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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
Oct 25, 2012 @ 1:28pm
Apr 28 @ 7:29pm

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Eastern Front on Steam!
Special Christmas Update!!!
Headquarters - T0

The Headquarters now store some upgrades that used to be in other production buildings and what they unlock remains the same.

The Panzer Grenadiers are now four men squads, which means they can increase their size to five. Of course, they have become a bit more expensive because to this. They can purchase up to three different weapon upgrades and have the usual abilities. There production buildings remain the same, so there are only four to build and they cannot build defensive structures.

The Kettenkrad has the following changes: it has now an upgrade that allows to detect and dispose mines, it no longer has doctrinal abilities and it uses bike armour instead of the scout car one.

Logistik Kompanie - T1

This is the current layout we are testing. It contains anti-tank grenades as global upgrade for Panzer Grenadiers infantry units.

The Scout Car now has better suppression rate and also can be upgraded into the unit formerly known as Armoured Car. This unit no longer has the upgrade to lock down sectors.

The Munition Halftrack works the same as it used to be for the most part but has two new features: it has the Deploy Goliath ability and can heal once Field Operations is researched.

The Sdkfz. 263 is now available to Panzer Elite to lock down sectors. It's offensive power is limited, due to having a single MG 34 in a fixed position.

The Vampire Halftrack now acts as support for infantry, buffing their abilities instead of diverting resources. It has the same detection range as it used to.

Kampfgruppe Kompanie - T2

The Schwimmwagen Type 128 is a Jeep like vehicle, also equipped with a MG 42 in the passenger seat. It also can lay down mines.

The infantry Halftrack is just like it used to be in the past, the only change being that can only carry one squad instead of two.

The Mortar Halftrack has also the same abilities and stats than before, but has a squad upgrade that does something which is a secret atm ;).

It also contains some familiar upgrades, along with a new one. Halftracks used by Panzer Elite are the ones from the designation Sdkfz. 250 ausf. A and it has always been like that, however, with the new upgrade Halftracks will now use the ausf. B chassis that offers more protection. It is a global upgrade that improves all the Sdkfz. 250 Halftrack type-units used by this faction regardless they are built from this building or not.

Panzer-Jager Kommand - T3

The units used in this building are the Tank Buster squad, the Marder III and the Stummel Halftrack. The only upgrade available in this building unlocks the Marder III and also the Panzerschreck upgrade in Panzer Grenadiers.

The Tank Buster squad is a four men squad which shares the same abilities than the older version.

The Marder III is the same unit as the old version. However, it gets significantly big stats improvement when using the lockdown ability.

The Stummel Halftrack is a unit specialized in combat against infantry units, equipped with the 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 gun and a MG 42.

Support-Kommand Upgrade - T4

The Assault Grenadiers are the same as the previous one, except for the squad size.

The Anti-Tank Halftrack no longer has the tread-breaker ability, but has a Stielgranate 41 ability (WIP).

The Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) is available for this production building and has the armoured skirts as squad upgrade.

The Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank is also available, it no longer has the lock-down ability but features a new upgrade for it's main gun, improving it's stats against armoured vehicles by using the 7.5cm Kwk 40 L/43 as main gun. It shall be noted that Wehrmacht Panzer IV uses the L/48 version, which means this Panzer IV has inferior stats against vehicles compared to the Panzer IV used by the other factions.

The Bergetiger is available and has no changes so far.

Regarding the Command Trees and the reward units, you can assume they are in a vanilla state, but the only change so far is the Nashorn being reward unit for the Jagdpanther.

We hope you like the direction of these changes and then again, we would like to remind you these changes aren't final and they are still being tested.

Now, for the next part of the announcement, we have a surprise for you guys :D! Company of Heroes: Eastern Front will feature Steam achievements!! Archaic Entertainment "Labs" never stops working to improve the mod ;). Head Researcher Walentin "Walki" L. has worked hard to make this possible. Here is the list of the achievements that will be available once the mod is released in Steam.

And yes, they work.

And for the last part of the announcement, we are proud to present the new Developer who joined Archaic Entertainment to help developing Eastern Front Mod! He is Ki McKenzie, known as ComradeCrimson/TrenchDog, and he will help us in the position of Voice Acting Director.

Yes, you aren't dreaming, Company of Heroes: Eastern Front will have new voice acting for the Multiplayer units and hopefully in the future Singleplayer missions as well :).

Here is his portfolio[] if you want to hear examples of his work.

We are also looking for beta testers which have knowledge and experience in PvP to help us with the balance for the Steam version. For more information you can contact Hendrik (aka 'DarcReaver') by PM[]

And that would be all for now, we wish you a merry christmas and the next time we will announce the changes for the Ostheer Command Trees. For real this time ;).

Thanks for your support!
Archaic Entertainment

Release date: This mod was released since Januray 20th, 2010. To download the mod, please visit this site:
Welcome to Company of Heroes: Eastern Front!

Eastern Front is a free mod for Company of Heroes. Following the ethos of mimicking a Relic Entertainment expansion pack, Eastern Front has succeeded in adding a full Soviet faction packed with unique and exciting units to the existing armies - a feat never before achieved in the Company of Heroes world.

We are constantly working to improve Eastern Front; our dedicated and experienced development team has worked on the mod for five years, and we don't intend to stop yet. The future will bring new campaigns, new reward units, further game mechanics and an overall better experience, as well as the rugged Ostheer - a unique new Axis faction who will be designed from the ground up to counter the Soviets.

Special thanks to everybody who made this mod possible, including our supporters.

Extra Special Thanks to Christian Werner von Schlippenbach, much admired fellow modder who contributed so much. He will be dearly missed.
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Baka lewd nekomancer Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:35pm 
@bravebug мудака кусок. Название переводится как "восточный фронт". Мозг подлечи, чтобы зря не минусовать. Хотя игру добавят и без твоего голоса.
FreakingDustin Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:26pm 
Only a few handfuls of selections have been made for greenlight. Getting free crap approved that can be put for download on absolutely a million places on the internet takes bread straight out of the mouths of real indie developers.
bravebug Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:15pm 
Только за название минусую. Чуть мозг не лопнул...
[AE-Dev]Blackbishop  [author] Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:13pm 
We won't be selling this, it is free as usual.

@Pratt In The Pants
We are not starting this project, it is already released. So if THQ would want to shot us down they would have already done it before, two years ago to be more precise, because they know what we are doing.

I don't see any problem with free mods, specially from Company of Heroes series, since there is no one around.
FreakingDustin Dec 6, 2012 @ 8:17pm 
Not more free mods, for the love of all good. Let the starving artist indie developers take advantage of Greenlight.
Bahcasin Dec 6, 2012 @ 8:02pm 
Its a free mod so they dont need permission to sell it, because its not being sold, and you dont need permissions or licenses for mods, if THQ wanted too they could probably tell them to stop, but that would serve no purpose
PrattBot Dec 6, 2012 @ 7:48pm 
Before I can judge this, I really need to know if you have the licences, permissions etc. for this game.
Even just mention that you have and provide some evidence and people will be more interested.
AusSkiller Dec 6, 2012 @ 7:35pm 
Have you obtained permission to sell this from THQ?