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SligWolf`s GoKart
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Oct 27, 2012 @ 9:48pm
Apr 19 @ 7:50am
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SligWolf`s GoKart

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####### Please watch the video first before you write a comment to need help! #######
####### This addon is not perfect! #######

YES = All will work fine.
NO = Vehicle-Functions and/or Spawning of Vehicle-parts will NOT work.

SaveGame: NO
Duplicator: NO
ADV1 Duplicator: NO
ADV2 Duplicator: NO

The A.I in the video is not avalible.

Have Fun! :D

Fix: The gokart will no longer appear in the ground if you spawn it.
Fix: The gokart will no longer fly away if you get off.

Update (17.April.2013)
- Only one model left, with changeable skins (Picture!) (Outdated!!!)
- Spawn the Gokart and look at Gokart , hold C, change the skin. (Outdated!!!)

Update (26.June.2013)
- Using the normal color-tool to colorize the go-kart ( second video!)

- Fixed the category name!

- GoKart spawns now in random color!

- Changed folder structure!

- Changed the lua script!
- Changed the vehicle script!
- The gokart sticks now on the ground! (no problem in loopings)
- Speed now ca. 100km/h!

- Changed the lua script!
- The gokart keeps now more straight in air!
- improved that the gokart is falling not so fast on the "roof"!
- Jumps are better now!

- Improved the lua script!
- Hold handbrake if the gokart starts to act like a bouncy ball!

- Improved the lua script!
- Added support for prop protection!

- Optimized the lua script!

Special thanks to:
- Grocel

Location: Q - Vehicles - SligWolf's Vehicle's

####### Please watch the video first before you write a comment to need help! #######
####### This addon is not perfect! #######

Have Fun! :D
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SligWolf  [author] Jul 27 @ 4:42am 
That's the plate i mean, but it should be invisible. If it is not invisible after you spawn the go kart then another addon make a conflict.
SligWolf  [author] Jul 23 @ 1:42pm 
The invisible plate in the gokart is a helper to keep it in the air upright, it's better for jumps. And by the way, the physic of the plate is disabled. It can not collide with something.

The source engine wheels (<- they are spherical) of the gokart collide with the wall to early. I can not change that, without that it will get more worse.

I tested it a few minutes ago, there is nothing to fix.
Turtle4life Jul 23 @ 12:27pm 
The Go carts get stuck when you touch a wall from the invisible plate prop why you have this on the car i have no fucking clue but ive been supporting your work on my daily populated servers for a while now you need to fix the go cart it gets stuck on sidewalks, walls, random barriers huge glitchs makes it not even fun to use or play.
Yoshi Boy678 Jul 17 @ 10:43am 
steve Jul 17 @ 1:51am 
Handles fine but is there any way to cap the top speed?
SligWolf  [author] May 13 @ 2:48am 
The Go Kart AI in the video is a Expression 2 chip that a friend wrote. There is no download. ^^
Dr. Apple May 12 @ 10:52pm 
@HeadCrap & @therealffyguy
He most likely used NextBox, which is really more or less an NPC that is programed to do things.
therealflyguy May 9 @ 6:06pm 
how do you add the AI to a go-kart in singleplayer?
EpicYoshi Apr 29 @ 11:54am 
yay now I can pretend to play mario kart xD