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Quest: No Stone Unturned - Quest Markers
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Oct 27, 2012 @ 2:39pm
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Quest: No Stone Unturned - Quest Markers

No Stone Unturned is the quest to gather all 24 Stone's of Barenziah to rebuild the Crown of Bazenziah.

You start the quest by finding an Unusual Gem, by bringing it to Vex, you are than sent to find all 24 gems.

Finding these Gem's without the help is relatively a large stress for players as their locations are spread across all of Skyrim, and they are not marked by the quest.

This plugin adds quest markers to the gems locations, however, it does not say how to get them or what quests they are associated too.

Question: There's already a mod like this out there, what's the difference?
Answer: This one unlike the others, I have made this as clean as possible, and lore friendly by keeping to Skyrim tradition of showing you where to go, not telling how to get it. Incomparrison there is no extra's like quest text hinting you. It is simply just adding the quest markers for the Stone's of Barenziah, nothing more.

Question: Is this a custom quest?
Answer: No, it is not. It's a Thieves Guild secondary quest, if you look at Thieves Guild Masters desk, you will see a bare bust, once completed, the crown will be set on their.

Question: I can't find the last one, is it missing?
Answer: It's not missing, you probably have not started the Dark Brotherhood questline which gives access to one often not listed.

Question: The gem is in a building, but the door is locked and requires a key, what do I do?
Answer: That means you are required to do a quest which involves that building to gain access to it, you will need to figure out which quest it is, and you should gain the access from there. It may be a house that you need to purchase or steal the key for.

Stone's Location and Requirements:

Location: Whiterun
Hall of the Dead (Whiterun). Inside the Catacombs, go down the left stairs and it will be to your left, next to a skeleton.

Location: Whiterun
Dragonsreach, the Jarl's bedroom.

Location: Whiterun
Jorrvaskr's living quarters, on the bookshelf in Kodlak's room.

Location: Solitude
Blue Palace, Jarl's bedroom.

Location: Solitude
Proudspire Manor. Buy the house or pickpocket the Key to Solitude Fletcher.

Location: Riften
Mistveil Keep, Jarl's bedroom.

Location: Windhelm
Palace of the Kings Upstairs. Take the first door to the left upon entering the main palace area, then find Wuunferth's room at the end of the hall.

Location: Windhelm
House of Clan Shatter-Shield, on a bookshelf in the room to the left of the top of the stairs.

Location: Markarth
The Treasury House, in an end table in Thonar's bedroom, which is down the hall on the left from when you enter the front door. You may need to pick an apprentice-level door, but no one reacts.

Location: Markarth
Understone Keep's Dwemer Museum, on a table in the first room to the left. Note: Do not go into the museum after completing the quest Hard Answers until you have finished the quest Darkness Returns. See the Hard Answers quest page for details.

Location: College of Winterhold
Arch-Mage's Quarters. Access may be gained at the end of the quest Under Saarthal.

Location: Dead Crone Rock
On the stone altar opposite a Dragon Word Wall.

Location: Black-Briar Lodge
East of Riften. The gem is in the top floor bedroom, next to the bed.

Location: Ansilvund
Northeast of Shor's Stone and due north of Riften, on the table at the end of Ansilvund Burial Chambers.

Location: Stony Creek Cave
Just north of Ansilvund, on the table in the last room.

Location: Rannveig's Fast
After falling down the trapdoor, in front of the chest and Dragon Word Wall.

Location: Fellglow Keep
Northeast of Whiterun. Head straight up the stairs and to the right.

Location: Dainty Sload
Ship along the coast northeast of Solitude, in the last room on the table.

Location: Sunderstone Gorge
On the table with two bodies in front of the Dragon Word Wall.

Location: Yngvild
The island northeast of Dawnstar. The gem is in the bedroom behind the throne in Yngvild Throne room.

Location: Hob's Fall Cave
On the northern coast, directly between Dawnstar and Winterhold. The gem is near the alchemy set.

Location: Reeking Cave or Thalmor Embassy
Prior to patch 1.4, the stone is located in the Thalmor Embassy in Elenwen's Solar on the second floor. After patch 1.4, inside Reeking Cave and next to a corpse in the back.
Acquiring the gem during the Diplomatic Immunity quest is advised, since the easiest way to access the cave is through your escape near the end of that quest. However, it is still possible to access Reeking Cave without doing that quest.

Location: Pinewatch Bandit's Sanctuary
In a house near Lakeview Manor, there is a secret hideout accessible from the basement (you have to push a button on the wall to open the bookshelf). The gem is found in a locked room in the Bandit's Sanctuary.

Location: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary
On the dresser in Astrid's room. It is still accessible after the Death Incarnate quest.
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grandelf569 Jul 21 @ 10:59pm 
awesome mod
rurapentai Feb 16 @ 11:49pm 
Enjoying this mod made it a whole lot easier in where the locations are thanks
Ellisy Aug 24, 2016 @ 11:05am 
I was so upset that I lost a stone at brotherhood sanctuary after it got destroyed. I thought about visiting all other places just to see if stone has re-spawned or if I have forgotten something. But your mod showed me location of stone in Hob's cave where I would have never guessed its location. Thank you for this excellent mod!!!!
IS Defiled Dahlia Jul 14, 2016 @ 9:11pm 

The stone shave been "LOST" for "TWO ERA's" and it's silly that nobody knows where they are?

It's silly that so many people can have them and not have put them in a museum but the actual lost ones are just that-.. LOST.
NitzanHavoc Feb 21, 2016 @ 1:28am 
Excellent mod! Allows completion of otherwise bothersome and annoying quest, while remaining story and lore friendly (seriously, the stones have been lost for two era and nobody knows where they are? That's just silly). Also I liked hoiw it only showed the location without revealing how to get there, enter or actually get the stone (which makes this mod the best for this quest). I'm unsubcribing in order to try and reduce my save files size and avoid trouble, but you should know you've done some excellent work here, thank you very much!
RamenCat Feb 9, 2016 @ 6:22pm 
Very useful.
concretemonk Feb 1, 2016 @ 4:20am 
this mod makes finding the gems a worthwhile endever now.
Enderninja16 Jan 19, 2016 @ 4:16pm 
Does any one have a marker for the master spell quest.
Unoko Jan 14, 2016 @ 6:37pm 
thank you for this mod! finding them alone is crazy sauce