
2. Modded, but not the mods of my creation.

So we can identify the problem
chubbyninja89 Aug 25 @ 7:26am 
Dude i told you i tried your mods on their own with no other mods added. And they still crashed. Have you not made sure they were up to date?
The_Yogi  [author] Aug 25 @ 7:23am 
How about no mods at all...well, who knows...and mods by other modders?
chubbyninja89 Aug 24 @ 9:41am 
no i tried them on their own first, and they stilld crashed.
The_Yogi  [author] Aug 24 @ 9:05am 
Yes, they can be used against each others.

Use other mods?
chubbyninja89 Aug 24 @ 6:48am 
Maybe they just have unsubscribed. But what ever. I just want know, is it can the artillery of the different mods only be used against the same armies or something? Because i tried out all your artillery mods. The full version FOTS one, the Sengoku Jedi one, and the maxim one. All of them crashed