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More Summonables
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Feb 12, 2012 @ 5:17am
Aug 16, 2014 @ 4:13am
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Important Notes:
Various merchants stock these spells. Phinis Gestor at the College stocks the most powerful, but you must be a high enough level to see them. If you're still not seeing them, make sure "More Summonables" is loaded last in the data list.
This mod is fully compatible with Dawnguard but does not require it.
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About the Mod
I found vanilla conjuration a bit disappointing because there were so few summons, and they weren't particularly interesting. So I decided to liven things up by making it possible to conjure 98 new summonables, including virtually all creatures, automatons, all ranks of dremora, draugr, vampires and falmer, and robotic dwemer soldiers. Almost all of them are pictured here.

I've done my best to balance these well. It is fairly costly to buy the entire collection, and the mana cost for them is fairly steep. Balance seems comparable to vanilla spells for now, but any feedback on balance improvements is very much welcome.

Dual-summoning still extends the duration of every one of these, and they can all be dismissed using bound weaponry. Each spell is available as a tome from vendors that normally stock them - so some vendors and court wizards for lower-medium difficulty, and Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold for the harder stuff. They all level with the player, so if you like a particular summon, it should remain useful to some degree for the rest of the game.

NPC variants of the spells have also been added to the NPC conjuration spell list. Any NPCs which used summons in vanilla should now be able to use these. Sadly, the developers only gave a very small number of NPCs this ability, but I'm working on this. Expect to see a fair bit more variety in NPC's summons in future.

Also - a quick note: wisps and one or two other creatures drop ice piles when they die. They are purely visual and cannot be looted, but may not vanish over time unless you have a mod like the Unofficial Skyrim Patch: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=21296

I frequently update this, so subscribe and check back often if you're interested.
More Thralls
More Humanoids
More widespread use of Conjuration by NPCs
Most Recent Update
v0.098G - 14-08-16

Reduced mana cost of low-level spells.
Fixed Summon Spriggan spell having wrong conjuration perk level (formerly novice, now apprentice).
Fixed typos in descriptions of permanent summons.
Fixed typo in name of Skeleton Berserker.
Fixed typo is description of Dremora V.
Fixed Dwemer Sphere II tome teaching the wrong spell.
Renamed Summon Spriggan Matron -> Summon Spriggan II (in line with other naming trends).
Renamed Greybeard -> Greybeard Spirit on request for lore reasons.
Current Spells (Summonable's Level)
Summon Chicken (1)
Summon Cow (1)
Summon Dog (1)
Summon Deer (1)
Summon Elk (1)
Summon Fox (1)
Summon Rabbit (1)
Summon Skeever (1)
Summon Mudcrab (1)
Summon Spider (1)
Summon Familiar (1)
Summon Wisp (1)
Summon Swarm (1)
Summon Draugr (1)
Summon Draugr Archer (1)
Summon Vampire Fledgling (1)
Summon Large Mudcrab (2)
Summon Skeleton (3)
Summon Giant Mudcrab (3)
Summon Horker (3)
Summon Snow Spider (3)

Summon Skeleton Warrior (5)
Summon Wisp Shade (5)
Summon Flame Atronach (5)
Summon Dremora Churl (6)
Summon Dremora Churl Warlock (6)
Summon Restless Draugr (6)
Summon Restless Draugr Mage (6)
Summon Ice Wolf (6)
Summon Large Spider (6)
Summon Sabre Cat (6)
Summon Skeleton Beserker (6)
Summon Dwemer Spider Worker (6)
Summon Vampire (6)
Summon Skeleton Archer (8)
Summon Spriggan (8)
Summon Large Snow Spider (8)
Summon Falmer (9)
Summon Falmer Shaman (9)
Summon Ice Wraith (9)

Summon Snowy Sabre Cat (11)
Summon Bear (12)
Summon Chaurus (12)
Summon Dremora Caitiff (12)
Summon Dremora Caitiff Warlock (12)
Summon Dwemer Spider (12)
Summon Blooded Vampire (12)
Summon Dremora Wight (13)
Summon Dremora Wight Mage (13)
Summon Giant Spider (14)
Summon Troll (14)
Summon Falmer Skulker (15)
Summon Falmer Skulker Shaman (15)
Summon Dwemer Spider Guardian (16)
Summon Frost Atronach (16)
Summon Dwemer Sphere (16)
Summon Cave Bear (16)
Summon Giant Snow Spider (17)
Summon Spriggan Matron (18)
Summon Dremora Kynval (19)
Summon Dremora Kynval Warlock (19)
Summon Chaurus Reaper (20)
Summon Snow Bear (20)
Summon Hagraven (20)
Summon Vampire Mistwalker (20)
Summon Draugr Scourge (21)
Summon Draugr Scourge Mage (21)
Summon Frost Troll (22)
Summon Falmer Gloomlurker (22)
Summon Falmer Gloomlurker Shaman (22)
Summon Dwemer Sphere Guardian (24)
Summon Dwemer Steam Walker (24)
Summon Corrupted Warrior (25)
Summon Dremora Kynreeve (27)
Summon Dremora Kynreeve Warlock (27)
Summon Wisp Mother (28)
Summon Vampire Nightstalker (28)

Summon Dwemer Sphere Master (30)
Summon Falmer Nightprowler (30)
Summon Falmer Nightprowler Shaman (30)
Summon Draugr Deathlord (30)
Summon Storm Atronach (30)
Summon Corrupted Archer (31)
Summon Dwemer Steam Guardian (30)
Summon Magical Anomaly (32)
Summon Dwemer Soldier (35)
Summon Dremora Markynaz (36)
Summon Dremora Markynaz Warlock (36)

Summon Ancient Vampire (38)
Summon Falmer Shadowmaster (38)
Summon Falmer Shadowmaster Shaman (38)
Summon Dwemer Steam Colossus (40)
Summon Falmer Prince (Thrall) (44)
Summon Draugr Death Overlord (Thrall) (45)
Summon Dwemer Guardian (Thrall) (45)
Summon Drake (Flightless Dragon) (45)
Summon Dremora Lord (Thrall) (46)
Summon Dremora Valkynaz (46)
Summon Dremora Valkynaz Warlock (46)
Summon Volkihar Vampire (48)
Summon Dragon Priest (50)
Summon Volkihar Vampire Master (Thrall) (53)
Summon Greybeard (55)
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PotatoCannibalism (PC) Mar 26 @ 1:01am 
ThatKidWithTheRabbit Mar 22 @ 7:18pm 
I love the mod, but I noticed something: The atronach thralls cost more than they do without the mod. I realized that as soon as I tried to cast Frost Thrall, only to be told I no longer have enough MP. They almost feel useless in comparison, because the modded thralls are about 1/3 or 1/2 the cost of the default thralls, have a short cast time, and only require one hand.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my new Dremora thrall, and prefer him to just about any companion. I just didn't expect my vanilla thralls to get so outdone and become inaccessible.
mrteimlurd Mar 21 @ 11:37pm 
You da real MVP.
Liked and added to fav. items.
Kultag Feb 16 @ 10:34am 
Yeah, this mod with an unlimited souls perk, and you have an army in your hands. The idea in the main game was that you can only summon creatures from Oblivion, and maybe the Soul Cairn, and Sovnguard, which didn't give that much of a variety, but hell yeah, why not goats and horkers? There could be a special Soul Cairn for lesser soul-trapped creatures (and a mecha-underworld for automatons).
cbhtsh Feb 16 @ 5:24am 
I have alwasy thought that conjurers in Skyrim were underlooked... Thanks!
acryllo Feb 15 @ 6:32am 
Could you please add a thrall of Spriggan/Spriggan Matron? :) I think if atronachs have them then spriggans should too :3 plus they're cool and I want one always following.
dinonicky Feb 11 @ 11:57am 
missing pictures of sumammon mudcrab
Kultag Jan 31 @ 8:40am 
Bug report on current version:
-Draugr 4M: this probably shouldn't be two-handed.
-Draugr 5: double space and typo.
-Permanent is still typed permenant in Dremora 10, Dwemer Soldier 10, Falmer 10, and Vampire 10.
-The description of Skeleton Berserker still writes Beserker.
-Dead Thrall could possibly be called Reanimate 10.

On the other hand, I just installed Phenderix Magic 6.40, and your mod does conjuration so much better. I mean your spells actually conjure something practically 100% of the time, while Phenderix has a success ratio of about 60% (i.e. releasing the spell 10 times yields an average of only 6 actual summons). Good work on that one.
Soulgriffon Nov 22, 2014 @ 12:19pm 
Thanks metacide for making this mod it is truly awsome :)
woryz Nov 22, 2014 @ 10:29am 
thx Metacide.
Any opinion what can cause it? (e.g.: Unofficial Skyrim patch?)